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Last Updated: December 2021

Aavrani Review: A New Skincare Ritual

Why We Love Aavrani

A four-part skincare set that is clinically proven to fight skincare issues, is made out of all-nautral ingredients, and encourages women to embrace their identity? Count us in. Introducing Aavrani, a woman-founded and led skincare brand that is made in the USA and uses earth-based ingredients to actually treat and prevent skincare issues like uneven skin tone, dullness, redness, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and more. Use the four products in the Complete Ritual Set all together or as one to achieve long term healthy and beautiful skin.


  • All-natural ingredients that target skin concerns
  • Clinically-proven results for skin concerns after 21 days of use
  • 2% of annual proceeds donated to the Shanti Bhavan Children’s project
  • Only four products in the ritual set, some of which have dual purposes so it doesn’t take too long to get fresh and bright skin
  • You can shop by skincare to get really targeted, or purchase the whole set for the full experience


  • The set is pricey compared to other all natural skincare on the market. The individual products range from $55-$75. The full set is $200.
  • Some of the products like the Hydra-Whip and Exfoliator felt a bit small.
aavrani complete ritual set

Complete Ritual Set

Using Aavrani made our skin feel like it was fresh from a facial. There was an immediate improvement in terms of hydration and softness. Skin looked brighter and smoother. During our usage tests we did not experience any negative reactions.


The Highlights

Luxury skincare products made out of all natural ingredients.

No parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, irritants, synthetic fragrances, or animal cruelty.

Made in the USA.

Clinically-proven, effective products that target specific skincare issues like uneven skin tone, dullness, and redness. Ability to shop based on specific skincare concerns.

The four product set, sold at $200, was created to embrace the Aavrani ritual: Purify, Restore, Hydrate, and Revitalize.

A woman-lead brand that focuses on embracing individual beauty and identity.

2% of annual revenue donated to the Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project to support young women’s education.

Ratings Breakdown


High quality, clinically proven, natural skincare. The Glow Activating Exfoliator is unparaleled.


Inexpensive compared to other luxury products, but still on the expensive side compared to some other products available in the market. Savings when you buy the set.

customer experience

The most beautiful packaging we’ve seen to date. The website and packaging all explain the background behind each product, the problems it tackles, and how to use it. Not to mention they look great!


Inclusive and educational with a focus on connecting outer and inner beauty. Plus the company features a give-back element to help children from impoverished backgrounds.


Came with helpful hairclips to pin hair back when working through your Ritual. Also sell merchandise like comfy sweatshirts.

About Aavrani

Aavrani’s founder, Rooshy Roy, is the daughter of Indian immigrants. Born and raised in Michigan, Roy often felt the cultural duality between her Indian and American identities in her life, and ended up disassociating herself from a lot of her Indian identity as she grew up. As she continued her career in finance, she found the stress wrecked havoc on her skin but all of the products she tried to fix her skin issues didn’t work. So, she decided to revisit her grandmother’s all-natural skincare and haircare recipes that she had such fond memories of experiencing during her summers in India as a child. Through this process, she not only completely improved her skin issues, but also reconnected with her heritage. Roy quit her job to build a company that allowed her to embrace her dualities and help others do the same.

Aavrani currently sells four skincare products (though they recently teased a new one coming soon on their instagram) each meant to represent one of the Aavrani rituals: Purify, Restore, Hydrate, and Revitalize. Aavrani products are centered around the Aavrani ritual, which encourages embracing your deeper beauty rather than scrutinizing your skincare “problems”. Aavrani believes that a skincare routine is a time to center yourself and connect with your body, and they encourage people to take time when using their products.

Most importantly, Aavrani products are 100% natural, vegan, free of parabens, not tested on animals, and made in the USA. When used for 21 days, they have clinically proven benefits for skincare issues like dull uneven skin tone, dehydration, fine lines, and more. Aavrani also has a give back element to their brand; they donate 2% of annual proceeds to Shanti Bhavan, a program that empowers children from impoverished backgrounds through ways like education, emotional development, and physical fitness.

