Last Updated: July 2021

Hilma Review: Do These Natural Remedies Actually Work?

hilma starter trio

Starter Trio

We tested Hilma’s Essentials bundle for 90 days. In general, we found the blends helped resolved many of our problems. We appreciated both the ingredient transparency and all natural sourcing. Couple these factors with the reasonable price point and there’s a lot to like about Hilma.


The Bottom Line on Hilma

All-natural is a buzzword thrown around the health and wellness industry often, but not many brands are actually true to their word and prove out that their all natural products actually work.  That’s where Hilma is different. They are raising the standard of all-natural remedies and producing products that have benefits supported by short and long term research.

Hilma creates products clinically-proven and tested to positively affect common issues like upset stomach, head tension, sinus congestion, gas, and bloating. And they do so without harmful or processed ingredients; they are not afraid to put common ingredients on their “No List” in search for something better. Hilma provides transparency, and provides proven alternatives from traditional over the counter remedies that can be harmful in the long term.

I took the products from Hilma’s The Essentials bundle for the last three months and found their blends were effective to address my problems in the moment. Read on to learn more about Hilma’s brand and founders, their product philosophy, and my experience which each of their Essentials.

Ratings Breakdown


Science-backed, clinically-tested effective products made from all natural ingredients


Each product is reasonably priced, especially for natural remedies. Ability to save when you subscribe or buy in bundles like the Essentials

customer experience

Transparency in everything they create so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body and why


Exciting female-founded brand to watch as they continue to expand their product line with more natural remedies for your medicine cabinet


The Cabinet Mag consistently produces quality articles so you can learn about health and wellness from a trusted source

HIlma’s Founders Are Creating a New Standard For the Medicine Cabinet

Hillary Quartner, Lily Galef and Nina Mullen founded Hilma with the goal to create a new standard for the medicine cabinet. These female founders saw natural products in the health and wellness space that claimed to solve their ailments, but had no idea how they were actually made or what ingredients were in the blends. Upon learning about the ingredients in the natural options available, they realized the products weren’t actually as good for them as they claimed. So, they set out to create a new natural health brand that was transparent, backed by science, and most importantly, effective.

Hilma, which launched in 2019, currently sells seven all-natural blends: Immune Support, Upset Stomach Relief, Indoor/Outdoor Support, Tension Relief, Elderberry Immune Gummy, Respiratory Support, and Gas Relief. They also offer a limited edition “Clear the Air” candle to accompany their Gas Relief product. You can buy Hilma products individually or as packs, and there is an option for a subscription if their blends become part of your everyday routine. Best of all, the products are all affordable; the pricing of Hilma’s products range from $12-$25.


What Makes Hilma Products So Special?

First and foremost, Hilma products are free of harmful ingredients like artificial preservatives and sweeteners, allergens, GMOs, and synthetic colors. On Hilma’s website they highlight each ingredient in their natural blends and how that ingredient works so you know everything you are putting in your body and why. They have a “No List” that clearly states the ingredients that will never be in Hilma blends due to their harmful nature. Hilma is  Clean Label Project certified, which means they pass the Clean Label Project food and consumer product safety standard to ensure their products do not negatively affect the environment and public health.

Many remedies claim they are backed by science, but what does being backed by science actually mean? For Hilma, it means they have invested in their own clinical research to test the efficiency of their products, they formulate their products with MDs, PHDs, and Herbalists, and they only use clinically studied ingredients in all of their products. Hilma’s Scientific Advisory Board features herbalists, neuroscientists, internal medicine specialists, and asthma and allergy specialists to ensure they are taking into account everyone’s needs. On their website, Hilma also clearly shows the results of the single arm observational studies they conducted so you can understand how products were tested, what the results were, and what the results actually mean for you.

Hilma as a brand is also committed to ensuring their products and company are environmentally conscious. Hilma has committed to being a 100% carbon offset through 100% recyclable packaging, purchasing carbon offsets to cover their manufacturing footprint, and working towards a sustainable packaging program. They also partnered with GrowNYC to help develop a community garden space in New York City. Hilma gives back to organizations that align with their missions; for the 2020 holiday season, Hilma donated a portion of the proceeds from their Holiday Trio to The Loveland Foundation, an organization bringing opportunity and healing to black women and girls.

