Byte Impression Kit For Aligners
Last Updated: October 2021

Byte Review: The 3-Step Teeth Aligning Solution

Testing on the aligners is still ongoing. A four-week update is available down below.

Byte Impression Kit

Byte Impressions Kit

‍‍Shipped straight to you. With easy instructions, it only takes a few minutes. Free return shipping.

‍We use your impressions to design a personalized treatment plan overseen by a licensed dentist or orthodontist.

‍We help you remotely track your progress throughout your treatment.

Featured Product: Byte Impressions Kit

Price: $95

The Byte Impressions Kit is the first step in the Byte program to see if their invisible aligners are the right fit for you. The kit comes with enough mold materials to take 4 molds of your mouth. This helps Byte determine if you are a good candidate for their program and how best to create your individual aligners.

Each kit also comes with molding trays, gloves, and a cheek stretcher.

Byte Impressions Kit Box

Ratings Breakdown


The molding putty, trays, and stretchers all feel high quality. However, since the company lacks transparency regarding any materials/ingredients used and/or where they are made, this can’t effectively be determined.


The impressions kit is well worth the value as opposed to going to the dentist/orthodontist to get the same process done. Much more cost efficient and so much easier.

customer experience

The Byte Aligners kit comes with everything needed to create good impressions and is exceptionally easy to use.


The brand works hard to make the inaccessible accessible through competitive pricing and some philanthropic avenues.

Who is Byte?

Byte was founded in 2017 by Scott Cohen and Blake Johnson. However, it took them 2 years to actually launch their idea for more cost efficient invisible teeth straighteners. The pair each had a background in entrepreneurship, so starting a company together wasn’t a stretch.Byte Team 

The Byte platform is based on bringing the smile their customers want to them at a more affordable rate. The company can offer this by using teledentistry and using a wide nationwide network of dentists and orthodontists. 

The brand also makes an attempt to give back through their philanthropy, ByteCares. They say their goal is to help bring smiles to at least 10,000 by 2022 who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

It appears they have also partnered with some other companies in the Los Angeles area to help bring smiles and better oral care to those in need. However, when we tried to check out their website, there was a continual issue with it loading so we couldn’t verify any of this information first hand.


  • Easy set up
  • Plenty of helpful online videos to walk you through the process
  • Box gets reused to ship molds back
  • Comes with pre-addressed return label
  • Free shipping


  • Molding trays are one size fits all, so they may be too big for some mouths
  • Could use more direction on the cards in the box as to when to watch certain helpful videos
  • Lack of transparency regarding materials used and where their products are made

Byte Impressions Kit Application & Performance

When I first heard about Byte, I thought the idea of it was intriguing. 

When I first opened the kit, I found a set of directions on top of everything else. It only made sense to read those first. I then watched one of the recommended Byte videos and then read the directions again to make sure I was crystal clear on the process. Byte-Impressions-Kit-Open-BoxThe kit includes 4 trays and putty for 4 impression molds. 

The putty comes in a set of red and white. Each putty is individually portioned and wrapped in their own cups. The process for creating the impression mold is simple and fairly straightforward. 

Byte Impression Kit Instructions

First make sure to floss and brush your teeth thoroughly prior to anything else. Then combine the putty and mix it like taffy. The putty starts to harden rapidly, so you have to move quickly.

Next, roll the putty into a cylinder and place it into the tray. 


Then press your teeth into the tray to make the impression. You should hold the mold in your mouth for 3 minutes and 30 seconds to get a complete impression of your teeth.

This process will be repeated a total of 4 times. Twice on the upper and twice on the lower. I also found that using a little lip balm made it a smoother process for me. 


Initially, I was a bit concerned that the molds might take off my crowns. The Byte Impressions Kit set my mind at ease the first time I tried it in that regard.

The mold felt extremely strong and secure but didn’t take off any of my existing dental work.


After I was done with all 4 impressions, I easily packaged them up in the box they came in.

Byte sent a pre-addressed return label, which made this part of the process even easier. 

