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The Bottom Line: Why We Love

Personally, I can think of nothing better than avoiding an overwhelming (and often frustrating) in-store wine-buying experience. And that’s exactly what makes a game-changer.

The online wine-delivery service provides customers with access to exclusive wines from around the world at inclusive prices – delivered right to your doorstep. Better yet, it does so with a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Each sale helps support and directly invests in international independent winemakers. And with a variety of hassle-free, affordable ways for all of us to sample, sip and support, there’s much to toast to when it comes to


  • Offers a well-curated, diverse selection of delicious wines from all over the world
  • Filters out the stress and frustration of wine-buying in-store
  • Affordable pricing
  • Convenient delivery right at your doorstep
  • Opportunity to directly invest in independent, environmentally focused winemakers through hassle-free Angel membership option
  • Full refund available on damaged bottles and/or wines you simply don’t like
  • It’s wine.


  • Purchasing options can be confusing to find/understand on the website
  • Unpacking experience is simple and unpretentious but misses the mark in telling the brand’s stories and sharing more about the wines up-front beyond the website Key Features

Transparent and affordable pricing

Wide selection of wines from around the world

Social and environmental impact

Subscription and non-subscription options

Convenient delivery

100% Satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked

Exclusive offers and opportunities for members

About strips down wine-buying to a simpler, smarter, and so much better process. By providing access to a global variety of exclusive wines at radically inclusive prices, this online wine-delivery service allows its customers to more readily explore and enjoy a variety of artisanal wines from a diverse and vast collection of independent vineyards around the world. The best part? It does it all while remaining environmentally conscious and globally focused.

That’s because those wanting to get the most out of can choose to become monthly subscribers (or “Angels,” as they’re affectionately known) and enjoy access to steeply discounted prices, special events and – this is the angelic part of it all – directly invest in independent winemakers and support their success. To date, has helped changed the lives of 159 winemakers in 14 countries. Cheers to making a difference with every sip!

Ratings Breakdown


Great-tasting, variety, unique selection, high-rated wines, sustainable


Inclusive pricing, exclusive offers, Give-Back Factor

customer experience

Hassle-free purchase, convenient delivery, available customer service, well-packaged


Social and environmental impact, community, transparent business model


100% Satisfaction guaranteed, exclusive discounts


My case of six bottles, which I selected online based on the brand’s best-sellers, arrived within days, unpretentiously tucked in a recyclable cardboard box and conveniently hand-delivered to my doorstep. While I didn’t expect confetti or a personal toast upon opening it, I also did not expect …well, nothing. The bottles were simply, yet very securely, padded inside. No excess packaging or pomp. While I appreciate that level of minimalism from an environmentally conscious brand, I think they missed an opportunity to make a more compelling introduction and provide more insight into the origins of the wines I received. (That’s likely the storyteller in me speaking though, tbh.)

While the packing itself is nothing to write home (or here) about, the blank canvas of the box did allow its contents to shine (and we all know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts). What struck me immediately was the beauty of each bottle – each picked by and for me – with labels all foreign to me and spanning the globe, from France to Oregon and Italy to Napa.

My thought immediately: “I got all of these wines for how much?!”

The hassle-free access to such an amply curated selection of international wines from lesser-known, independent makers is worth every penny in its own right. The fact that I received all of them, at nearly half the cost, without ever having had to set toe in a wine store or supermarket has forever changed the wine-buying experience for me.

Raise a Glass: Tasting

As someone who deems herself a frequent, albeit modest, wine-drinker (with a preference for easy and bold reds alike), the chance to sample a wide selection of wines in the comfort of my own home – without having to “make up my mind” on the spot, as I stare into the abyss of a wine wall, meticulously organized by region or tasting notes (where’s the nearest exit?) – was truly a delightful one. I most enjoyed the discovery process: picking up each bottle, taking my time with each label, and looking each one up on — where, unlike my impression of the unboxing experience, the story is rich and information, abundant. The brand does a commendable job not only profiling each wine – tasting notes and all – but also spotlighting each winemaker, complete with engaging  story vignettes. The result is a curated wine-tasting experience without any of the unnecessary fluff or the cost.

With our wine cellar now freshly and conveniently stocked with wines previously unbeknownst to us, we spent the next few weeks feeding our curiosity about each wine and learning about winemakers across the pond, and even about wine regions I had severely underestimated (looking at you, Oregon — seriously, raise a glass). My husband and I turned our first case into a progressive wine tasting of sorts, selecting a new wine to “sample” every few days. In fact, having access to such a great variety of wines at home beautifully complemented (and in many cases, elevated), our daily homemade dinners, adding to yet another aspect of the Naked Wines Not to mention, in midst of a global pandemic that has had our pent-up wanderlust at its peak, these wines provided us an opportunity to trek (and taste) the globe one sip at a time.

These were the beauts we discovered (trust us – you’ll want to add them to your list, too), along with my best attempts at some tasting notes to please your palate.

Sachetto Col de L’Utia Pinot Nero Rose Frizzante. This subtle and softly sparkling rose was a pleasant surprise! It didn’t last very long. My Italian father would be tickled. Tastes like… bright cherries with a citrusy tang.

DRG Daryl Groom Chardonnay 2019. By far, one of the most delectably creamy Chardonnays I’ve ever had. Even my self-proclaimed “non-Chardonnay-drinking” husband genuinely, and outwardly, enjoyed it. Tastes like… equal parts oaky and creamy, with crisp touches of tropical fruits.

Patrice Grasset Sancerre 2019. We immediately paired this elegant French white from the Loire Valley with a charcuterie board – one of our date-night favorites. Tastes like… a refreshing blend of melons, pears, and peach without too much of the sweet.

F. Stephen Millier Black Label Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel 2019. An easy, no-frills red we supped on casually one evening, only to all-too-soon realize it was gone. Oops! Tastes like… velvet (seriously), with smooth hints of dark berries and winter spices.

Scott Kelley Pinot Noir 2019. This silky, easy Pinot by way of the Pacific Northwest checked all the boxes for me (unsurprisingly… I had a feeling about this one, as I do most Pinot Noirs). It’ll for sure be a new go-to for many happy hours to come. Tastes like… the right taste of vanilla meets cherry meets spice. This one was just right.

Matt Parish Cabernet Sauvignon 2018. This one tasted expensive, but at 50% off market price, it can’t be beat. We paired it with an air-fried steak (seriously) for a purely delectable pairing. I’ll be buying it again to follow the winemaker’s rec: let it age at least a year to enjoy it at its fullest. Can’t wait! Tastes like… just as indulgent as what you might expect from a barrel-aged red – oaky, full of dark berry flavors, and the right amount of spice.


Sip, Sip, Hooray!

Cheers to a new way to wine. Seriously, I will never go back to a wine store again. delivers on quality, value, and experience – all while doing good in the world. Here, here!

But if I haven’t already made it abundantly clearly that is a no-brainer for fellow timid wine-drinkers and vino enthusiasts alike, you can sign up no strings attached with the brand’s introductory $100 offer. Don’t like something? Just send it back for a full refund, no questions asked – though, you probably won’t. 😉


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