Last Updated: November 2021

Breeo Fire Pit Review: A Smokeless, Grilling Delight



The X Series elevates your campfire experience by eliminating the frustration of traditional fires and creating a centerpiece to gather around. As Breeo’s most versatile fire pit, the X24 is the perfect size for hosting friends and family and includes all the cooking capabilities you’ll need.

Featured Product: X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit

breeo-firePrice: $579

The Breeo X Series Smokeless Fire Pit is a high quality steel option for any grill master. This fire pit is the perfect size for 3-7 people and all of your grilling needs.

From meats to potatoes to vegetables, it provides a wonderful wood burning grilling experience. The X24 uses a X Airflow Technology and double-wall convection to create a smokeless and even cooking experience. It also comes with multiple accessory options to complete your grilling party.

Ratings Breakdown


The grill is heavy and feels well made with noticeably clean and strong welds throughout.


Breeo fire pits are well made and look the part, but are on the higher end of the price spectrum for their product.

customer experience

The smoke stays to a minimum, while the fire gets hot and stays hot the entire time.


This is a trusted and respected brand by grilling experts, but there is nothing noteworthy about their mission or lack of philanthropy.

Who Is Breeo?

Breeo was originally founded in 2014 by Jonathan Miller and Andy Kaufman. The pair met a year earlier while Jonathan and his wife, Janessa, were looking for new ways to live off the grid. Andy was one of the original inventors of the smokeless fire pit and the idea interested Jon, who had a background in marketing. 

In order to get Breeo to the place it is now, the couple took off on a “Rethinking Fire Tour” across the country.breeo-Who-Is

It was a joint “fall off the grid” combined with marketing the fledgling Breeo to potential dealers trip. And it worked. In their time on the road, they were able to get over 300 dealers to begin carrying the Breeo product. Jon didn’t embark on trade shows, but relied on showing off the product in person and giving a 30% discount to dealers who would agree to carry it.breeo-Logo

After 2 years on the road, the Breeo Industries company originally founded merged with the steel manufacturing company that had been manufacturing their fire pits and became Breeo, LLC.

This partnership was garnered between Jon Miller and Amos Stoltzfus and brought the whole package of marketing, manufacturing, and shipping together. And from here, Breeo has been able to bring the feeling of cooking over an open flame in the great outdoors to America and Canada.


  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • Performs well
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smokeless
  • Free shipping
  • Good returns policy
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Steep learning curve
  • Sear plate requires 2 people to operate
  • Cleaning the sear plate isn’t quick or easy

Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit Performance

I am someone who enjoys grilling for my family fairly regularly. So when Breeo crossed my radar, my ears perked up. I’ve thought about the idea of grilling with wood, but haven’t yet had the opportunity to do so. Therefore, I went to the Breeo website and began to glance through their smokeless fire pit options. It seemed like their X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit would fit the bill for what I wanted. breeo-unboxing

I simply had to select the firepit model I wanted, choose a size, choose a finish (corten steel or stainless steel), choose the standard or searplate rip, and then choose any final accessories (lid, grilling package, or firemaster package).

All of these selections are made on a single product page, so the ordering experience is pretty quick. Once I placed the order I only had to wait a week for my new Breeo smokeless fire pit to show up.

First Impressions And Set Up

Upon arrival, I noticed that the packaging was excellent. It had more than enough to keep the grill protected, but I also didn’t feel that I was buried in unnecessary packing materials that I had to deal with. It took 5 minutes to get everything unboxed. breeo-unboxing2

The main fire pit body itself came fully assembled. The only thing we had to do was figure out where to place it outside. Figuring that out and assembling the rest of the accessories onto the pit only took a grand total of 15 minutes. Then I just had to give everything a quick cleaning wipe and we were ready to cook.breeo-fire2

One of the major selling points of the Breeo is the smokeless feature. We had a little more smoke early on, but once it gets going there really isn’t much smoke at all leaving the grill. The brand states this is a normal part of the process while the fire pit is heating up. Overall, it made sitting around the fire much more enjoyable than our previous experiences.