So, to summarize, when you browse Hilma products, you know exactly what you are taking, how it works, what’s in it, and how it faired during a scientific study. You have all the information you need to make the purchase and see if Hilma is right for you.

About Hilma’s Signature Bundle, The Essentials: Clinical Herbal Starter Pack

One of the easiest ways to test Hilma’s products is through their The Essentials Bundle, which is a trio of Hilma’s full sized products featuring their Immune Support powder, Upset Stomach Relief capsules, and Tension Relief capsules. Both Upset Stomach Relief and Tension Relief come in capsule form with 60 capsules (30 servings) and Immune Support comes with 10 packets, which is the equivalent of 10 drinks. You can buy all these products on their own and even subscribe (with savings!) for each product if they become a staple in your day to day routine. Hilma offers free shipping on orders over $35 and has released two new products in 2021, so fingers crossed for even more bundles on the horizon.

After testing the products in The Essentials (formally known as the Starter Trio) for a little over three months, I’ll highlight my experience and how I use each one of them below.

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience, and none of what I am saying is medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physicians or other qualified health provider with any questions regarding a medical condition.


  • Hilma offers complete transparency into how products are made, the ingredients inside the products, and how each product is tested
  • The Essentials offers three full sized products for 14% savings: Stomach Relief, Immune Support, and Tension Relief
  • All-natural ingredients, no GMOs, and less than 1g of sugar in each product
  • Gluten free and vegan
  • Clean Label Project certified
  • Hilma provides educational blog posts and articles to help you learn more about the products you are taking
  • A female founded and 100% carbon offset business


  • There’s not a way to customize your pack. If you want to test other Hilma products, you have to purchase them separately.
  • Their studies did not have 100% efficiency for all participants. Like with all remedies, since every body is different, there are some people who may not find Hilma’s products strong enough for their ailments.

Hilma’s The Essentials Bundle: Unboxing Experience

Hilma’s The Essentials Bundle arrive at your doorstep with a bang in a bright yellow Hilma box. The three products come in their own toiletries kit that you can use for storage and travel. There’s also informational cards within the box explaining what the products are, and you can refer to their website for more detailed information including results of the products’ clinical trials. There is an option to choose the more eco-friendly packaging if you just want the products and not the full unboxing experience.

My first thought when unboxing my Hilma package was that I was so happy that this Bundle featured full sized products. So often brands send samples or smaller products in these packages, but not Hilma. And at only $45, 14% savings when you buy as a bundle, the bundle is affordable. Each product treats a different common problem and complement each other well, so I felt covered in all situations. While I would have liked the option to mix and match Hilma’s products to create my own bundle, I was excited to try these bestsellers that could positively affect me.

Upset Stomach Relief

Upset Stomach Relief comes in pill form and is formulated with ingredients proven to aid in digestion and relieve an upset stomach within 30 minutes of taking. Ingredients include Chamomile, Artichoke Leaf, Ginger Root, Licorice (DGL Extract), Marshmallow Root, Vegetable Capsule (Vegetable Cellulose), and Rice Hull. Upset Stomach Relief also treats occasional heartburn and acid indigestion. Hilma claims that in their observational study, 94% of participants who took Upset Stomach Relief saw a decrease in feelings of upset stomach after 30 minutes. It is a product you can take in the moment, with a glass of water, for relief.

As someone who has a sensitive stomach, I do find Hilma’s Upset Stomach Relief provides me with relief for nausea and bloating when I take it. Whether it’s because I ate too much or I ate food that was too rich that is hard for me to digest, Upset Stomach Relief has become a staple for me to help my digestion. When I take the pills, I find that I start to feel relief over the course of an hour, and I’m back up on my feet comfortably within the hour. I prefer taking this all-natural remedy rather than Tums or a similar antacid. Upset Stomach Relief has become a savior of mine, and I would recommend it to any friend or acquaintance looking for natural relief.

