Everlywell Review
Last Updated: September 2021

Everlywell Review: Easy To Use At Home Testing Kits

Women’s Health Test

For any woman looking to ensure a complete health analysis, look no further than Everlywell. Their state-of-the-art laboratory tests ensure complete hormonal checkups, so you can learn whether you need to actually see a doctor.

Featured Product: Everlywell Women’s Health Test

Price: $199

The Everlywell Women’s Health Test is their most comprehensive hormone panel testing kit for women. This test is looking for any hormones that may affect a woman’s normal cycle, as well as their endocrine system and functionality. The test is performed by taking both a sample of blood from a finger stick and saliva samples from spitting in test tubes. Once the samples have been collected, they will be sent out to one of the Everlywell independent labs for testing and the results should be back within a few days.

Ratings Breakdown


High quality medical tools/prep kit with clear and concise labeling. All items come in one, neat package with an easy return label to ship tests back in for results.


The ability to administer your own testing and have access to the results online at your convenience speaks to the value alone. Adding in the reduced costs of the testing kits compared to an office visit and testing only increases the value of Everlywell testing kits.

customer experience

Quick turnaround time from when samples are delivered to the time dashboard of information is ready. Gives you flags on your health, reference ranges, and what your actual results are.


Everlywell is beautifully branded to make medical tests feel not-so-medical without sacrificing any of the important medical-grade information they are relaying.

Who is Everlywell?

Everlywell was founded by Julia Cheek in 2015. She wanted to find a way to bring medical testing to the masses at a much-reduced cost, with a lot more convenience, than a typical visit to a physician.

Julia Cheek went on Shark Tank to pitch her idea in order to secure investor funding to expand her idea. And it worked! Once she received funding, Everlywell really began to take off and has grown over 100% year-over-year since then. Their goal, as a company, is to make rapid and simple medical testing options that work in conjunction with virtual medicine, since this is the clear path of the future. 

Her company is growing so rapidly, that they are planning to expand and have more positions open this year to keep up with demand. They operate by using a board of scientists and physicians to determine testing processes and which labs to use.

Everlywell also has a partnership with a group of board-certified physicians to review and approve any tests requested. This ensures that the tests are actually needed for the consumer requesting them prior to the test being executed.

As the need for health testing increases, it seems plausible to deduce that Everlywell testing kits will become even more in demand.


  • Step by step directions which makes it easy for first time users
  • Manageable product – small box with finite set of testing tools and tubes
  • Easy at-home testing
  • Access to results without waiting for a provider
  • Good price-point when compared to physician ordered tests


  • If you have an aversion to drawing blood, might be hard to perform a finger prick
  • The saliva tubes are relatively difficult to fill to completion due to the size
  • Difficult to get all samples in some instances due to the nature of the test timing at lunch and early evening (spitting into tubes, taking blood)

Everlywell Testing Ease of Use

Everlywell home testing kits come in nice, clearly labeled packaging. Upon ordering the test kit, mine showed up in a matter of days. It was easy to unpack and everything was clearly labeled. However, I still had a couple of questions, so I reached out to their customer support team for answers. They responded to me within 24 hours, which was well above my expectations.Everlywell Home Testing Kit

Each kit comes with a unique registration code to input on the website to register the test. This way once the results are in, it’s easy to see which test they are for and what the consensus is.

Getting the actual bodily fluids for testing turned out to be a bit more challenging than I expected. The saliva tubes are different sizes, and the one for morning collection seems significantly larger than the others. The morning test tube appears to be at least ⅓ larger than the other test tubes.

The reason why this was more problematic for me was because the paperwork says not to drink anything prior to testing. This meant that I wasn’t allowed to drink anything upon waking, so my mouth was still exceptionally dry from sleep. Other than the morning saliva test tube, the other 3 test tubes were much easier to fill to completion.

After a saliva specimen was collected, I had to put it into one of the provided plastic baggies and freeze it until I shipped everything out.Everlywell Saliva Test Tube

The blood sample required via finger stick was also more difficult than I figured it would be initially. However, after quite a few tries (on different fingers), I was finally able to get a good sample. The actual finger stick doesn’t really hurt, which was helpful.everlywell blood test

After all of that, I put everything in the designated bags and shipped the samples to the lab with the prepaid shipping label provided. My test results showed up on my personal Everlywell dashboard a few days after I shipped out the samples. I absolutely loved this because it was so much faster, and exceedingly easier, than waiting for an appointment with my physician to go over everything.

I could see the results as soon as they came in. After that, I was able to save the test results as a PDF and send them to my physician so we could go over a few things that I had questions about. 

