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Last Updated: July 2021

Brooklinen Review: The Internet’s Favorite Sheets?

Brooklinen was founded with the goal of crafting top-quality home essential products at a fair price. Let’s face it–creating your ideal home environment through Pinterest boards is much easier than actually buying the items and perfectly placing them around your home. Who knew sheets, kitchen items, and decor added up to so much? 

Brooklinen is dubbed as “the internet’s favorite sheets.” With 260,000 followers on Instagram, they have a great grasp of their audience. The company has been featured in Good Housekeeping, Business Insider, and other publications. Are the 80,000 five-star reviews hyping them up or are they worth it?

Let’s find out.


Classic Core Sheet Set

Make your whole bed feel like the cool side of the pillow with our signature long-staple cotton percale sheets. 

Featured Products: Classic Percale Sheets and Luxe Sateen Sheets

Price for Classic Core Sheet Set: From $109 (Twin) to $179 (California King)

Save: Currently 15% off, from $92.65 for the Twin set to $152.15 for the California King set.


The Classic Percale Sheets Classic Core Sheet Set is a more budget-friendly yet luxurious sheet set made to last for years. They are made out of 100% long staple cotton, with OEKO-TEX certification for chemical safety. There are “long” and “short” labels on the sheets which will cut out the annoying spectacle of determining which side goes where.

And as a bonus, the King and California King sets come with King sized pillowcases. The sheets boast a 270 thread count and are perfect for those who run hot in their sleep due to their cooling nature. 

Price for Luxe Core Sheet Set: From $135 (Twin) to $195 (California King)

Save: Currently 15% off, from $114.75 for the Twin set to $165.75 for the California King set.


If you’re looking for an upgrade, then the Luxe Sateen Core Sheet set may be a good option for you. It has a 480 thread count compared to the 270 of the Classic Percale with a slightly luminous finish.

It is also stitched with 100% long staple cotton, and the Core Sheet Set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. They are adored so much that Good Housekeeping rated them as the “Best Overall Sheets to Buy in 2019,” an impressive feat.

Overall Brooklinen Ratings: Classic Percale Sheets and Luxe Sateen Sheets

We review based on several factors in order to determine if a product is one that we would recommend because it’s a great fit. Here’s how we rate Brooklinen’s Classic Percale Sheets and Luxe Sateen Sheets:

Ratings Breakdown


Although not necessarily cheap, Brooklinen sheets are made for an audience that enjoys a quality product that won’t break the bank. We took a close look to assess any quality concerns and found none: the fabric weave is excellent, the stitching and corners are tight, and there were no loose threads on both sheet sets. They also come with an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification.


In terms of performance and quality, both sets of sheets do exactly what they set out to do. They are soft, well built, and use quality materials. Even so, they aren’t inexpensive, but Brooklinen appears to know their target audience well, as they have a fairly long line of products.

customer experience

Both sets of Brooklinen sheets lived up to their name, as they were soft upon unboxing, breathe well, and look great. Both sets tick all of the boxes for a great set and come in a variety of colors and styles. The sheets are made to last and to not wear and tear or crumble after a few washes.


Brooklinen is a brand that does everything that’s expected of an online sheet and home goods brand to do. They offer a one year warranty, make good products, and appear to support their products well. Quality sheets aren’t usually an item that a brand can take to the next level, but there are no significant blemishes on Brooklinen’s record.

Who is Brooklinen?

Brooklinen was founded by husband and wife Rich and Vicki Fulop, after a trip to Vegas left them speechless. They laid in the luxury sheets, fascinated by the softness and quality they possessed. Their jaws dropped when they saw they were priced at $800.

They wondered if they could purchase them at a lower price straight from the manufacturer, but hit a strange dead end. Rich dove deep into the abyss of Reddit, and stumbled upon a community that was looking for the same thing: luxurious, affordable sheets. Brooklinen Founders

While Vicki officially quit law school and Rich was in business school, they developed Brooklinen, modeled after the idea that quality sheets need not cost an arm and a leg. They researched from the ground up, building their business while being rejected by investor after investor. Feeling they were out of options, they began a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $50,000.

Within thirty days, they had far surpassed their goal at $237,000. 

Brooklinen began as one sheet set, but once they gained traction and boomed with rave reviews, they were able to expand to robes, towels, pillows, comforters, and loungewear. The small linen brand from Brooklyn is now synonymous with affordable luxury sheets; what sounds like an oxymoron but has been made a reality by the power couple. booklinen locations

Outside of their main goal of creating awesome and quality products, Brooklinen aims to manufacture responsibly and tries their best to price their products at reasonable prices. After all, the multimillion dollar company launched from Kickstarter, so it’s only appropriate they remain loyal to the people who initially supported them.


  • Soft right out of the box
  • High quality and durable
  • Reasonable thread count that reflects quality and softness, without being a marketing gimmick
  • Excellent woven quality. No discernible imperfections, loose threads, etc.
  • Long and short labels on the fitted sheet so you know what side goes where
  • 100% cotton


  • Appears to be designed for multiple mattress thickness, so a thinner mattress will have more extra fabric that needs to be tucked in
  • Wrinkles out of the wash, so will need to be ironed if you want a pristine look

Brooklinen Classic Percale Sheets and Luxe Sateen Sheets Review

Overall, both the Classic Percale Sheets and Luxe Sateen Sheets are great. They are soft, durable, good quality, and scored nearly the same in terms of value, performance, and quality. 

The Classic Percale Sheets are one of Brooklinen’s best sellers, and for good reason. The long staple cotton is smooth and cool, and allows for a great night’s sleep.Brooklinen Classic Sheets

It’s the brand’s baby, being the first product they created and tested that proved it’s possible to have luxury sheets without the big price tag. Originally designed to give the feel of staying at a hotel, the nearly 14,000 reviews on their website alone speak volumes to how consumers feel about the product.

