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Dorai Bath Mat Review: A Bacteria-Free Alternative

Doari Bath Stone

Bath Stone

This chic, modern bath mat, dries instantly under your feet! Created with diatomaceous earth, the ceramic-like material feels like natural stone. Unlike traditional bath mats that absorb moisture and generate bacteria, Dorai’s Bath Stone™ mat is designed to instantly remove water, helping prevent mold.

Featured Product: Doari’s Bath Stone


Price: $90

The Dorai Home Bath Stone dries instantly, unlike other bath mats on the market. It’s made of diatomaceous earth, or algae, for better absorption. This bath stone not only dries instantly but also prevents mold from growing, for a longer lasting bath mat. It also comes with a rubberized bottom pad to prevent slipping. The current size offering is a standard bath mat size of 23.6”L x 15.4”W x .4”H.

Ratings Breakdown


The Dorai Home products are all made of diatomaceous earth, which is a fairly hard substance. But the products feel a bit thin, so there is concern with breakage.


For a bath mat, this product is on the really high end of pricing. It is really chic and cool looking in the bathroom though, so the aesthetic value alone may be worth it.

customer experience

The instant drying bath stone works better than other bath mats and is much more aesthetically pleasing to look at.


The brand seems to care about creating good quality products that are useful to the general populace. They don’t appear to have have tied in a particular philanthropic mission or eco-friendly certifications that we like to see.

Who Is Dorai Home?

Dorai Home was founded in 2018 by Jason Klug and Kelsey O’Callaghan. As soon as Jason showed Kelsey the product that instantaneously absorbed water (diatomaceous earth), the idea for Dorai was born. As two diagnosed ADHD individuals, they figured adding one more joint business wouldn’t be too difficult. Especially since this was an idea that was close to their heart.Dorai Home Founders

The couple began their first product launch as a Kickstarter campaign and then grew into Angel investors after that.The couple each had their own businesses running at the time of the idea for Dorai. The initial product offerings were more colorful than the current line they offer. But, that’s probably a good thing with regard to a more chic luxurious product line anyway.

The brand does not currently have any philanthropic mission or give back programs, which would be really nice to see. They also don’t appear to have any quality certifications. But, they do have 5 patents pending for their rapid drying technology, which is pretty cool.


  • Aeathically pleasing
  • Mold-resistant
  • Comfortable to stand on
  • Eco-friendly
  • Plant-based
  • Free shipping
  • Fast drying


  • Luxury price

Doari Bath Mat Performance And Testing

As a person who regularly showers (I hope that’s the case for everyone), I’m always on the hunt for new bathroom items that are eco-friendly and chic. So, when I first heard about Dorai Home and the concept of a diatomaceous earth bath mat, my interest was piqued. 

When I went to their website, it was really easy to navigate. While they have two different color options for their Bath Stone, they only had the Sandstone option in stock at the time, so that’s what I went with.

When my bath stone arrived, I was immediately impressed with the design and weight of it. Upon unboxing the bath stone, I found a small amount of 150 grit sandpaper to clean up any stains that may occur on the stone. Dorai-Bath-Mat-Logo1

The circular shapes on the top of the bath mat add just enough of a design to make it sleek and modern with just a hint of something extra. 

I was a bit surprised with how light the actual bath stone was though. It had the feel and weight of a piece of fiberboard. Due to the greatly reduced weight of it, my initial concern was that it would break. However, it held up to all of the tests I threw at it during my 4 week testing period with no issues whatsoever.

It also came with a rubber mat to go underneath it on the bathroom floor. I found that this really helped the bath stone stay put, which is an issue I’ve had with other bath mats in the past. So I found it extremely helpful to have this underneath the bath stone for added stability.Bath Stone Installation

When I initially put the bath stone in front of my shower, my only criticism was that I wish it was a bit larger. However, over the course of using it for 4 weeks, I found that it wasn’t that big of a deal because I loved it so much. 

Every time I stepped out of the shower I loved the feeling of the water being absorbed right off the bottom of my feet. It was actually a really cool sensation and I don’t know how I could ever go back to a regular bath mat again after this experience.

In order to fully test the bath stone, I took 2 ounces of water and dumped it directly into the center of the stone. This would ultimately be more water than I would normally bring with me out of the shower. But I wanted to see how much the bath stone could handle. It worked beautifully!Bath Stone Absorb Water

For the next test, my wife and I used the bath stone regularly for a 4 week period of time. The first time I stepped out of the shower though, I jumped haphazardly out of the shower completely wet to see what it could absorb. Unfortunately, I totally overwhelmed it and ended up with a wet and soggy bath stone. 

After my initial overzealousness, I began to use it more like I regularly would step out of the shower. By this I mean that I dry off a little bit in the shower before stepping out. That produced a completely different, much more positive result.

The bath stone would absorb the water from my feet and wick it away almost immediately. My wife had the same effect every time she took a shower also. So, in the end, both of us would take showers at different times of the day (like we normally do) and the bath stone did a phenomenal job of staying dry and ready for water.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with this product and I will never be able to use a regular bath mat again.

