Last Updated: December 2021

Deux Cookie Dough Review: The First Functional Plant-Based Cookie Doughs

Featured Product: Best Sellers Pack

Deux-OG-Variety-PackPrice: $55

The Best Sellers Pack includes 1 jar of Chocolate Chip, 1 jar of Brownie Batter, 1 jar of Pumpkin Spice, and 1 jar of our new Birthday Cake flavor. Ingredients and nutritional information vary per flavor. Please see each flavor for ingredients. 12 servings per jar.


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Deux uses mostly organic ingredients in all of their products and are manufactured in the United States. Since their ingredient list is fairly small, it’s easier for them to source higher quality ingredients.


This is the first functionally enhanced healthier option of cookie dough in the world. The fact that they also taste phenomenal and have a multitude of added health benefits only enhances their value.

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The cookie doughs can be served in a multitude of ways for extremely diverse enjoyment and perform fantastically well on all fronts.


The brand is creating a more health conscious way to eat dessert and boost health at the same time.

Who Is Deux?

Deux Foods was launched in 2020 as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Deux realized that so many people were now taking a ton of supplements to keep their immune system functioning as well as possible. All the while still indulging in a lot of comfort food; themselves included. So, the idea struck that they should combine the two things and make a healthier sweet treat. Deux-About-Us

With the advent of their product line, they wanted it to also be as inclusive as possible. Which meant that they would have to make their products gluten free, plant-based, and vegan. They partnered with a naturopathic doctor to help them come up with the best ways to enhance each cookie dough option for maximum health effects. And the result of all of this work is their current cookie dough line.

While the pair has mentioned that they want the product line to reflect activism and social responsibility, this is one area that we haven’t seen much action from them yet. But, this company is just barely 1 year old and it takes some time to build up to that. Our hope is that we will see more along these lines from them in the near future, which would definitely set the bar astronomically high for any potential competitors.


  • Plant-Based
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Added health benefits
  • Absolutely delicious
  • Mostly organic
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with a really cool gold spoon


  • A higher cost dessert option
  • No discounted bundle pricing

Deux Cookie Dough Performance

I’m someone who has a little bit of a sweet tooth by nature. But, I know that too much sugar isn’t great for my overall health. So, I’m constantly on the hunt for newer, healthier options for dessert. If that’s even a thing. And then I heard about Deux Foods and their gluten free, plant-based, vegan cookie doughs with added health benefits. Of course, I had to try these out as soon as possible. Deux-Cookie-Dough-Variety

When they first arrived, I tried some of these products on my own first. What I noticed (after the gold spoon they came with!) is that no matter which one I ate, I never had a sugar rush or crash. Which I’ve had before with other sweet treats, so this was a nice surprise. 

However, I can’t say that I experienced any life changing increase in immune function or restfulness. At least not that I can tell yet. But, I just trust that I was getting the benefit of better sleep and a stronger immune system by substituting these sweet treats in for my regular go-to options.

To fully test these products (other than just myself) we had a tasting party with pretzels and fruit.Deux-Chocolate-Spread

We laid out all of the flavors we received, as well as the Deux Drip Hazelnut Spread. The cookie dough flavors we had everyone try included:

Everyone at the tasting party got to try all of the flavors and then took a survey. While different people had different preferences, nobody had anything negative to say about any of the products. In fact, everyone loved them so much that we didn’t have anything left at the end of the night.Deux-Cookie-Dough-Chocolate-Chip-Taste

And all of the participants liked how diverse the products were. Depending upon your mood and preferences, these can be scooped with pretzels, spooned into a bowl, eaten directly out of the jar, or baked. 

Although, I can tell you that I couldn’t quite get the baked cookies to look like they did on their website. But that could easily have been a user error on my end. Either way, they were just as delicious baked as they were raw, so no complaints. And since I ate all of the sample cookies before we could get them photographed, you’ll just have to take my word for it.Deux-Cookie-Dough-Chocolate-Chip

Out of all of the products we tried, My personal favorite was the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I would eat it after meals or in the middle of the day with a spoon directly from the jar. In case you can’t tell, I obviously have a problem. 

The cashew, zinc, and elderberry all mix together beautifully and make for a mouth-watering good treat. I simply can’t say enough good things about these products and can’t wait to try their other flavors.

Is Deux Cookie Dough Good Quality?

