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The Sill

Easy to care for plants to brighten up your space
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Why We Love The Sill

It’s time to spruce up our windowsills! When quarantine isolation threatens our mental health, we need to nip it in the bud. The Sill offers a plethora of beautiful indoor plants that will become a garden with just a little care. No green thumb? No problem! You won’t even need to get your hands dirty to make your house come alive with succulents, ferns, and orchids.

The TL; DR

  • Beautiful, interesting plants that you can enjoy without needing an outdoor garden
  • Weekly virtual workshops where you can learn how to care for your plants
  • Plants help improve mental health and cure boredom during long periods indoors
  • Subscription plans for new plants every month

The Sill Origin Story

Est. 2012

The Sill first took root in 2012, when founder Eliza Blank saw a problem in the home plant industry. Although she loved plants, it turns out that living in a sixth-floor apartment with only one window facing a brick wall is not conducive to gardening. Blank realized that her situation was far from unique, and the seed of The Sill was planted. Although her team quickly left the new business, Blank began growing her company based on the philosophy that anyone can and should be able to garden. Today, The Sill has sprouted into a nationwide giant, and adorns the windows and walls of millions of homes.

The Science of The Sill

Americans spend 90% of their days indoors, a number that has only risen since the time of the plague. The Sill helps bring the outside in, with plants and flowers that require very little care. From air plants, which grow outside of soil, to succulents, which can grow for weeks without water, even the blackest of thumbs will be hard-pressed to have trouble. And the benefits are incredible: besides cleaning the air we breathe, studies have shown that plants increase productivity, creativity, and attention span. Why are you still reading this without a fern to keep you company?

The Soul of The Sill

Let’s not beat around the bush: isolation and days spent indoors are extremely detrimental to mental health. Right now, we’re so preoccupied with our physical health that we often disregard our minds. The Sill offers a panacea for body and mind; caring for plants has shown to have extraordinary effects on our psyche.

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