Last Updated: December 2021

Alleyoop Makeup Review: Chic Multifunctional Self-Care Products

Featured Product: All-In-One-Razor


Price: $16.00 

The Alleyoop All-In-One-Razor is a 3-in-1 travel razor that helps with all of your last minute shaving needs. This razor sports a triple razor blade that is lubricated with pre-shave strips to help reduce nicks and razor burn. It also comes with a moisturizing shave bar for an even smoother shave. To make things even easier while on the go, there is an added spray bottle to help moisten any spots prior to shaving and after you’re done. This travel razor is pretty darn ingenious!

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Ratings Breakdown


The product line is geared towards different skin tones, but doesn’t always make the best choice for those with more sensitive skin.


Based on the price points offered by Alleyoop, the products are well worth every penny. Especially because each product performs 3-4 different tasks.

customer experience

All of the products perform more than one task, taking multitasking to the next level. But not all products perform consistently across the board currently.


This brand focuses on multitasking, creating less waste, empowerment, and sustainability. If they step up their game with philanthropy and transparency regarding sourcing and manufacturing, we’ll definitely have to give them 5 stars.

Who is Alleyoop?

Alleyoop was founded in 2019 by Leila Kashani. As a female entrepreneur in the self-care space, Alleyoop wasn’t her first foray into the market. She was actually a co-founder of another company, Sphynx. This brand actually created the 3-In-One-Razor that is now being sold under the Alleyoop name.

Leila wanted to expand the multifunctional self-care market and continue along the chic lines with the creation of Alleyoop. So, this brand began offering other products that were within the same genre to create a whole self-care line for the crazy fast paced lives of our current world.

This brand was brought to life by using real women influencers and product testers. Therefore, it has been entirely created for women by women, which is a fantastic way to go about it.


  • Sustainable materials
  • Multifunctional
  • TSA Approved
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Plastic Neutral
  • Good price points
  • Free shipping on orders over $40
  • Badass women owned


  • Not all products may be great for sensitive skin
  • Could provide more transparency on sourcing and manufacturing
  • Brand does not engage in strong philanthropic mission

Alleyoop Makeup Feel & Performance

As a woman who is constantly on the go, I simply don’t have the time I once did for self-care. But that doesn’t mean that I want to look like a mad woman when I’m running around like crazy either. Finding a product line that can help me look great, but is multifunctional for my busy life has been high on my list for awhile now. So, when I heard about Alleyoop from a friend, it seemed like a good fit for my needs.Alleyoop-Makeup-Bag

After ordering, which was super easy, I was really happy to see that everything showed up with minimal packaging and biodegradable packing peanuts. 

Plus, they sent me a really cool makeup bag to store everything in also, which was an unexpected bonus.

Pen Pal 4-In-One Touch Up Pen

The Pen Pal 4-In-One Touch Up Pen is one of their best sellers. And I can see why. It looks like the multicolored pens I used to use as a kid, but with only 4 colors. This pen comes with 3 different versions for different skin tones.Alleyoop-Pen-Isolated

But each version comes with:

  • Eye Liner
  • Lip Liner
  • Brow Liner
  • Highlighter

All of the makeup applies easily and quickly. The products are super creamy, which made the application easy. Alleyoop-Pen-Tip-Assorted

However, the eyeliner is kind of patchy and almost too creamy. It seems to work better for creating a smokey eyeshadow look, so that’s what I use it for now. 

The lip liner was my favorite product in the tool. It’s a perfect neutral shade for multiple skin tones and doesn’t clump up at all when applying.Alleyoop-Pen-Use6

Overall, this isn’t the longest lasting makeup in the world. But it works for short term touch ups and light makeup days. The price point of $25 for 4 different makeup products is well worth it.

My biggest complaint with this product is that I never know how much of each product I have left. Also, sometimes more than one of the products come out at the same time when I twist the pen, so that can be frustrating.

Multi-Tasker 4-In-One Makeup Brush

I was impressed when I first saw the Multi-Tasker 4-In-One Makeup Brush. It didn’t really look like it could have 4 makeup brushes in one, but it certainly did. The multifunctional design works great for travel and on-the-go makeup applications.Alleyoop-Brush-Isolated

The synthetic fibers of the brushes and sponge were very soft to the touch. Product was really easily worked into my skin using them and the design was comfortable to hold during application.

It didn’t hurt either that the brushes clean easily with a bit of soapy water. Once the brushes dried, their shape or texture didn’t change. So that was an unexpected surprise since I’m used to sponges falling apart fairly quickly after washing. Alleyoop-Makeup-Brush-Use-Close

The $28 price point of this multitool is much more affordable than if I purchased 4 different brushes. Therefore, the quality and quantity of brushes in this one tool are well worth the money, in my opinion.

Slow Your Roll Deodorant

I’m always on the hunt for new deodorant that is non-toxic and performs well for my hectic schedule. However, I also have pretty sensitive skin, so most products are a no-go for me. While I was interested in trying Slow Your Roll, I was hesitant because of some of the ingredients.Alleyoop-Deodorant-Isolated

The scent (I got Sage) was fantastic and it did keep the sweating and smell at bay. These were huge pluses for this deodorant. But, unfortunately, I have a tendency to get an allergic reaction to both sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and some essential oils. 