Byte Mouth Stretcher

After that, I just had to use the mouth stretcher to get some good pictures of my teeth as a whole.

This was the funniest part of the whole process for me because I looked so silly doing it. And felt even sillier. However, it didn’t hurt and was quickly done.

The entire process only took me about 45 minutes. But, I’m sure it would go faster for someone who has gone through this process at least once before.

I was also a bit concerned about the trays being too big. And in this regard it was actually a little bit of an issue. It appears they only send one size fits all molds. So for those of us with smaller mouths, it will be a bit more uncomfortable and take a bit more time.

Overall, the impressions process was quick, easy, and not messy. I can’t say how the actual invisible aligners feel because I haven’t received them yet. But this part of the process I can highly recommend.

Four Week Aligners Update!

Receiving the Byte retainers was very exciting! I went through all the boxes it came with and read through the booklet. The entire kit is well organized and the booklet is very helpful. I recommend reading over the provided information at least twice to really understand everything. 

I was so excited to use them I actually put them in right away during the day only to later realize that they inform you to put them in at night -and it’s better to change to the next retainers at night too. I really like that the retainer baggies are numbered and as you move along the process you can also double check the retainer you’re on by looking at the printed numbers on the retainers themselves. 

So far, it’s been easy to just pop them in and wear them. I am a snacker so I have had to adjust my snacking times to make sure I’m wearing my retainers more often throughout the day. I just make sure to carry the case around with me so I can take them out on short notice. The case is a bit difficult to open, the mirror inside is a nice touch, and the file is very handy for any bothersome edges. 

I can’t wait for the results! I can already feel a change in my teeth alignment and I’m only on the 4th retainer set! 


  • Everything is very organized and it’s easy to follow along.
  • The notes with each retainer set are a nice touch. It’s like being cheered-on through this change.
  • The retainers are so thin that some people didn’t know that I was wearing them.
  • It’s nice that they send a file because I have had to use it for some of the edges of the retainers that bothered my tongue.


  • The retainer case is not easy to open. Even though it’s a fun touch that the retainer is a “B” shape, I think it hinders how it opens. There have been times that I felt the retainers were going to fly out when I was trying to open the case.
  • I could have used more instructions on with the extraction tool.

Are the Byte Aligners a Quality Product?

Even though Byte offers a product that is making great strides to help make dental care more accessible, they are lacking in the transparency department. They say their aligners are made of BPA-free medical grade polymer film. But that’s as much information as the brand gives us.

Unfortunately, this type of material can mean a lot of different things and they don’t clarify.

And depending upon what the material is actually made of, and where, there can potentially be some significant long term health effects. Byte also doesn’t disclose who manufactures their products or where they are manufactured. Nor do they list any quality certificates for the materials, end product, or manufacturing facilities. 

Byte-Impressions-Kit-MessThis lack of transparency leaves a lot to be desired for informed consumers like myself. They also claim they are a BBB Accredited business. However, upon checking their BBB profile, it appears they are not actually accredited, but simply have a BBB profile. While their profile does have a 4.75 star rating, they also have some fairly significant complaints.

The one bright spot is that they partner with the American TeleDentistry Association. However, that doesn’t tell us anything about the actual quality of the products they are producing.

Overall, their quality is the most suspect part of the whole company and gives me quite a bit of pause.

Byte Impression Kit Molds

Are the Byte Aligners Worth It?

If you’ve been looking for a more cost effective invisible aligner option, then Byte may just be worth it. They are a lot more competitive in pricing than others on the market. But, they lack transparency with regard to the actual materials they use and where the products are made. So this may be a deal breaker for some potential customers.

However, whether or not Byte aligners are worth it to you might come down to which of their options you choose to go with. 

If you choose to go with their standard All-Day Plan, you’ll be wearing the aligners for 22 hours a day for 3-4 months. Plus, you’ll need to use their patented HyperByte for 5 minutes a day on top of that. Invisible Aligners From Byte

The cost for this will vary depending upon whether or not you want to make one lump sum payment of $1895 Or you can pay $83 per month for 29 months to make things more manageable from a financial perspective.

