Last Updated: April 2021

A Breakdown of The Burrow Nomad Sectional

The Bottom Line: Why We Love The Burrow Nomad Sectional

The Nomad Sectional is an example of Burrow‘s finest work. Everything about it, from the wooden legs to the feel of the fabric is pure art, and would make any living room look both stylish and cozy.

The set-up required is incredibly easy; we didn’t need a single tool, let alone any additional help, and we had the entire sectional built in less than one hour. It’s an amazingly comfortable, durable, chic, and convenient option for those looking to upgrade their space.


  • Thoughtful modular construction
  • Great support & durability
  • Simple setup
  • Free shipping
  • Free swatches on all fabrics


  • Can be pricey
  • Lots of leftover boxes
  • Limited warranty

Burrow Nomad Sectional: Key Features

The Nomad Sectional (starts at $1,795)

Highly customizable (3 different arm styles, 13 fabric options, 3 different wood leg finishes)

Phone charging port

Modular – Multiple configuration options

No tools required for assembly

Ships in multiple boxes

Free shipping


About Burrow

When searching for beautifully-designed furniture and home accessories, one need look no further than Burrow. This home furnishings brand has made it their mission to find a comfortable balance between convenience and quality. Their sofas, sectionals, armchairs and couches are easy to put together, made to last, and built to deliver the most comfortable Netflix binges you’ve ever experienced

Burrow’s Modular Sofa System

The Fascination team assembled to see if Burrow’s modular ship-and-setup process is as simple and easy as promised by the brand. Our product of choice? Burrow’s Nomad Corner Sectional. Our challenge? Set it up before Matt’s fiancée returns home from running errands.Unboxing the Burrow Nomad Corner Sectional

More parts means more boxes, and Burrow has cleverly taken full advantage the multiple cardboard canvases with which their customers interact and navigate.

Conveniently placed content and graphically-rich box panels made the assembly process feel more like a game or puzzle than a chore. While you probably could unpack and piece together Burrow’s furniture yourself, you may want to invite some friends over anyway, just to share the experience and enjoy the challenge.Note: It’s a good idea to pay attention to the instructions when you find them. Burrow assigns a chronological order to the boxes, and this makes setting up a much quicker process. We were too excited and didn’t follow the instructions in order initially, so we eventually had to backtrack a few steps to get it right.

How to setup the Burrow Nomad Sectional Sofa

Once we had our pieces laid out (and after revisiting the directions we skipped), we began to attach the sections of Matt’s…sectional.

Pro tip: We highly recommend unpacking and positioning all of your pieces first. Burrow’s manual acts like a kind of road map, so once you have everything positioned correctly, it’s much easier to see how it all fits together and find your rhythm.While putting this sectional together was a unique and impressive experience, our team unanimously recommends phoning a friend to help assemble Burrow’s larger items.

Though the process is simple enough for one person to navigate alone, we definitely benefitted from having a few extra hands on deck to help maneuver through some of the more awkward flips and rotations.Also, in keeping with Burrow’s commitment to quality and durability, the latches that hold the individual elements of these pieces together are strong. So, having someone to help control the resistance or apply pressure to close the latches will save you some time. (Be careful with these. and watch your fingers as you close them, too.)

Burrow Nomad Sectional Sofa Design Features

Olefin Fiber Fabric

The fabric of Burrow’s Nomad Sectional and cushions is made from an extremely tightly-woven olefin fiber. This not only ensures that scratching or staining the sofa is near-impossible, but also makes for a very comfortable cover.

Birchwood Frame

The sturdy and precision-milled Baltic Birch wood gives the Nomad Sectional its perfect frame and prevents any kind of warping or damage over time.

Wood or Steel Legs

For the sectional’s legs, you have a choice: responsibly forested wood or shiny, plated steel. It’s a difficult decision between the classically stylish ebony, walnut, or oak, and the mid-mod accent of black metal, chrome, or brass.

Pin and Latch Tool-free Hardware

Strengthened, treated pins and galvanized latches make the sofa’s bindings as strong as steel, literally.

Built-in USB Charger

Finally, the Nomad Sectional offers a built-in USB port and a six foot long charging cable. You won’t even need to get up to charge your phone. This couch is amazing!

Burrow Nomad Corner Sectional: Final Thoughts

Comfortable, durable, convenient, stylish. Burrow promises everything we want from the furniture we purchase, and the brand definitely delivered on that promise with this piece. So far, Matt and his family have enjoyed the Nomad Corner Sectional without issue, and despite the ease and simplicity of the shipping process, despite arriving in multiple pieces, the sectional has held up as a single, functional unit.The entire experience was impressive and has solidified Burrow‘s position as a Fascination team favorite and go-to brand.

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