All of the Deux cookie dough options are made with mostly organic ingredients. Which is fantastic to see. They also have a much shorter ingredient list than any other cookie dough option on the market.

And when there’s a shorter ingredient list to work with, it’s much easier to source better quality ingredients, and still not be priced out of the market. Which is what it looks like they’ve done with their products.Deux-Chocolate-Spread-Fruit

The fact that they use nut butters in their cookie doughs to help bring healthy fats and fibers to their products is extremely helpful with regard to sugar uptake. Plus, they are using much cleaner versions of sugar in their products, such as coconut sugar and maple syrup.

By combining these two aspects, they have already created a higher quality cookie dough than any I’ve seen on the market today.

Deux has also added some health boosting aspects to every product they carry. Currently, their product line is boosted with the following functional plant-based options:

Adding these things to their product line certainly offers a higher quality option than any other cookie dough on the market. And I love that they manufacture all of their products in Nebraska.Deux-Cookie-Dough-Brownie-Batter

However, the brand doesn’t state where they source all of their raw ingredients from, nor do they state which quality control measures they have in place. Although, I reached out to them to ask these questions and was told that they do have quality control in place, but they didn’t elaborate any further as to what that means. 

All in all, I’m confident that this brand is creating higher quality products and love what they’re doing. It would just be great to see a bit more information about the sourcing and quality controls to shoot confidence through the roof.

Is Deux Cookie Dough Worth It?

If you’re a cookie dough lover, but want to add some health benefits to your guilty pleasure, then Deux may just be it. While these cookie dough options are a bit on the more expensive guilty pleasure side, they can be totally worth it. But probably in moderation.Deux-Chocolate-Spread-Dippables2

Even though Deux cookie dough and dip have many added health benefits, they are still a sweet treat. And all sweet treats should be eaten in moderation in order to actually be considered a treat. This fact alone, helps to offset the initial price tag since you shouldn’t be eating them all the time. 

As a dessert option, I think these are a wonderful idea. The enhanced health benefits alone are well worth the added cost, in my opinion. But the flavors are pretty darn amazing, so that doesn’t hurt either!


Deux sends their products out each week Monday through Wednesday. So if you place your order after noon EST on Wednesday, your order will ship out the following Monday (as long as it’s not a holiday). Their shipping speed is similar to everyone else’s in that it will typically take between 3-5 days to get to you. This will all come down to where you live in relation to their shipping facility and what’s happening with shipping carriers at the time.

During the hottest months, Deux has to add extra insulation to keep their products from going bad in transit. Due to this, they add on an extra summer shipping fee until the weather cools down enough. Generally, this fee is gone by the end of September. But it will all depend upon the year and where you live in the country.

No, they are not completely organic. Although, most of the ingredients listed in each product are organic. So, while not all of the ingredient list is organic, they are pretty darn close. The brand says they only use simple, high-quality ingredients. But if everything they sourced was entirely organic that the price point would be too high for the market.

The brand says you should eat their products however you would normally eat cookie dough. Deux prefers to eat theirs straight out of the jar throughout the day with a spoon. They also like to keep it refrigerated for a slightly different texture. But they say if you want to bake their cookie doughs into cookies, you can certainly do that also. All you have to do is:

Roll a bit of dough into a ball
Flatten it with your hand, rolling pin, spoon, fork, or whatever you happen to have at your disposal
Bake at 350 degrees for 7-8 minutes, depending upon how gooey you like your cookies

The cookie doughs work best when refrigerated as soon as you get them. Refrigerating them can help them last easily twice as long, if not more. If you really want to stretch out your Deux products, then you can store them in the freezer for up to 6 months. But the brand recommends thawing them completely in the refrigerator before eating them for the best experience.


Deux Cookie Dough Summary

Ultimately, the Deux Foods cookie doughs and hazelnut dip are going to leave you and your taste buds satisfied.Deux-Cookie-Dough-Chocolate-Chip-Taste2

All of the added health benefits the brand has added to each option, only makes them that more desirable to me. Since I’m going to go for a sweet treat every now and then anyway, I’d like for them to have some health boosting properties also. Who wouldn’t?

For a fairly new company, I feel that they’ve created a great jumping off point for a lot of other products to come. And, as a consumer, I can’t wait to see what they come out with next. My gold spoon and I will be waiting to try out new flavors as soon as they get released.