Last Updated: December 2021

Disco Skincare Review: We Test Disco's Eye Stick & Skincare Line

disco basics set

Basics Set

Disco’s skincare line for men smells and feels great, built with a specialized pH balance for male skin. The Vegan, all natural ingredients are a plus, as is the 3 month supply. Some sets and specific products are pricey, as such they aren’t much for casual use. That said, the quality of the formulations is clear.


The Bottom Line: Why We Love Disco’s Men’s Skincare

It’s not every day you find a men’s skincare line boasting sustainable ingredients that are vegan, all-natural, and cruelty-free, but when you do you tend to pay attention. Scientifically designed for guys skin, Disco’s plant-based regimen combat the different pH balance of male skin with a plethora of excellent products with a classy design, easy use, a 3-month supply, and numerous skincare ‘set’ options making it easier on your wallet. All this while still being extremely gentle on your skin! Trust us: This is a party you don’t want to be late to.


  • 3-Month supply
  • Smells and feels great
  • Built for unique pH balance of male skin
  • Numerous skin set options for various skin types
  • Numerous single-item options
  • Vegan, all-natural, cruelty-free
  • 30-Day return/ refund policy


  • Some sets can be pricey
  • Not suitable for those seeking casual-use products (these are high-quality, regimen building products)
  • Free shipping, but only for purchases of $40 and up

Disco Body Set & Regimen Set: Key Features

Body Set – $28

Body Wash ($20 individually)

Deodorant ($12 individually)

No Free Shipping

Regimen Set – $116

Face Cleanser Stick ($16 individually)

Face Scrub ($22 individually)

Face Mask ($34 individually)

Face Moisturizer ($24 individually)

Eye Stick ($32 individually)

Free Shipping

About Disco

Disco’s range of all-natural, cruelty-free, top-quality male-focused cleansing sticks, scrubs, purifying masks is taking the guesswork out of men’s skincare — for good.

Ratings Breakdown


Easy to use, comfortable, amount of product lasts for 3 months, gentle, repairs/rejuvenates skin


Affordable, worth the money, multiple sets, single-item options

customer experience

Ease of purchase, unboxing experience, attentive customer service, subscription service options


Vegan & cruelty free, sustainability, brand story and values, environmental impact


3-month supply, possible free shipping, re-order discounts, new customer discount

Unboxing Disco

After opening the white, durable cardboard box, I saw that each item came in their own respective, Disco-branded, grey packaging.

Each box has a small notecard with directions and order of use, while each item comes with its own directions and ingredient information — that also lists all of the artificial, chemical, and potentially harmful additives that are NOT in Disco’s skincare products. Which, to be honest, is quite nice.

But the real question is: Does Disco skincare work?

The Disco Skin Regimen Set

It’s fairly simple to see that the Skin Regimen set is the bread and butter of the Disco brand. The set consists of Disco’s Face Cleanser Stick, Face Scrub, Face Mask, Face Moisturizer, and Eye Stick — which are all excellent products to use and explore when taking those initial steps into a full skincare routine.


You could get the items separately (and if you choose to, the Moisturizer and Eye Stick are my top picks and personal favorites) but I advise that you take the plunge. It’s $116 for 5 items with three months worth of product ($92.80 if bought as a subscription order) — and a regimen that actually works. (It also makes a great gift!)

Disco’s Face Cleanser Stick

The Face Cleanser Stick  is charcoal based and creates a clean canvas for the beginning of your skincare routine — and it feels great!

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Disco’s Face Scrub

The Face Scrub (composed of Papaya and Apricot Oil) gives your skin a gentle exfoliation, is used sparingly (2-3x a week), and is a great way to prep your skin before you shave by clearing out pores.

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Disco’s Face Mask

The Face Mask (also used sparingly, 1-2x a week) removes dead skin with Bentonite Clay and Charcoal, leaving you feeling cleansed and impurity-free in just 20 minutes. Looking like a zombie has never been more worth it!

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Personal Faves

But my favorites are these final two: The Face Moisturizer and the Eye Stick! Both are designed to be used at the end of your skincare routine.

Disco’s Moisturizer

Disco’s Face Moisturizer left my face glowing day and night, and I could definitely see and feel less dry skin closer to the end of the week. I almost didn’t want to touch my face. Almost.

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Disco’s Eye Stick

The Eye Stick visibly reduced puffiness underneath my eyes giving a younger, healthy glow. I really love this whole set!

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The Disco Body Set

Disco’s Body Wash and Deodorant are the two items that make up this set. If you think that’s lacking, you’d be wrong. Both products are made with a eucalyptus base and will leave you smelling clean and refreshed after the very first use. After a week of showering and bathing and including each item into my bathroom routine, I could not only smell the difference, but I could see that my skin began to produce a natural, healthy shine after the first few days (even near my razor bumps!).

Disco advises that the body should adjust to the natural deodorant within 2-3 weeks, but for me, it happened closer towards the end of my first week (and that’s saying something!). Also, while both items are quite affordable separately, I definitely recommend investing in the full set. For $28 dollars, the set does come in under Disco’s $40 free shipping threshold, so maybe pair it with something else? Like the Eye Stick perhaps? (wink wink, nudge nudge)

The Final Word: Disco Men’s Skincare Line

If you’re a guy looking to take charge of your skin, then look no further. Disco promises both all-natural ingredients and lasting, noticeable skincare results. To put it simply, this stuff really works.

If you’re worried about your dry skin, oily skin, dead skin, acne, blemishes, or even those smelly armpits: This brand has you covered! With affordable options for every item and multiple variety sets, Disco has raised the bar, combining science and nature to give you healthy, confident, glowing and naturally great skin (pun intended.)

Let’s Disco? Yes! Yes, please!

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