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This premium tea brand is removing the middleman to delivered top-quality teas directly from India, to you
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Why We Love Vahdam Teas

Tea: It’s not just coffee’s little brother. It’s a warm, spicy cup of chai on a frosty morning. It’s a gently energizing green or black before work. It’s a soothing herbal blend when you’re under the weather. And when it comes to top-quality rejuvenation and unforgettable flavor, Vahdam Teas is the brand to trust. They’re bringing delicious, healthy leaves, herbs, and spices straight from India tea farms to our mugs.

The TL; DR

  • Delicious variety of handpicked Indian teas
  • No middlemen; comes directly from India’s gardens to your teacup
  • Great for your health; you can shop by dietary and nutritional needs — such as detox, immunity, focus, sleep, or energy
  • Empowering farmers across India with better wages and growing conditions
  • 1% of revenue goes directly to fund the education of children from agriculturally sustained families
  • Certified climate neutral and certified plastic neutral

Vahdam Teas Origin Story

Est. 2014

Bala Sarda’s life dream is to share the treasures of India with the rest of the world in the hope of inspiring a healthier, kinder Earth. He began his journey with tea; a staple of India’s culture, economy, and cuisine. Born into a family of tea exporters with over 80 years of industry expertise, Sarda’s proximity to the industry gradually revealed common problems related to its sourcing and shipping processes.

The vast majority of exported tea passes through multiple middlemen before reaching its destination, resulting in greatly diminished flavor and potency. Sarda resolved to work directly with India’s tea farmers, offering fair, undiluted, livable wages and ongoing community support in exchange for the best possible product. Since 2014, Vahdam Teas has spread to all corners of the world, fulfilling part of Sarda’s personal dream and carrying on his family’s legacy.


The Science of Vahdam Teas

Vahdam‘s diverse range of teas and blends have amazing health benefits; from aiding digestion, to promoting healthy sleep, to improving focus, and much, much more. Vahdam Teas sells tea bags, blends, and brew ware, but they also sell starter kits as well. These include, along with plenty of premium, loose leaf tea, a special infuser and spoon that allow you to brew your tea directly from the leaves, roots, and spices. This process maximizes the freshness, flavor, and health properties of the blend.

The Soul of Vahdam Teas

Vahdam Teas is working hard to build a solution to the high rates of poverty among India’s agricultural communities by starting at the source, ensuring that all their tea famers are living well — with fair wages, resources, and good conditions in which to grow.

“By eliminating all middlemen, we are not only able to make available garden fresh, high quality teas, but are also able to retain all earnings in the region where these teas are cultivated & nurtured by millions of growers with immense love, care and passion. A process which ultimately helps every farmer get a better price for their produce.” — Vahdam Teas

Additionally, Vahdam Teas’ TEAch Me education initiative dedicates 1% of their revenue to directly supporting the education of children from India’s tea farming families. Vahdam was founded to inspire a healthier, kinder world by sharing the wealth of love, relentless care, and incredible craft found in India’s lush tea gardens — and they work hard to champion and support this mission.

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Vahdam Teas

60 Day Green Tea Detox Kit

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Vahdam Teas

Green Tea Sampler Assortment Box

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15 Day Turmeric Wellness Starter Kit

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Authentic Japanese Matcha Kit

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30 Day Morning Routine- Matcha Lemongrass

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Turmeric Latte Starter Kit

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