Baking soda can cause a problem for some people who have a lower pH (more acidic) in their underarm area than other people. Since baking soda has a higher pH (more alkaline), this imbalance can cause redness and irritation. I just happen to fall into this category, unfortunately. Alleyoop-Deodorant-Use-Close

The deodorant also has the following essential oils:

  • Tea tree
  • Lavender
  • Grapefruit Peel

While both tea tree and lavender are fantastic smelling essential oils, they can both cause irritation with some people. I know that my spouse has a severe reaction to lavender and I have a more mild one. So, while I might enjoy the smell, my skin disagrees with that sentiment and rebels.

Due to this product containing both baking soda and essential oils, I had to discontinue use after a few days. Alleyoop-Deodorant-Use-Close3

I also wasn’t a huge fan of the application on this one. For some reason, the deodorant kept pulling at my skin when I tried to apply it. So, I had to really push hard to get the product to adhere and reduce overall product tackiness.

At $14 a stick, I could see how this product might be great for a lot of people. But, it just isn’t worth it for me personally.


All-In-One Razor

The All-In-One-Razor was the product I was really excited to try out. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it was much easier to use than I anticipated.

I thought it would be hard to hold and get a clean, smooth shave. I was also pretty sure I was going to get a lot of little nicks and cuts. But, I was happily proven wrong!

The razor easily slid over my skin, including the tougher angles of the knees, pits, and more sensitive areas. The pre-shave strip worked fine, but I still prefer using a little conditioner or body wash when shaving.

I’m sure that’s what the moisturizing bar is supposed to replace, but I kept forgetting to use it. Of course, if I didn’t have access to any of the aforementioned skin conditioners, I would probably use it in a pinch.

Overall, I had no irritation using any of the razor products and feel that it’s well worth the $16 price point.


all-in-one razor

A 3-in-1 razor that packs a refillable water spray bottle, a Shea Butter moisturizing bar, and two triple-blade razor cartridges.

Is Alleyoop Makeup Good Quality?

Even though the brand doesn’t disclose where their products are sourced or manufactured, Alleyoop seems to have a line on sustainability. And when a product line is aiming to be more sustainable, that usually goes hand in hand with overall quality. Alleyoop-Makeup-Brush-Use

In my experience, the products lasted just as long or longer than other mass marketed brands. They have less packaging and have become plastic neutral with Cleanhub. And their returns policy doesn’t hurt either. All of these things make me feel that this is a quality brand aiming to change the way we look at self-care products.

Is Alleyoop Makeup Worth It?

Just the fact that Alleyoop is creating a multifunctional line of self-care products seems worth it alone. It doesn’t hurt that their price points are pretty darn low, which makes this a really inclusive brand. Their products are easy to store and easy to use on the go. Alleyoop-Razor-Razor-Assortment

And the All-In-One-Razor is in a class of its own with regard to functionality and appearance. They are working diligently to create an even more sustainable line, but still keep their costs low. So, it’s really difficult to find any reason why they wouldn’t be worth giving a shot to.

Alleyoop Makeup Coupons & Discounts

Alleyoop runs specials on their products every now and then. Sometimes you can find the current sales on the banner at the top of their website. But, the best way to stay in the loop (and possibly get other discounts) is to join their email list.

As an added bonus, we have a FASCINATION10 discount code for our loyal readers to use so you can save a bit more for giving them a try. You’ll receive 10% off your first order. 

4-in-1 Pen


All Alleyoop orders are fulfilled within 1-2 days of placing your order. The fulfillment only takes place during normal business hours though, so this is something to keep in mind. Once your order has been fulfilled, you’ll get shipment confirmation and tracking information. Depending upon where you live, it usually takes somewhere between 3-5 business days to get to you after it’s been shipped.

Any order over $40, after all coupons and discounts, will qualify for free shipping. Any orders under that price point will incur an additional $5.95 shipping fee .

Alleyoop wants everyone to fall in love with their products as much as they have. Therefore, if you’re not happy for any reason within 30 days of purchase, they will offer a full refund. You’ll just need to reach out to them to begin the refund process. Please note that they cannot refund your original shipping fees, if you had any. But, they do cover the return shipping costs, so that’s pretty sweet.

Their subscription service works like most others on the marketplace. You are able to cancel or change your order directly within your account at any time prior to the order being shipped. This way, if you want to add some new products to try, you can easily do so without a second order being shipped. This helps cut down on shipping and packaging costs, which is good for you and the environment.


Alleyoop Makeup Summary

Ultimately, if you’re a fast paced person who wants to make time for self-care (and appear more put together), but haven’t figured out how to swing it yet, then Alleyoop may be just what you’ve been looking for. They offer a wide selection of chic multifunctional self-care tools for almost every woman out there. Alleyoop-Makeup-Brush-Use-Close2

They are woman owned and women driven, which makes them a bit more unique in this market. After all, who knows better what we need and want out of self-care products than we ourselves. I love that this brand asks the public for advice and feedback to continually create new products we want and love. And because of this, it will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

What else does Alleyoop sell?

In addition to the products I got to test, they now have a few other multifunctional self-care products in their lineup.

These include:

To be honest, I’m excited to see all of these additional offerings and can’t wait to try a couple of them.

Alleyoop Makeup Shop