Glamnetic Products Review
Last Updated: September 2021

Glamnetic Review: Effortless Beauty For All

Beautiful Magnetic Lashes

Virgo Magnetic Lashes

No-nonsense, pristine, and practically perfect. These natural magnetic lashes will be your go-to for every occasion. They’re Glamnetic’s most natural-looking vegan lash, perfect for the office, school, or brunch with friends.

Featured Product: Virgo Magnetic Lashes

Price: $29.99 per set (subscription available)

Length: 12mm with 2.9cm band

These short and wispy lashes are a great choice when you want a more natural look. These Virgo Magnetic lashes are made of vegan synthetic fibers. According to the Glamnetic website, lashes are designed to be worn up to 60 times, averaging $0.70 per wear.


Ratings Breakdown


The magnets and lash fibers are strongly adhered to the lash band. The vegan lash fibers have a synthetic feel but look fairly real. From packaging to product the design is high-quality and dynamic.


The Glamnetic lashes were the best I’ve seen or used. Well worth the cost if they last as long as claimed, but the liners feel a tad overpriced.

customer experience

I loved the result and the sturdiness of the products in general. Although with many attempts, application felt like it took longer and was more complicated than advertised.


Glamnetic has an inspiring origin story and an impactful mission. They’re clearly committed to a more ethical trustworthy company, but I could use a little more transparency in how they source their ingredients.

Who Is Glamnetic?

Glamnetic founder Ann McFerran immigrated to the U.S. from Thailand when she was seven years old. Partway through her pre-med studies at UCLA, McFerran decided to pursue a more artistic career. She started Glamnetic in 2019, and the company currently generates $50 million in yearly revenue.Glamnetic-About

Ann McFerran created Glamnetic after noticing a gap in the beauty industry. As a woman with a love for false lashes, McFerran understood the frustration that came with applying/removing false lash strips. 

In an interview with Forbes, McFerran said, “I was disappointed in the way they (magnetic lashes) worked. The strip was super thin, it was plasticy, and they had three magnets, max… I told myself when I started the business that I don’t want to just start another brand to offer more of the same thing. We plan on also going outside of lashes and being an all-around, ‘life hack beauty brand.’”


  • Strong magnetic hold
  • Wide range of lash style options
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Quick and easy removal of lashes
  • High-quality and durable lash sets
  • Cruelty-free


  • Synthetic lash styles can get bent out of shape
  • Magnetic anchors are easily lost
Testing Glamentic Lashes

Performance and Experience

As a performer, I rock false lashes when I’m on stage (magnetic and traditional styles), but I don’t often wear them in my day-to-day life. With that being said, I tested out each of these lashes for a full day, starting with the Virgo pair.

I first applied the Soo Future! Magnetic Liner Pen, which went on smoothly. The instructions say to apply 2-3 coats, but even after that the liner was not as pigmented as others I have used.Magnetic Liner Review

It’s recommended to wait until the liner is 80% dry before adding lashes. I found this difficult to gauge, and accidentally waited too long (8 minutes), so the lash didn’t adhere well to the liner. 

Trying On The Lashes

After a second liner attempt (waiting 2 minutes for dry time), I applied the Virgo lash. While applying the lash corner, a magnet in the middle of the band latched on crooked. Since the liner was still tacky, some of the liner lifted off my eyelid when I repositioned the rogue magnet. Glamnetics Lashes Test

After five minutes of trial and error, I finally got the lash positioned how I wanted.

The Virgo lash felt very light, and I didn’t notice any inner corner poking as I had experienced with traditional lash bands. I did feel the sensation of each magnet though, which I became increasingly conscious of after a few hours. Wearing Glamnetic Lashes

If you’re someone who wears lashes daily, this feeling may not bother you.

I also noticed space between the lash band and my natural lashes, due to the individual magnets lifting the band a little off my eyelid. But that’s not something easily perceivable unless you’re staring inches from a mirror. 

I put the lashes to the ultimate strength test by blasting them with my hairdryer. Let me tell you, these lashes didn’t budge. I also splashed water onto my face, proving the lashes and liner to be waterproof/durable. That was a game-changer.

More Glamorous Options

Later in the week, I tested the Lucky, Livin’, and Luxe lash sets. Scroll further down for more in-depth comparison.

All the lashes I tried performed equally in wearability, strength, and looked realistic in photos. The Lucky lashes felt softer than the mink pairs I purchased (Luxe and Livin’) and were my personal favorite because of their natural look. Magnetic Lashes Options

The Livin’ and Luxe sets are both 100% mink fibers. Livin’ was similar to the Luxe, but a bit less dramatic. The Luxe lashes were the most glamorous, flaunting very long, full lash fibers without looking too fake.

Magnetic Liner

I also tested the Glamnetic Magnetic Liquid Liner, which I didn’t enjoy as much as the felt tip pen. 

The length of the applicator made it difficult to be precise when applying, especially if attempting a winged look. If you mess up while applying either liner, you have to move quickly. When the liner starts to dry, it clumps up and pulls off sections you weren’t wanting to remove.Applying glemnetic lashes

All four lash sets were easy to take off, but the liquid liner was a bit clumpy and got stuck to my eyelashes while removing. I tried both makeup remover liquid and wipes, but it still took longer than normal to remove all the liner (and I lost a few of my own eyelashes in the process).

Is Glamnetic Good Quality

It took some deep diving to find information on how Glamnetic sources its ingredients, especially the mink fibers for lashes. 

Under the blog section of, I found an article titled “5 Reasons Why Women Are Switching Over To Magnetic Eyelashes.” Reason #3 talks about Glamnetic lashes being 100% cruelty-free, and how the mink fibers are harvested after the mink sheds. Mink Eye Lashes

Unfortunately, Glamnetic doesn’t get more specific than this on ingredient sourcing for lashes or liners.

