Last Updated: October 2021

Founder Faves With Katie Diasti - Founder & CEO at Viv

Meet Katie Diasti

Katie Diasti is the 24yr old Founder & CEO of Viv an earth-friendly DTC period care brand working to break stigmas and increase awareness of inclusive language around menstruation.

Katie Diasti’s Top 5

1. beam – Dream Powder

beam cbd dream powder

“As a startup founder, it’s often hard to shut off my brain before bed. During high-stress time Beam Dream is the only thing that puts me to sleep. Plus it tastes like a warm chocolatey goodness dessert!”


Dream Night-Time Powder

2. Olipop – Strawberry Vanilla


“I loveee anything to support gut health, plus it’s bubbly and delicious! It tastes like such a treat while having so many wonderful benefits.”


Strawberry Vanilla 12-Pack

3. Cocokind – MyMatcha All-Over Moisture Stick


“If I was stranded on an Island and had limited beauty supplies I’d be fine with any stick Cocockind has created. So clean and so dang good.” 

cocokind mymatcha all-over moisture stick

MyMatcha All-Over Moisture Stick

4. Girlfriend Collective – The Tommy Bra


“We love a sustainable & ethically made brand plus their sports bras and leggings feel so supportive and comfortable. I put on a girlfriend collective set and feel like I can conquer the world. They are a brand that truly paved the way in the inclusive branding and sustainability space.”

girlfriend collective tommy bra

Tommy Bra

5. The Viv Cup


“Shameless plug for my own brand! Honestly, though, the Viv Cup has changed my life. I’ve reduced SO much waste every month and only having to change it every 12 hours is a game-changer for my busy schedule. It’s even reduced my cramping. I can’t believe I went so long without it before we launched it last summer.”

Menstrual Cup Best

Viv Cup

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