Kettle & Fire Review
Last Updated: July 2021

Kettle & Fire Review: Bone Broths You'll Love For Dinner

Classic Chicken Broth

Classic Chicken Bone Broth

For anyone who loves delicious and hearty soups, Kettle & Fire’s Classic Chicken Bone Broth is the perfect stock. This healthy, natural broth makes for an excellent meal with its versatile chicken flavor, whether eaten alone or used as a base.

Featured Product: Kettle & Fire Classic Chicken Bone Broth

Price: $7.99 per 16.9 oz carton

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The Kettle & Fire Classic Chicken Bone Broth is a great way for someone to begin their journey into the land of bone broth. It makes a delicious, yet flavorful introductory soup. This soup is hearty, yet filling, and works well as a standalone drink or soup, as well as an addition to other meals.

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All of their products contain clean, organic ingredients. Their 20-24 hour slow simmering process and gluten free options set them over the top.


Kettle & Fire products are versatile and shelf stable for 2 years. This helps to offset the initial higher price tag of their products.

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As the only shelf stable, grass fed, slow simmer bone broth on the market, their performance outweighs all other brands.


Their mission is to bring clean, organic, healthy bone broth to the world.


Miso Bone Broth Soup

A fresh, tangy blend of chicken and vegetables, the Miso Bone Broth makes for perfect supplementary Asian cuisine.

Who is Kettle & Fire?

Kettle and Fire was founded by two brothers, Nick and Justin Mares. This company was created out of a need the both of them had for high quality bone broth made with quality, all organic ingredients. They had no luck finding what they were looking for, so Kettle & Fire was born. 

The brothers only use bones from grass fed, organic animals to create their bone broth. Currently, theirs is the only shelf stable, grass fed bone broth on the market. Their tag line “To deliver the amazing benefits of bone broth to the world” says it all.


  • Promotes healthy gut function
  • Fast shipping
  • 100% guaranteed or your money back
  • Promotes youthful skin with collagen
  • Subscription program to save money and time
  • Rewards program to save even more money


  • On the pricier side for bone broth
  • Not completely allergen free
Subscription Broth Service

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth & Soup Reviews

We tried 6 different Kettle & Fire products when we tested them out. Four out of the 6 products we really liked and would have again.

Classic Chicken Broth

Classic Chicken Bone Broth

The Classic Chicken Bone Broth was the first thing we tried out of the bunch. We figured it was best to start with what we knew before we dove right into the rest. And we are glad we did because it had a good, mild taste that wasn’t overpowering. And it prepared us for the remainder of our products to try. This bone broth would be great on a cold day or as an addition to other dishes.


Miso Bone Broth Soup

The Miso Bone Broth Soup was even more flavorful than the miso soups we normally get at Asian restaurants. And we are convinced that it’s exponentially healthier. Paired with a salad, this soup rounded out the meal nicely and was surprisingly filling.


Butter Chicken Bone Broth

The Butter Chicken Bone Broth was a refreshing surprise. In that it was much creamier and buttery than we imagined it could be. This bone broth would make a great pairing with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Chicken Noodle Broth

Chicken Noodle Bone Broth Soup

The Chicken Noodle Bone Broth Soup was another favorite. The flavor was a bit lighter than the other two aforementioned chicken options. But, the larger chicken chunks were more flavorful and flaked nicely. This soup would be a good replacement for the old chicken noodle soup standby.


Coconut Curry Bone Broth

The Coconut Curry Bone Broth was one that we liked less. The flavor just wasn’t what we expected and was too light on the coconut to really taste it. Plus, when the soup begins to cool at all, the coconut starts to separate. While this didn’t affect the flavor of the soup, it just didn’t look as appealing to us.


Butternut Squash Bone Broth Soup

Lastly, we tried the Butternut Squash Bone Broth Soup and were not big fans. We both really enjoy a bowl of butternut squash soup, so we thought we would be in for a treat. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as sweet as we are used to. Instead, it had a slightly bitter, more coconut flavor, which wasn’t expected. We may have to try it again, now that we know what to expect, to see if our interpretation of this soup changes.

How Well Does Kettle & Fire Perform?

Kettle & Fire performs better than other bone broth products on the market. Their product versatility and shelf stableness help to achieve this high performance level. The taste and flavor assist with their product versatility, in that they can be used in the following applications:

  • Standalone drink
  • Soup
  • Addition to coffee
  • Used in crockpot dishes

If you still aren’t sure what to do with your Kettle & Fire bone broth, they have a number of recipes to assist your bone broth adventure.


Butter Chicken Bone Broth

Creamy, buttery, and completely delicious, the Butter Chicken Bone Broth is a thicker, heartier option from Kettle & Fire.

