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Three Ships Beauty

All-natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare for under $40

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Why We Love Three Ships Beauty

Three Ships Beauty creates affordable, all-natural, vegan, clean skincare for all. Between adhering to the strictest beauty standards and utilizing the highest concentrate of products to ensure efficiency, Three Ships is one of the most natural beauty brands out there. Female founded and run, they are on a mission to make all-natural skincare affordable and have vowed to never make a product above $40. So jump aboard Three Ships. Your skin and wallet will thank you.

The TL; DR

  • All-natural, vegan, clean skincare for under $40
  • 100% plant-derived, cruelty-free skincare products free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, gluten and phthalate
  • Women founded and run
  • Donate 10% of sales to Make-A-Wish

Three Ships Beauty Origin Story

Est. 2017

Chemical engineer Laura Burget and business school grad Connie Lo were frustrated that all-natural high-quality skincare cost so much. Both only 23 years old at the time, they scraped together $4000 to start Three Ships. On nights and weekends outside of their full time jobs, they combined their expertise and started making all-natural formulations in Lo’s apartment. Burget and Lo also knew that many people were priced out of the all-natural beauty scene who wanted desperately to be part of it, and they made a pact for all of their products to sell for under $40. Since then, Three Ships has grown exponentially online and now sells in big name retailers like Target and Whole Foods, gathering loyal followers everywhere they go.

While Burget and Lo were starting Three Ships, Burget was dealing with personal health issues that doctors could not diagnose. Finally after loads of tests and doctor consultations, she learned that she had a brain tumor the size of an egg and elected to have surgery to remove 70% of the tumor on March 4th, 2020. As the COVID crisis came to a head, Burget was not only building a business during a pandemic but also recovering from brain surgery. After her experience, Lo and Burget decided to donate a portion of Three Ships profits to the Make-A-Wish foundation to help children with critical illnesses grant their wishes.

The Science of Three Ships Beauty

Every Three Ships blend is all-natural, but what does “all-natural” actually mean? All-natural to Three Ships means that their products are 100% plant-derived with no artificial ingredients. They are vegan, cruelty free, and adhere to the strictest European Union beauty standards by avoiding 1400 toxins. For reference, the US beauty standards that many other clean beauty brands adhere to only ban 30 toxins. Three Ships offers a searchable glossary on their website, which lists where each ingredient is sourced from and the scientific studies that prove efficacy for that ingredient. Research goes into every product to thoroughly understand how the ingredients work together, and they include the highest concentrations of active ingredients in their blends for visible results.

To ensure they are creating products that are helpful to their audience, Three Ships starts product development by polling their community to understand the products they are looking for and the skin issues they want solved. They then work with chemists to create variations of the new product. They test the formulations among a set of power users to understand initial feedback and iterate on the formulation. After they narrow down the blend to the most effective, it goes through rigorous stability and microbial testing before the product heads to shelves and onto consumer’s faces. So you’ll never find a ThreeShips product that hasn’t been thoroughly tested and proven efficient.



The Soul of Three Ships Beauty

At Three Ships, transparency is the number one goal, and they see transparency in three ways: formulation transparency, efficacy transparency, and pricing transparency. They give consumers the knowledge to treat skin concerns, and provide transparency in how they formulate products from beginning to end. Their products are effective, and they give consumers a full look into clinical studies run. And finally, Three Ships breaks down the barrier of accessibility to create affordable all-natural products for all. Because everyone should have the highest quality all-natural skincare options available to them, not just those who can afford it.

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