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Universal Standard

The world's most inclusive fashion brand, with sizes 00 to 40 and free size exchanges
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Why We Love Universal Standard

Born out of a need for inclusivity in the fashion industry, Universal Standard offers superior products in sizes 00-40. While introducing web capabilities that help you choose the clothing that fits best for you, regardless of the number on the label, Universal Standard continues to produce elevated, classical wardrobe staples for all womxnkind.

The TL; DR

  • Offer timeless high-quality styles in sizes 00-40
  • Comfortable, stylish, flattering pieces designed to fit all shapes and sizes
  • Inclusivity in every aspect of the brand
  • Use “See It In Your Size” Feature while shopping to see a realistic image of what it will look on.
  • Brand champions body positivity and encourages confidence

The Universal Standard Origin Story

Est. 2015

Founded by Alexandra Waldman and Polina Veksler, two friends who wore different sizes and found it near impossible to shop together, Universal Standard wants womxn of all sizes to be able to wear the same style clothes without feeling limited by their dress size. After recognizing a problem in how the fashion industry markets, manufactures, and sells larger sizes, Waldman and Veksler created their first 8-piece collection in 2015, featuring high quality designs and products for sizes 10-28. It sold out in just 6 days.

Since then, they have cemented their “every day essentials” design ethos and developed their clothing line to offer multiple product types outside of just dresses, skirts and tops like denim, activewear, sleepwear, and more. They have expanded their sizing line even further, and now sell every product in size 00-40. While continuing to ensure every womxn who shops with them feel comfortable in the clothing they receive, Waldman and Veksler are empowering the fashion industry as leaders in inclusivity to follow their lead and re-examine their sizing.

The Science of Universal Standard

67% of women in the U.S. wear a size 14 or above, and yet the fashion industry is clearly focused on sizes 0-10. Rather than forcing woman above a certain size to shop in the “Plus Size” section, which is often limited to a few styles and colors in a collection, Universal Standard creates the exact same pieces in sizes 00-40. All pieces are created of the highest quality like Italian Merino Wool, French Satin-back Crepe, Premium Cotton, and more that last for a long time and build your wardrobe so you have a piece for every activity whether that’s lounging around the house or heading to a fancy event.

Universal Standard is also changing the way to shop for clothing online by introducing their “See It In Your Size” shopping capability, which allows everyone from size 00-40 to see each product on a model wearing their size to know exactly what it looks like on their body type. Since Universal Standard knows that sizes change over time, they want to ensure every piece fits correctly with their Fit Liberty Collection, where every piece is eligible for a size swap for a full year. If your size changes within a year of purchasing from Universal Standard, you can get a new size that works for you, ensuring you always feel comfortable in how your clothing fits you.

The Soul of Universal Standard

As the world’s most inclusive fashion brand, Universal Standard is completely changing the fashion industry. Inclusivity is not just their mission but the foundation and fabric of their brand. They partner with other retailers like J Crew to help spread their mission across industries and hold other brands accountable. They also work with influencers, celebrities and models of all sizes to help spread their message. Giving back is one of Universal Standard’s key values, and they work with brands like Dress for Success and First Step to help women who are returning to the workplace feel comfortable and confident with the products that they wear.

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