Grilling Tests

I chose to add the grilling package for an additional $340 because it came with the outpost and lid. And I’m really glad that I did because the steel rod slides into the base of the Breeo fire pit to be able to adjust the grill rack up and down on the rod. It was easy to set up and even adjust during the middle of grilling. Granted, it does take 2 people to make the adjustment because one is required to steady the grill rack full of food and another person to release and tighten the securing bolt. breeo-adjusting-rack

However, being able to easily slide the grill rack up and down is essential, especially as you’re learning to grill. As this lets you adjust the temperature more precisely for more evenly cooked food. This is an especially important feature as the fire gets lower.

That said, more experience grilling over a wood fire will absolutely help me in the future. Before this experience, I had done very little open wood fire grilling. As a result, we struggled to get the temperature right. Some food cooked too slowly (meats) and some too quickly (veggies). But the potatoes and onion wrapped in foil and put down in the embers themselves cooked perfectly after being in there for about an hour.

However, that’s not something I can hold against Breeo, as this is an operator error due to lack of experience. I feel that the more experienced I become as a wood fire grill master, the better the food will turn out.

With respect to the searplate, it does indeed get pretty hot. Per the manual, getting enough wood and/or embers to the side walls can help increase the temperature further.breeo-searing-food

During our cooking test we seared both steak and chicken. The chicken sears came out great whenever I kept the grill rack closer to the fire. However, the chicken breasts that I cooked further away from the fire were still not completely cooked all the way through, so I had to finish them in the oven. But the grill taste was amazing, even on those finished in the oven.breeo-searing-steak

The steak wasn’t ideal during my initial test. We used a pretty thick seasoning on the steak, most of which came off during the sear. As a result, the sear itself wasn’t great. But this probably goes back to lack of experience on my end again.

The brats were probably the easiest to cook because they are just so forgiving. They browned up nicely on all sides and easily reached the appropriate temperature. The grates on the grill are perfect for getting the brats to stand up on all 4 sides, for an even browning.breeo cooking grill

Cooking vegetables and pineapple were super easy on the grill rack. It was a no-brainer to just toss them on the grill for a few minutes on each side. Everything turned out delicious.

Lastly, you couldn’t have a fire pit without toasting some marshmallows for smores. Even with the fire fairly low we were able to get enough heat to get a nicely melted marshmallow for a delicious and easy smore.breeo cooking grill

Ultimately, I found the experience with the Breeo to be excellent. Some foods are definitely easier than others. But in all cases, the better you are as a wood fired grill master the better and easier your experience is going to be. If you don’t have much experience with wood fire grilling I would recommend keeping it simple for the first few fires. The Breeo smokeless fire pit was overall novel, fun, and easy to use.



The X Series elevates your campfire experience by eliminating the frustration of traditional fires and creating a centerpiece to gather around. As Breeo’s most versatile fire pit, the X24 is the perfect size for hosting friends and family and includes all the cooking capabilities you’ll need.

Is The Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit Good Quality

Breeo fire pits are made of steel construction in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The company wanted to keep the manufacturing here in the United States where their materials come from for more quality control. It doesn’t hurt that a large percentage of their employees are also Amish and bring their high ethical standards and values to work with them. breeo-grilling-food

Breeo is also a LEAD Manufacturer, which means that they continually work to:

  • Eliminate waste
  • Optimize processes
  • Cut unnecessary costs
  • Boost innovation
  • Reduce time to market

Since all of their products are developed, designed, manufactured and shipped within the USA, this helps them to achieve a lower price point for a high quality product. This brand has worked diligently to continue to create innovative products that they want to use first and then pass on to the consumer.

If it doesn’t pass their rigorous testing, even out on the road in the middle of nowhere for weeks on end, then it doesn’t make the cut. The fact that the grilling minds behind this company worked out all the kinks for themselves first, before bringing their smokeless fire pit to the world, speaks volumes about their quality.

Is The Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit Worth It?

Just based on my experience with the Breeo alone, I give it a resounding yes. While I completely understand that this fire pit is considered one of the pricier models on the market, it’s functionality and quality speak for itself.breeo good value

Nobody wants to sit around a fire pit and get smoke in their eyes. So, the fact that Breeo makes smokeless fire pits to help alleviate this issue, is probably worth it to most consumers who like to enjoy the outdoors frequently. 