Unboxing the Complete Ritual Set

Aavrani currently sells 4 products that make up their Complete Ritual Set and correspond to one of the rituals: The Glow Activating Exfoliator (Purify), the Balance Restoring Serum (Restore), The Softening Hydra-Whip (Hydrate), and the Eye Rejuvenating Elixir (Revitalize). The products are available as a set or individually, though they encourage the products to be used together as they were made with that intention and are all connected. The products range from $55-$75 which, while not cheap, is in the normal range for high quality luxury skincare.

The bottles arrived at my doorstep in the most beautiful boxes I have ever seen featuring imagery that nod to the brand’s heritage and natural beauty focus. In the inside of the main box, beautiful designs outline the all-natural ingredients in the set and the benefits to using each ingredient. Each box also speaks to how to use the product and what the benefits are. Once I unpacked them, they looked so beautiful sitting on my counter that I didn’t even want to take the products out of them to start the test.

Before I talk about my experience using the products, here’s a little bit about me and my skin issues. I have fair skin that features an oily nose and chin but an often dry and flaky forehead. I’m always fighting general dehydration throughout my skin, and I look for new products to use in my routine that will offer hydration without making my skin feel too heavy or oily. My skin is also sensitive to new products, and I have to counter balance the redness that takes over my skin as well. While I don’t suffer from acne anymore, I do break out around my mouth and chin due to hormonal changes. And I tend to get dark circles/bags under my eyes. These are just a few of the problems that I hoped the Aavrani set could help me with when I started using the set.

Glow Activating Exfoliator

Multiple estheticians have recommended that I use exfoliators weekly to treat my dry and flaky skin. Exfoliating is an important step in a skincare routine to remove dead skin and allow products to penetrate skin better and actually work. Because if you apply products onto dead skin, it’s not going to be effective and no one has time for ineffective products. So I’ve started introducing exfoliators into my weekly skincare routine, but they are often rough on my skin, leaving residual redness.

Enter, Aavrani’s Glow Activating Exfoliator. It uses turmeric, Neem, and honey to address skin concerns. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and especially good for sensitive skin. Plus, Neem, an Indian skincare staple, is full of antioxidants, and honey draws moisture from the air for long-lasting hydration. Aavrani claims their exfoliator is clinically proven to even skin tone and complexion, brighten skin tone, even skin texture, reduce redness, reduce acne scars and blemishes, receive irritation, enable moisturizer to penetrate for longer hydration, and reduce the appearance of pores. I mean wow. With results like those, sign me up.

The Glow Activating Exfoliator is the foundation of the ritual set. It is a dual-purpose cleanser and face mask to use about once a week to gently exfoliate the skin, brighten the skin, and even skin tone. The key word there is gently. Using the exfoliator is easy. Apply it to the face as a thin layer and lightly rub it in to activate the exfoliant. Then, leave it on for 5 minutes while the mask hardens. Remove the residue with a damp cloth when the time is up and voila! Fresh, smooth skin. The first time I used it, I saw immediate results. Unlike other exfoliants, this one left my skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated. Plus, no extreme redness! Score. My skin really did look brighter and cleaner. I had a more even skin tone, and the texture with very smooth throughout the week.

Balance Restoring Serum

The Balance Restoring Serum is like a toner and serum combined into one. Made out of Tea Tree oil to fight acne, cucumber oil extract to sooth and relieve the skin, and chamomile flowers to block irritants, the serum is easy to apply with a cotton pad across the face and neck. The Serum does have witch hazel in it, which is an ingredient I have avoided in the past due to negative reactions with my skin. However, when I used the Serum I didn’t have any negative results. Truthfully, I didn’t even know it had witch hazel until a few days after I used it and was looking at the ingredients to write this review! So I doubt there is enough in there to make a negative difference, but it’s still a good idea to be careful using it if you know Witch Hazel and your skin don’t mesh.

The Balance Restoring Serum is easy to use both day and night. It can be easily integrated into a daily skincare routine. The Serum is a nice alternative to add after cleansing the skin to restore and protect skin more than just once a week during the ritual. It’s also thin and easy to layer under or over other products. Unlike other serums, after applying it, I don’t feel the serum heavy on my skin and it doesn’t take a while to seep into the skin. The bottle itself is large, but daily usage does tend to wear it down over time. At $60 it’s not the most expensive product of Aavrani’s, but it is definitely one to squeeze every last drop out of.

