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Clean, cruelty-free makeup and beauty line you can feel good in
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Why We Love Wander Beauty

When the busy workday is chipping away at you looking your best, Wander Beauty comes to the rescue! Multitasking has become a necessity in today’s hectic world; the days of being able to spend an hour in the bathroom getting ready are over. Wander Beauty understands this, and so have created an easily carried and easily applied makeup kit to keep you gorgeous on the go.

The TL; DR

  • Designed for the utmost convenience
  • Products made completely free of harmful ingredients, and utterly cruelty-free
  • Founded and run by and for women

The Wander Beauty Origin Story

Est. 2014

The prolific entrepreneur Divya Gugnani and the supermodel Lindsay Ellingson came together in 2014 to correct the problem they saw plaguing the beauty industry: inconvenient products. Although they were excellent multitaskers and hard workers, their makeup was simply not keeping up. Using natural ingredients that are good both for skin and the environment, Wander Beauty has become the quintessential makeup brand for those who live life in the fast lane.

The Science of Wander Beauty

The science behind the brand is both simple in presentation and sophisticated in ingredients. The entire idea is based on an easily carried, easily applied setup, that women on the go can apply no matter the situation.  Using a unique blend of niacinamide, aloe leaf, goji berry extract, and many other natural ingredients, Wander Beauty has created a recipe that strengthens skin and helps the environment.

The Soul of Wander Beauty

While many other beauty companies utilize harmful materials and dispose of them improperly, Wander Beauty has been committed from day one to be known as a green company. Their makeup materials are 100% natural, and they are firmly dedicated to recycling as much as possible. This results in a carbon footprint significantly lower than their competitors, and just another reason why Wander Beauty is our current fascination.

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