The biggest issue with the Breeo is the learning curve when it comes to the grilling features. So, if you’ve got the desire, and the time, to really make some great wood fired food, then this fire pit is totally worth it.

Breeo Coupons & Discounts

Breeo rarely has any discounts or coupons since they don’t believe in selling products with an inflated price. This company has worked to the best of their ability to create a high quality product line and keep costs down in a fair and ethical manner, which I highly respect.

They do offer a regular 5% discount to the following members of society, as an homage to their service:

  • EMT’s
  • Firefighters
  • Law Enforcement
  • Current and Former Military (including spouses and dependents)


The X Series elevates your campfire experience by eliminating the frustration of traditional fires and creating a centerpiece to gather around. As Breeo’s most versatile fire pit, the X24 is the perfect size for hosting friends and family and includes all the cooking capabilities you’ll need.


The Breeo smokeless technology is actually fairly simple and straightforward. All of their fire pits have an X Airflow raised X design at the bottom of them to increase air flow. This patented design allows the constant air flow to feed the fire, even after there is ash build up.

Their fire pits are also double walled, which helps to create another avenue for hot air to flow. Air flows into the double wall from the bottom of the fire pit as the fire begins to heat up. This hot air then flows through the double walls and out small interior holes along the top of the fire pit. This air is now pressurized and heated, which then mixes with the smoke and causes combustion, or secondary reburn. Pretty cool, huh?

If you place your Breeo order any time prior to 12pm EST, you can expect it to ship that very same day or the next, at the latest. Once your new smokeless fire pit ships, it can take anywhere from 2-8 business days to get to you, depending upon where you are located in relation to their warehouse. Ours only took 5 business days from the day we ordered it, and we are on the opposite coast. So I was pretty pleased with that processing and shipping time.

Breeo offers free returns on products you aren’t happy with, for any reason, within 30 days of product arrival. This doesn’t include the Luxeve or X Series 30 fire pits, however. In order to receive a full refund, your products must be unused and in their original condition. Once they receive your returned item and it’s approved for a refund, you can expect to see your original payment method credited within 3-7 business days.

If you run across any issues with your fire pit that may be a manufacturing issue, Breeo has a lifetime warranty to cover that. This can include weld issues, as well. They also guarantee that your fire pit will not rust through or burn through within 5 years. If it does, they will offer a credit or replacement product. In either case, you’ll need to reach out to them with any and all information relating to the damage and associated photos in order to begin a claim.

Yes, Breeo does offer a financing option through their partnership with Bread. This company has a quick and easy application directly on the Breeo website. They offer interest rates ranging between 5.99% – 29.99% for terms of 3, 6 or 12 months. And they don’t have any prepayment penalties either. So this may be a good option for consumers who really want to dive into the world of wood fired grilling but are having a difficult time making the numbers work.

The brand suggests you place it far enough away from any structure that may be able to catch fire. Approximately 10-20’ minimum is a good start. They say the best things to sit underneath their fire pits are gravel, rocks, or dirt, but never wood. Therefore, you should never set your fire pit on a deck or porch that is made of wood or combustible materials.

Breeo recommends always letting the fire burn out on its own, rather than putting it out. They say if you do have to walk away before it’s fully burned out, then please use a spark screen to prevent sparks from flying out and causing an external fire.

The brand asks that you never use your lid to put out the fire because this can cause a creosote buildup that can drip onto the surface the fire pit is sitting on. Also, never use water because this can cause ash at the bottom of your fire pit to clog up the X Airflow system and ultimately damage the fire pit.


Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit Summary

Overall, my experience with the Breeo smokeless fire pit has been nothing short of fantastic. While I am obviously not the greatest grill master in the world yet, working with a wood fire grill is bound to increase my skills exponentially. I absolutely love the look and feel of their fire pits and have received nothing but positive feedback on them from friends and family.breeo- grill

They make grilling and spending time outdoors with my loved ones even more pleasurable. While their price points may be a bit higher than other smokeless fire pits, there is something to be said for their integrity and the quality of their products. I just can’t say enough good things about Breeo and think they are definitely worth a shot.