In the same vein, the Luxe Sateen Sheets are also highly rated with a near-cult following with over 18,000 reviews. They are Brooklinen’s most popular product, featuring their buttery soft weave and a slightly luminous finish.Brooklinen Luxe Sheets

Although there’s no doubt they are a great set, there is not much of a difference between the two. The difference in thread count is almost double, but if the average consumer is told to point out the more luxurious set they may not be able to.

That doesn’t take away from their quality though, but it’s an important note to take for a consumer that isn’t interested in spending more money on their sheets. 

There are several factors that led to our positive experience with the sheet sets, including:

  • The softness straight from the box
  • The quality of the sheets
  • The labels indicating the short and long sides of the sheets
  • The variety in styles

It’s great that Brooklinen has built a brand that creates great sheets without having to inflate their products with artificially high thread counts. Thread count can be a factor in purchasing sheets, but for Brooklinen the proof is in the feel of the sheets themselves, not the thread count. The fact that Brooklinen doesn’t try to deceive their customers with inflated thread count numbers speaks of their character. 

How Do the Classic Percale Sheets and Luxe Sateen Sheets Fare?

Both sets are durable, made well, and aren’t priced like luxury sheets. When it comes to high quality cotton sheet sets, each set is likely to feel similar to the next. We actually tested these sheets at the same time as Boll & Branch, another luxury sheet brand but with a higher price point. Brooklinen shared numerous similarities to the higher-end brand but with a lower price. bed sheet bleed test
The sheets were also tested for bleeding colors, passing with flying colors. A wet paper towel was placed on a countertop and pressed with a rolling pin into the pillowcase. In our tests there was zero color bleed. This gives us a great level of confidence with respect to build quality, washing the sheets, and overall longevity.

Are They Good Quality?

Both the Classic Percale Sheets and Luxe Sateen Sheets passed our tests for weave, fabric quality, bleeding colors, and more. Considering Brooklinen’s thread counts, they are still soft sheets that perform well. testing booklinen sheets

The long and short labels on the fitted sheets were an unexpected but nice touch. Brooklinen’s sheets did everything as expected from a brand that focuses on bedsheets. They offer a one year warranty and make a wide variety of products that we enjoyed.

Are Brooklinen Sheets Worth It?

Brooklinen sheets are designed with the concept that luxury doesn’t necessarily have to be inaccessible. There’s a variety of colors and styles for each product, and their minimalistic approach saves them money from a manufacturing perspective which allows them to keep their prices realistic. Sheet Labels Sides
Even after washes and use, the sheets held up well and the colors remained. If you are looking for a sheet set that’s crisp, soft, and affordable without sacrificing quality, then Brooklinen sheets are a great option. And should you decide to venture out of bedding, they offer several home goods products to spruce up your home.

Brooklinen Products We Didn’t Review

Brooklinen has expanded from offering just one set of sheets to having several categories of home goods. It’s quite easy to get lost on their website since it’s beautifully designed and has a quiz, and three styles of rooms to shop from, depending on if you prefer a relaxed industrial, modern glam, or earthy minimalist look. 

Their website serves as some great inspiration for your bedroom and home, but some of the items are a bit overpriced and can be found elsewhere.  Others, like the throw blankets made out of cashmere or wool, are more reasonably priced.Modern Home and Decor

According to their website, their categories are as follows and include several subcategories:

How Do You Care for Brooklinen Sheets?

For sheets on the luxurious end of the spectrum, Brooklinen sheets are fairly easy to care for. Their website has a small section with each product description that briefly details how to care for Brooklinen sheets. All you need to do is wash them with like colors, tumble dry low, and iron if needed with the iron set to low as to not damage the material.Brooklinen Sheet Tags

Like most sheet sets, they do need to be washed prior to first use. After that the care process is simple. Other items like the Lightweight Summer Quilt require a different level of care, such as line drying and washing on a cool or warm cycle.


Lightweight Quilt Set


Frequently Asked Questions

What is their return/exchange policy?

Brooklinen’s return and exchange policy is very straightforward and made easy to navigate. You can find the Returns & Exchanges page at the bottom of any page of their site. They also have a snippet explaining their returns policy on each product page.

The majority of items like the Classic Percale and Luxe Sateen sheet sets come with a generous 365 day warranty and can be returned within that time frame as well. Brooklinen even pays for the shipping should you decide that the product isn’t the right fit for you. 

What’s the difference between the classic and luxury sets? 

At first glance, the Classic Percale Sheets and the Luxe Sateen Sheets may look about the same, but there are details to differentiate them. First, the Luxe Sateen Sheets have a slightly luminous finish which gives them a more luxurious feel to bed sheets

The thread counts are different, 270 for the Classic Percale and 480 on the Luxe Sateen. Both sets are available in several colors and styles, including basic colors such as graphite, and rose, to fun patterns such as Terracotta Oxford stripe and wildflower. 

The weave between the sets is what sets them apart, and may come down to preference: while the Classic Percale Sheets offer hotel comfort luxury, the Luxury Sateen Sheets elevate your sheet game to the next level without paying a steep price.

Modern Comfortable Bed Sheets

Brooklinen Summary

There’s no doubt that Brooklinen deserves their success. Born out of a somewhat innocent question of, “Why can’t luxury sheets be made at an affordable price?”, Brooklinen has sought out and achieved their goal of creating high-quality, accessible products that are affordable and leave consumers coming back for more.

This has allowed the brand to branch out into other home good products, which will likely expand even more.

The brand knows their target audience well and has created a community that supports them back with their overwhelming and positive reviews. At this point, Brooklinen doesn’t need to advertise all over their hometown of New York–their consumers speak for them. 

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