Doari Bath Stone

Bath Stone

This chic, modern bath mat, dries instantly under your feet! Created with diatomaceous earth, the ceramic-like material feels like natural stone. Unlike traditional bath mats that absorb moisture and generate bacteria, Dorai’s Bath Stone™ mat is designed to instantly remove water, helping prevent mold.

Is The Dorai Bath Mat Good Quality

Dorai Home created their product line to follow a lot of the most common concepts with regard to long term quality. Some of these components include:

  • Overall sustainability of the raw materials
  • Non-toxic 
  • Minimal design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Chic, long term style

Since they are using diatomaceous earth as the base for all of their products (sans the coasters), they are inherently more eco-friendly and sustainable than other household products in the same categories. Diatomaceous earth itself is a highly renewable, sustainable, environmentally friendly product that’s fairly easy to come by. This raw resource also emits a high level of oxygen into the atmosphere as a byproduct, which is a huge added bonus.Diatomaceous Earth Stone

While the brand doesn’t state where they mine their diatomaceous earth from exactly, there are many mines around the world they could get it from. Not all mines are created equally, with regard to quality, of course. However, the brand does state that they have passed the California Prop 65.

This proposition protects California’s drinking water from becoming contaminated with materials known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive issues and is more stringent than the EPA standards. So, this is a really good sign as to the quality of the raw materials.

And as long as you follow the brand’s recommendations with regard to care for your products, they should easily outlast any other conventional counterpart and be better for the environment all in one fell swoop. If that’s not quality, I don’t know what is.

Is The Dorai Bath Mat Worth It?

If you’re someone like me who is tired of spending money every year or so on a bath mat that really doesn’t fully do its job, then these products may just be worth it.Dorai-Bath-Mat-Comparison

Yes, they are quite a bit more expensive than any other bath mat I’ve run across in the past. However, the technology alone seems to speak volumes regarding how long these products should last. Which should be infinitely longer than any other regular bath mat on the market.

And if you want something that prevents mold from forming (making a healthier air quality environment) and also looks pretty darn chic while doing it, then there’s really no reason to give this bath stone a try.

Doari Bath Stone

Bath Stone

This chic, modern bath mat, dries instantly under your feet! Created with diatomaceous earth, the ceramic-like material feels like natural stone. Unlike traditional bath mats that absorb moisture and generate bacteria, Dorai’s Bath Stone™ mat is designed to instantly remove water, helping prevent mold.


Shipping from Dorai Home can vary depending upon where you live in the contiguous United States. Since they offer free shipping, you can expect your products to typically take between 5-10 business days to get to you once your order has been processed. And holidays will certainly cause a shipping delay. If you haven’t received a shipping confirmation (with the tracking number) or it hasn’t arrived when your confirmation says it should, then shoot them over an email. In order for them to look into it, they’ll need your name, order number, and concerns.

Since Dorai Home is a small startup company, their returns policy is a little bit stricter than some other companies. But, rightfully so due to the fact that shipping is expensive and they don’t have warehouses full of excess inventory. Currently, they offer a 60 returns policy window on all products that have been unused and have original packaging.

In order to qualify for a full return (minus the cost of shipping the item back), your item will need to also have:

– Its original packaging
– No damage
– No scuffing
– Proof of purchase

The company would prefer to work with each customer to resolve potential perceived issues with the products first. But, if you still aren’t happy with an item and want to return it, you’ll need to email them. In the email, you’ll need to put your order number and the item you want to return. They will then create a shipping label for you to send the product back, the cost of which will be deducted from your refund. You will also need to wait approximately 21 days from the time they receive your product back to see the refund on your original payment method.

First and foremost, no matter which product you’ve gone with, you’ll want to make sure to keep it elevated from the surface to ensure adequate air flow. This will help prevent mold from growing, even with these much more highly absorbent materials.

The best way to keep your Dorai Home Bath Stone from breaking is by putting it on a flat, even surface. The brand highly recommends using their foam pad underneath it for added protection also. But, if it does happen to break within the 90 day product guarantee window, they will replace it for free. And they tell you to just keep the broken bath stone to use for other items around the house (such as under plants).

When it comes to keeping your Dorai Home products clean, they recommend first trying to dab up any liquid that has been spilt. This is really only going to need to be done with liquid spills that are darker than your Dorai Home products. After dabbing, if there is still a noticeable stain, then they suggest using a small amount of diluted hydrogen peroxide (my personal go-to) or bleach.

The other trick they say may work is buffing out the stain or scuff with 150 grit sandpaper. But you’ll want to make sure to get your product damp first before sanding to prevent more damage.


Dorai Bath Mat Summary

Overall, Dorai Home has come up with some really ingenious absorptive product offerings for the home. Their bath stone is absolutely fantastic and works better than any other bath mat I’ve used in the past. Plus it looks very chic in my bathroom, which I am definitely not opposed to. I haven’t had the chance to try their other products yet, but I am leaning towards a few of the kitchen items and coaster.Dorai-Bath-Mat-Placing2

I love that all of their products are made of sustainable products and appear to be built to last. While the pricing may be a bit higher than some consumers would like to pay, the products seem to be well worth it. Especially due to the modern, sleek style they offer, as well as the potential lifespan of their products. 

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