But, if you don’t need to speak to your physician about any of the results, then the process is over. You can access the test results any time you need to in the future just by logging back into the Everlywell portal. Ultimately, this process was so much easier and convenient than any other health testing I’ve had done in the past. And it ended up costing me less overall, too!

How Accurate Are Everlywell Testing Kits?

Everlywell tests are supposed to be just as accurate as any other tests you would normally have run through your physician. This is due to the fact that all of the labs they use are CLIA-Certified. Any lab that performs the actual testing on human samples must be CLIA-Certified before they can receive and perform any testing.

What this means for you is that your test kit samples will be sent to a third-party lab that is certified to test human biologics. These labs must undergo regular scrutiny in order to keep their certification active.

everlywell testing accuracy

The Everlywell website notes that the labs they use must undergo regular quality assurance testing also. However, they don’t state how that is regulated. If a lab is ISO/IEC 17025 certified, then that means they annually subject themselves to ISO certification and recertification to confirm the quality of their processes. This information would be beneficial to have from Everlywell in order to confirm the validity of the quality control processes.

Therefore, while Everlywell states they only use CLIA-Certified labs to perform their testing, it would be helpful to run some third-party tests to confirm accuracy of their testing kits versus the results from a physician lab.

Are Everlywell At Home Testing Kits Worth It?

If you are in the market for easy, more convenient, and lower-cost health testing services, then this is probably worth it for you. Everlywell makes at-home testing simple and easy, which is much more difficult to come by at a physician’s office. Since some consumers just need to know specific health levels on a regular basis, but don’t need to consult with a physician, this can be extremely helpful to them.Everlywell Testing Kits Variety

The price tag on these tests are fairly low compared to what they would cost at a physician’s office also. So with the reduced overall cost of the test, the ease and convenience, it’s hard to go wrong with giving Everlywell at-home testing kits a try.

Everlywell Coupons & Discounts

Everlywell does run some regular sales for certain holidays throughout the year. So, it might be beneficial to keep an eye on the Everlywell homepage to see if there are any deals coming up. Sometimes the discounts are on all products, but other times they are product specific.

And like many companies, if you join their email list, they will send you some special deals from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being able to take a test at home and get the results delivered directly to you is a fairly new concept. And with that comes quite a few questions that a lot of consumers have, especially targeted at Everlywell specifically. 

Will my insurance cover Everlywell testing kits?

That depends upon the test. If the test you are purchasing is required by law for your insurance to cover, like the COVID-19 test, then yes. However, if your insurance isn’t required by law to cover the test, then they probably won’t cover the costs. This is where having an FSA or HSA plan comes in handy, because they will cover these testing kits.

Which states can I live in to purchase an Everlywell kit?

Currently, if you live in any of the 50 United States other than New York, you have access to all of Everlywell’s testing kits. If you’re in New York, you only have access to the COVID-19 Test because of state regulations. But, they are hoping to change that soon.Everlywell Testing Kit Results

Should I stop taking medications or supplements prior to an Everlywell test?

No, you should continue to take your regular medications and supplements prior to taking any Everlywell test. These tests usually ask about your medication and supplement history on their questionnaires. Therefore, it’s beneficial for you to stay on your current regimen in order to get more accurate test results.

Does Everlywell offer testing kits for children?

No, they don’t currently offer testing kits for children. Everlywell states that they cannot offer testing to minors at this time since they have no way of confirming guardianship of the minor.

How secure is my data with Everlywell?

Everlywell uses an industry-standard platform called ClearDATA to host all of their information. This platform is HIPPA compliant and secure. They don’t store any credit card information on their databases either. Which makes getting your payment information difficult for anyone should they even be able to hack into their AES-256 encrypted system. Everlywell also states that they will never sell your information and that all information is private, except what you authorize them to share with your physician.

Does Everlywell offer a membership program?

Yes, they do. Actually, they offer two different types of monthly membership programs that have a few key differences. 

Everylwell Membership

The Everlywell membership programs are meant for people who want to undergo more regular testing for a variety of reasons. Generally, these can include:

  • General health tests
  • Heart health tests
  • Sexual health tests

Whether you choose to go with the Everlywell Current ($14.99 per month) or Everlywell Control ($24.99 per month) plan, you can cancel at any time. And the monthly membership gets you a fairly significant discount on their testing kits too.

Everlywell At Home Testing Kits Summary

Overall, just the idea of being able to perform medical tests at home makes life so much easier to begin with. The time and money being saved by not having to make an appointment at a physician’s office and then a separate lab is worth it enough.

But, since the Everlywell tests are also fairly inexpensive, and really easy to execute, it’s hard to find a bad thing to say about giving them a try. 

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