However, with the latter option you will be paying a 7.76% interest rate with a $349 down payment. This means the total you’ll be paying will end up being $2763.

The other plan they have is the At-Night Plan. This plan is only approved for those potential clients who are considered mild. If you go with this one, you’ll be wearing the aligners for 10 hours per day at night only. And you’ll need to use the HyperByte for 10 minutes a day on top of that for a total of 5-6 months. At-Night-Aligners

The price for this plan runs $2295 if you choose to pay one lump sum. If you choose to go the payment plan option instead, the plan runs $99 per month for 29 months. This one has the same interest rate plus a down payment of $449, which makes the grand total you’d pay $3336.

With either plan option, the lump sum payment is definitely the way to go in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Byte Aligners Coupons & Discounts

At the time of this review they are offering a discount on all impressions kits which reduces them from $95 to $19.95. 

The promo code BYTE21 does this along with giving you an extra $100 off of your invisible aligners.

They also give a military discount of $150 off of their invisible aligners if you’re a current active member of the military.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve been considering the possibility of straightening your teeth, there are bound to be many questions before you jump in and choose a product. Therefore, we wanted to answer as many of the most common questions about Byte and invisible aligners as we could to help you make the best choice for you.

How long does Byte take to ship?

The Byte Impressions Kit usually only takes between 2-5 business days to get to you. However, the actual aligners will take a lot longer. How long they take can depend upon a few factors:

  • How long it takes you to send back your impressions kit
  • When you fill out your account center info
  • When you upload your photos
  • If the dentists/orthodontists have any issues with your impressions kit
  • Where you live

Ultimately, however, they state the aligners should be to you within 4-6 weeks after sending back your impressions kit.

What is the Byte return policy?

Byte states that they do not accept returns on any product once an order has been placed. However, if you receive a damaged product, they ask that you please contact the Byte customer support so that they can replace the item.

Does Byte offer a warranty?

Yes, they do offer their Byte for Life Guarantee warranty. The warranty states that they will cover the costs of a new impressions kit and aligners should your teeth move out of alignment at any time during your life. However, there are a lot of things that can void the warranty, which makes it a bit difficult to use. 

These things include:

  • Not wearing your retainer regularly
  • Not replacing your retainer every 6 months to a year
  • Must retain proof of retainer purchases
  • If you purchase a retainer from another source outside of Byte, you must send them proof of your retainer purchase within 45 days in order for it to be considered valid
  • You must show proof that your treatment plan and retainer were used according to their instructions (although I’m not exactly sure how one is supposed to do this effectively)

Ultimately, they have an awful lot of rules and regulations surrounding their lifetime warranty. And this leads me to believe it would be extremely difficult to actually get them to back it up, if the need should arise.

Will insurance cover Byte?

Byte itself doesn’t take insurance. But, they can give you the forms and information you need to file your claim. You would need to reach out to your insurance company first to find out whether or not they cover orthodontics to see what, if anything might be covered.

What type of mouth corrections can Byte handle?

The initial type of mouth correction that most consumers are looking for with Byte is teeth straightening. However, their product can also handle (and is assessed for by their network or orthodontists and dentists):

  • Proportional teeth in relation to your mouth and face
  • Fixing crowded teeth
  • Closing teeth gaps
  • Straightening the teeth in relation to the jaw line
How Long Impression Kit

Byte Aligners Summary

Overall, the experience with the Byte Impressions Kit was a good one. The kit was easy to use, not messy, and really quick to implement and send back. If I don’t end up being a good candidate, they will refund the money I spent on the kit also, so that’s a nice bonus. 

However, there are quite a few things about this company that are lacking with regard to transparency. I’d like to have more clarity about these issues before I would really be comfortable wearing their products in my mouth for any length of time. 

But the results they tout seem to speak for themselves, and the price point is extremely reasonable. So, if you’re in the market for a lower cost teeth straightening option, I would suggest giving Byte a try.

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