The lashes with mink fibers don’t bend out of place easily, which is great if you’re rougher on your lashes. Vegan pairs can lose their curl if not stored properly, so I recommend keeping your lashes in the original packaging between uses. Glamnetic Choosing Guide3

Despite strong staying power, I found Glamnetic magnetic liners thin, watery, and difficult to remove. The liquid liner in particular also began drying up and getting clumpy after multiple uses. 

A full list of ingredients for these liners can be found under the “Lash Info” section of FAQs

Is Glamnetic Worth It?

For me, the answer is yes, at least for the lashes. I was so happy with how the Virgo Lashes looked and performed in particular throughout my daily wearing. And for my needs as a stage performer I need that durability, waterproofness, and stunning look that Glamnetic offers. 

The majority of Glamnetic lash sets are $29.99, which is mid-level in price compared to competitors. I think Glamnetic lashes are a fair price if the lashes last as long as advertised (35-60 wears). In my experience, I think you would have to be pretty skilled in your application to reach 50 – 60 wears, but it didn’t feel impossible.Glamnetics Lashes Wearing

If you’re like me and only wear false lashes for special occasions, I definitely see Glamnetic lashes to be a worthwhile investment. I wore these lashes to dinner with my husband and could feel the effect it had on him throughout the night.

On the other hand, Glamnetic magnetic liners seem overpriced when compared to competitors based on my somewhat difficult experience with them and how little product it felt like I got.

I didn’t test out any of the nail sets or accessories, so I can’t comment on whether they’re worth the money. 

But in general, if you’re looking for quality magnetic lashes that won’t let you down, you won’t be disappointed with Glamnetic.

Glamnetic Coupons & Discounts

You can save 20% on your total purchase by selecting a 30, 60, or 90-day subscription. You receive free shipping for choosing a subscription option.

Glamnetic also offers an extensive rewards program, where customers earn points for completing certain actions. Glamnetic-Coupons

Customers receive 150 points for making an account and for every $1 spent you earn 5 points. You also earn points for completing various tasks such as following Glamnetic on Instagram (25 points) or referring friends (1000 points).

For every 100 points earned, you get $1 in rewards money. The cost of rewards varies, for example, a free set of lashes will cost you 1,500 points.

There are three tiers to the Glamnetic rewards system. Each tier has different perks, and every tier level allows more points to be earned for each dollar you spend. The highest tier also comes with exclusive rewards not available at the lower tiers.


For removal, pull the lash gently away from your eyelid. If there is any liner residue on the magnets, rub two of the magnets together until the liner scratches off. For eyeliner removal, use micellar water, coconut oil, or waterproof makeup removers.

Glamnetic eyeliners have a 6-month shelf life after opening. If cared for correctly, lash sets should last a minimum of 35 wears and up to 60 wears maximum.

Glamnetic eyeliners are cruelty-free and Iron Oxide is what is used to make the liner stick to the lash magnets.

There are a variety of lash styles available on the Glamnetic site (both vegan and mink). You can also cut down the lashes to be the proper length for you.

Products will only be accepted as returns if the packaging is intact and lashes unused. A full refund will be issued within seven business days if the products meet return criteria.

Glamnetic ships worldwide, and shipping is free on orders over $30. There are lots of payment options available, including PayPal, BitPay, and multiple payment plan providers.


Additional Lashes and Liners

Glamnetic offers a wide range of lash styles with two options for lash fibers, mink and vegan synthetic. In addition to lashes, Glamnetic also sells glue-on nails, makeup remover, and lash/nail accessories. I tested three additional lash sets and two magnetic eyeliners.

Lucky Lashes

Price: $29.99 per set (subscription available)

Length: 12-13mm with 2.9cm band

Lucky lashes are for those who want a natural look with a touch of glam. Lucky lashes taper slightly, giving them a cat-eye look. They’re made from 100% vegan fibers and have six magnets along the band.

Livin' Lashes

Price: $29.99 per set (subscription available)

Length: 11mm with 3.2cm band

A wispy and natural-looking lash, appropriate for office wear or a night out. Livin’ lashes promise to stay in place all day and claim to be a great choice for beginner falsie wearers.


Price: $29.99 per set (subscription available)

Length: 13-14mm with 2.9cm band

Luxurious and full, these tapered lashes are for those who want to stand out in a crowd. Lightweight enough for full-day wear, Luxe lashes were the thickest/fullest of the lash sets I tested. 


Price: $42.99 per 0.08 oz. (subscription available)

A felt tip applicator makes this magnetic liner simple to use. The pen is light and easy to maneuver, allowing for precise application. This product is waterproof and long-lasting, making it perfect for all-day wear.


Price: $37.99 per 0.27 oz. (subscription available)

This liner claims to help you achieve “your easiest lash application EVER.” Glamnetic Magnetic Liner provides long-lasting hold, helping your look last from day to night. Waterproof and smudge-proof, this thick formula stays where you put it.

Glamnetic Summary

I have some hesitations with Glamnetic, but, on the whole, I very much enjoyed my experience with their products.

Their brand mission is strong and fills a need in the beauty industry. When I spend my money on beauty products I want to be able to wore them with pride, and I can do that with this company.

The lashes were high-quality, durable, and generally affordable. Although, the magnetic liners are watery and don’t seem worth the price tag. Glamnetic Product Testing

If you’re new to magnetic lashes, the 6 magnet system will take some getting used to. Falsie lash experts may enjoy the look and feel of Glamnetic lashes more than traditional strip lashes, but I would recommend testing them out with a different brand’s magnetic liner. 

Overall, if you are someone looking for a lightweight lash that will stay in place all day, Glamnetic definitely gets my recommendation.