Tension Relief

Tension Relief, which comes in pill form like Upset Stomach Relief, is formulated with Willow Bark, Magnesium, Feverfew, Boswellia, Skullcap, Vegetable Cellulose, and Rice Hull. Some of these ingredients like Magnesium, Boswellia, and Willow Bark have an established body of research proving relief of tension symptoms while ingredients like Feverfew and Skullcap have emerging clinical research supporting that they reduce tension and balance nervous systems for a sense of calm. Hilma claims that in their single arm observational study, after taking Tension Relief, 79% of participants saw a decrease in feelings of occasional head tension after 30 minutes.

I develop tension headaches from staring at a computer, phone, or TV screen for hours on end. These tension headaches have become more frequent since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic since it seems that screens are one of the only ways to entertain ourselves. I have found that Tension Relief, coupled with other natural stress relievers like breathing exercises and neck stretches, have helped provide the support and relief that I need while fighting a tension headache.

Hilma’s formula is not too heavy, which is good for anyone like me who stays away from taking medication like Advil or Aleeve frequently. If you’re looking for a natural alternative that is good for you in the moment, I suggest giving Tension Relief a whirl and seeing how it affects you. It may not be strong enough for some people like in the observational study, but for the majority of people it likely will have positive effects.

Immune Support

Immune Support is the powder product of the Essentials. It is formulated with Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea, Ginger, Turmeric, Ivy Leaf Extract, and other ingredients like Monk Fruit. Vitamin C, Zinc, and Echinacea have established research that supports their claim to provide immune support, while Ginger, Turmeric, and Ivy Leaf Extract have emerging research indicating that they support immune systems. From their clinical trial, Hilma claims that 81% of participants found Hilma’s Immune Support effective to support their immune system. To take Hilma’s Immune Support, just mix the powder with hot or cold water and get ready for a flavorful boost to your immune system.

I tend to drink Immune Support with hot water in the afternoon or at night when I feel a bit run down and want to ensure that a cold or infection doesn’t sneak up on me. I’m guilty of running myself down and getting sick because of it, so over time I’ve incorporated many forms of support to stop this pattern from happening and treat my body well. Bolstering my immune system is one of them, and Hilma’s Immune Support makes it easy to do so. It tastes strongly of lemon and ginger, and it’s not sweet so it’s easy to swap it in when I usually drink tea. The flavor is tasty and not overwhelming, so it’s easy to drink the whole cup in one sitting.

I haven’t gotten sick since I started taking Immune Support, though I do want to note that due to COVID I am also wearing a mask any time I’m in public and taking other precautions to protect myself.  A tasty drink like Immune Support is just an added bonus to add to my routine to protect my immune system.

Final Thoughts

Hilma’s The Essentials have been effective for me, someone who looks for natural relief and doesn’t want to rely on OTC or prescription medications. I would definitely recommend them to friends who deal with similar issues like frequent upset stomach and tension headaches as an alternative to see if they work with their body. Since I’ve started taking Hilma products, I have coupled them with other natural remedies like rest, breathing exercises, stretching, and more to make sure I am treating my body correctly. Hilma’s The Cabinet Mag has been a great resource to turn to and learn about the natural opportunities to relief common ailments.

Hilma recently came out with their Gas Relief and Respiratory Support which I purchased in addition to Indoor/Outdoor Support. I’m going to integrate Indoor/Outdoor Support and Respiratory Support into my everyday routine ahead of allergy season, as I’ve found that I’ve developed severe allergies when the whether changes as I’ve gotten older. I trust Hilma’s blends due to their transparency and effectiveness for me personally, and I am excited to fill my medicine cabinet with Hilma’s all-natural blends.


Hilma currently sells seven all-natural blends: Immune Support, Upset Stomach Relief, Indoor/Outdoor Support, Tension Relief, Elderberry Immune Gummy, Respiratory Support, and Gas Relief. They also offer a limited edition “Clear the Air” candle to accompany their Gas Relief product. You can buy Hilma products individually or as bundles.

Hilma products are free of harmful ingredients like artificial preservatives and sweeteners, allergens, GMOs, and synthetic colors. They have a “No List” that clearly states the ingredients that will never be in Hilma blends due to their harmful nature. Hilma is  Clean Label Project certified.

Yes, Hilma products are clinically tested and scientifically backed. You can find the results from the clinical trials on their website under Clinical Research


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