Softening Hyrda-Whip

The Softening Hydra-Whip is made out of Coconut Milk, Rosehip Seed Oil, and Shea Nut, all of which help to even fine lines and pump skin full of hydration. The Hydra-Whip lives up to its name by looking the product most like fluffy whipped butter. But unlike butter, it is lightweight and goes onto the face smooth (not that I’ve ever applied butter to my face, but I would assume). It is easy to blend in and doesn’t leave any residue or excess product, especially when used with the Glow Activating Exfoliator.

The Hydra-Whip is a little heavier than the day creams I usually use, but it does not leave my skin feeling heavy or looking oily like others do. Therefore, I think this is a great AM or PM moisturizer. After I apply it, I don’t have to worry about the shine on my face during a morning zoom call. It also leaves my skin feeling smooth (I have found myself stroking my cheeks because of how soft they are after using this), and it is very easy to layer under makeup. The Softening Hydra-Whip has become one of my go-to products to fight dehydration. Anytime I apply it, I know that my skin is getting the vitamins and treatment it needs due to its supple texture and brightness. Unfortunately for me since I use it the most outside of my weekly set usage, the Hydra-Whip does seem to be the smallest of all the products in the set.

Eye Rejuvenating Elixir

The final product in the Complete Ritual Set is the Eye Rejuvenating Elixir, which works to minimize the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. It’s made out of vitamin rich almond oil, rosewater, and avocado oil to moisture and fill eyelids with vitamins that fight problems like dark circles and discoloration.

The eye cream is lightweight and easy to apply. For me, it’s worked the best to reduce puffiness and keep the skin under my eye soft and hydrated. After some late nights working on The Fascination, the Elixir helped fight the bags forming under my eyes. Plus, when I put it on, I know it’s playing the long game to protect my eyes against fine lines and wrinkles. A little goes a long way, so while this is the most expensive of the individual products, it lasts a while.

The Bottom Line

Using the Aavrani Complete Ritual Set made my skin feel like I had just come from a facial. My skin was bright, smooth, soft and hydrated. My skin had no negative reaction from the first time that I used it (a first for me!) and I saw a noticeable difference in my skin glow and texture right away. To fully embrace Aavrani’s brand, I now spend one night a week going through the full Aavrani set from start to finish.  The Complete Ritual Set has encouraged me to slow down, center myself, and embrace skin. Plus, this time to embrace and reflect has been extremely helpful during Covid when I may not be taking as good care of myself as I should.

Outside of that weekly usage, I use the products intermittently in my routine. The Restoring Serum is great when I need to give my skin a little TLC after a long day, and the Hydra-Whip has become one of my main moisturizers during these cold winters that dry out my skin. But the Glow Exfoliator is the star of the show here. It is the foundation of the set, which allows the other products to perform well and do their job. It’s unlike other products I have used before, and I would recommend it to anyone, especially those with sensitive skin and similar skin concerns. If any of this sounds interesting to you, explore and purchase the products below.


Yes- each product is available on it’s own or you can buy them as part of the Complete Ritual Set and save $60.

The Aavrani Complete Ritual Set features the Glow Activiating Exfoliator, The Balance Restoring Serum, The Softening Hydra-Whip, and the Eye Rejuvenating Elixir. You can use them all together or individually, though using them all together brings the best results.

Aavrani’s products are soft yet effective products that work for all skin types including oily, dry, or combination.

The Glow Activating Exfoliator is known to resurface, brighten, clear blemishes, and even skin tone. In their clinical trials when used as directed for 21 days, 100% of participants experienced even skin tone and brightened skin tone, 97% experienced even skin texture, 94% experienced reduce redness, 94% saw a reduced appearance of acne scars, and 98% experienced less inflamed skin.

The Eye Rejuvenating Elixir minimizes the appearance of dark circles, stimulates collagen production, and evens fine lines. When the Elixir was used as directed for 21 days in their clinical trial, 100% of participants experienced reduced puffiness, 98% maintained hydration for at least 12 hours, 94% saw an improvement in the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, and 95% saw an improvement in the firmness and elasticity of the under eyes.


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