Founder Faves With Matt Mullenax, Co-Founder And CEO Of Huron

Meet Matt Mullenax

Co-founder and CEO of Huron – premium men’s personal and skincare products without the premium price.

Huron was started to help guys take care of themselves. That includes not spending 2 dollars on the same soup used for your head and body everyday. Matt, a midwesterner now living in NYC, personally grew up struggling with bad skin. Like many men, he was an athlete, and his skin took a beating. It wasn’t until he started looking at quality products when he couldn’t believe the gap between affordable but ineffective and effective but unaffordable.

That’s when Matt’s mission, alongside finding the world’s best chocolate-chip cookie, became creating super-premium products at an approachable price for men everywhere.


Matt Mullenax’s Top Picks

1. Olipop Variety 12-Pack


“I stopped drinking “pop” as a kid, but Olipop is a healthy alternative with a side of nostalgia. The entire assortment is awesome, and the team is great. Love the product and enjoy supporting the people.”


Variety 12-Pack

2. Thrive Market – Custom Food Bundle

thrive market - tile

“My wife and I order frequently from Thrive. It’s great for brand discovery. But also allows us to make healthy dinners during the week when we’re otherwise constantly on the move.”

Custom Food Order

3. Huron – Bigger 3 Kit


“There’s a slight bias here, but there’s no feeling like using the body wash in the morning to start the day. You smell amazing. Your shower smells amazing. Your skin feels amazing. And it’s an invigorating kick to start the day.” 

huron big 3 kit

Bigger 3 Kit

4. Brooklinen Luxury Core Sheet Set


“We just re-upped on towels, and Brooklinen’s offering is top-notch. I never realized how terrible/awful my towels were until I started using Brooklinen. Now there’s no chance of me reverting back and buying ‘whatever’ new towel. I’m hooked.”


Super-Plush Bath Towel Bundle

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