Last Updated: August 2021

6 Reasons You Need Plants from Bloomscape (Not Your Local Big Box Store)

Happy, healthy, hassle-free houseplants

Lush, green plants that are, in a word: easy. It sounds like a contradiction, right? Plants that are…easy?

Bloomscape offers greenery that’s easy to shop for from the comfort of your couch, easy to handle with at-home delivery and easy to care for with their helpful plant guides. So, you don’t have to have mega-muscles to lift heavy pots into your car or a naturally green thumb to keep your plants alive.

Here are 6 reasons Bloomscape is the best place for all-things plants 👇


1. They offer beautiful plants that are delivered directly to your door.

If you’ve ever run the errand of trying to find plants to give a touch of green to your living space, you’re not alone.

We all know how those trips go.

You’re not sure what you’ll be able to keep alive or how to properly care for what you select beyond the limited information hanging on the plant’s tag. You struggle to get your new purchase off the checkout counter and into your car. You try your best not to let soil spill absolutely everywhere in your back seat. And, when you get home, you do your best to shuffle that plant you wanted so badly into the house without tipping it over.

Bloomscape’s solution of temperature-controlled deliveries to your door hold your plant securely in place to prevent damage and decrease soil spillage.

Plus, most shipments arrive in under a week, so you can save yourself the extra trip to the store and wait for your new plant to arrive.


Hoya Collection

This collection of three, pet-friendly, air-purifying, vining plants is the perfect, hassle-free way to brighten up your space. These playful, potted plants fit comfortably on bookshelves or side tables and thrive in bright, indirect light.

2. Bloomscape guarantees top-of-the-line quality.


From their plants to their pots and planters, there’s a premium placed on quality — guaranteed. If your plant doesn’t arrive happy and healthy, Bloomscape sends you a replacement free of charge. If your pot arrives damaged, their Customer Support team will come to the rescue.

3. Their variety is superior to any assortment you would find at a store.


Selecting the new additions to your home or garden has never been easier, or with more options, curated into easy-to-navigate categories. You can filter what you’re searching for by Easy Indoor Favorites, Pet-Friendly Plants, Design + Plant Decor, Low-Maintenance Plants, and more.


4. Bloomscape’s plants are bigger, leafier, and all around healthier than those sitting outside at your local big box store.

Say goodbye to plants that have been left outside in a warehouse for weeks on end. Each plant from Bloomscape is cared for by a plant expert and kept in peak condition until they’re shipped directly from their greenhouse to your doorstep. So, they arrive thriving as opposed to on-the-edge-of withering.


5. You get free access to plant experts with Bloomscape's Grow-How Team


Now that your dream plant has arrived with minimal lift on your end (literally), it’s time to take care of it! Whether you’re a gardening guru or this is your first plant purchase, Bloomscape’s plant experts are here to help. You can submit general inquiries about plant care, specific questions about the plant you purchased and can even submit photos attached to your note.


Bromeliad Summer

Bromeliad Summer is technically an air plant, which means it’s pretty low-maintenance. It produces fun, colorful blooms and brings a splash of tropical style to any space.

6. Sometimes, you simply get what you pay for.

To avoid quickly rotating out plants that just didn’t make it from the store to the house in one piece, or weren’t alive weeks after they were bought, it’s a no brainer to go with Bloomscape.

Your dollars get you super-healthy plants that are long-lasting and come with free educational advice and support from their expert team. What’s more? Each indoor plant comes in a beautiful Ecopots planter with an accompanying saucer, eliminating the extra step of you purchasing a pot on your own.

From front-door-delivery to you decorating your dining room with ease, there’s no better way to level-up your greenery game.


ZZ Plant

Don’t be fooled by its graceful, tapering stems and layered leaves — this plant is just as tough as it is beautiful. The ZZ Plant is able to survive for months without water and grows well in most conditions.