Is Kettle & Fire Good Quality?

The quality of Kettle & Fire products are far superior to all other products on the market currently. This is due to how they process their bone broth with a 20-24 hour slow simmer, low heat method. This method keeps the vital nutrients intact, which is the entire point of adding these products into your dietary rotation.

Broth Soup Taste

Most bone broths, or stocks, on the market make their products with a mix of different bone paste and meat. These bone broths usually use poor cuts of meat and cook the broth at high temperatures to decrease the cooking time. This process not only uses low-quality meat, but also destroys the important amino acids by using high heat.

Kettle & Fire creates their bone broth a little bit differently. They use real bones and cook them at lower temperatures for a much longer period of time. This not only increases the quality of the bones creating the broth, but also keeps the amino acids intact. And if you aren’t sure which Kettle & Fire products may be the right fit for you, they have a Bone Broth Quiz to help you decide.


Chicken Noodle Bone Broth Soup

The ultimate classic, the Chicken Noodle Bone Broth is a lighter option filled with chicken chunks and smooth noodles.

Is Kettle & Fire Worth It?

If you are considering adding bone broth to your health regimen, then going with the highest quality product is the way to go. Their products are certainly much higher priced than their competitors. However, no other company produces the quality of products that Kettle & Fire do. Therefore, their products are very much worth the price tag associated with them.


Coconut Curry Bone Broth

A perfect blend of sweetness and spice, the Coconut Curry Lime Broth is a Thai classic from Kettle & Fire.

Kettle & Fire Coupons & Discounts

Kettle & Fire offers a few different coupons and discounts. If you sign up for their mailing list then you can be entered to win a month’s supply of bone broth. 

If these weren’t enough to get you excited, we also have a special Kettle & Fire discount code to share with you. Enter FASCINATION when checking out to receive 15% off your entire order.


Butternut Squash Bone Broth

Coconut milk, organic winter butternut squash, and chicken bone broth combine to create a tasty blend that aids digestion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bone broth is pretty new in the mainstream arena, so there are quite a few questions surrounding it. All of these facts are about bone broth, but some of these relate more specifically to Kettle & Fire.

Why should I try bone broth?

You should consider adding bone broth into your dietary regimen if you are looking for more ways to increase your health, according to Kettle & Fire. Bone broth has an abundance of the amino acid glycine, which is necessary for proper kidney and liver function. However, it is not the only amino acid required for these functions.

And most of these claims about bone broth have not been scientifically studied to prove the claims one way or the other. Meaning there may be many other just as beneficial ways to increase the necessary amino acids required that are more cost-effective. Bone Broth Subscription

However, it stands to reason that bone broth can potentially help increase the overall health of the body. Because of the high amino acid content of bone broth, it can assist with promoting gut and digestive health and boost immunity. Therefore, if you want to try diversifying your amino acid profile, incorporating bone broth may be a good option.

What will Kettle & Fire bone broth taste like?

Most people expect for bone broth to taste like soup. However, Kettle & Fire assures us that it doesn’t taste like soup at all. Drinking their bone broth for the first time is similar to expecting milk and getting orange juice. Typically, bone broth has a more gelatinous texture and is much less salty than other broths you may have had.

Therefore, it’s best to try and put all preconceived ideas of what the flavor and texture will be out of your mind. Instead, they have some great sipping tips to help you mentally prepare and make the bone broth more palatable for you, uniquely.

What is the difference between bone broth and collagen?

While bone broth and collagen may seem similar, there are some differences between the two. Bone broth is considered a food, regarding the way it’s made and the nutrient content it contains when made like Kettle and Fire’s product. Collagen, however, is considered a supplement, and not a food. This is due to the fact that collagen is prepared by a process called hydrolysis.

Hydrolysis breaks the gelatin down into smaller, more digestible protein molecules. This makes it a supplement instead of a food. While they both have health benefits, it’s always better to get your nutrients straight from the source with less processing, whenever possible.

How does the subscription work?

If you choose to become a Kettle & Fire subscriber, they will offer you a 20% discount to do so. There is no minimum monthly order required in order to subscribe. But, if you order 6 or more cartons, then you will qualify for free shipping. Cooking Both Broth Soup

You can edit and change your order (which products, quantity, and frequency) at any time by logging into your account. If the order is being processed or has already shipped though, you’ll have to wait until next month.

If you decide you no longer want to receive a monthly subscription, you may contact them via email or customer support to cancel. This can be done at any time, as long as the current order doesn’t say “processing” or “shipped.”

What if I don’t like something about my Kettle & Fire order?

Kettle & Fire stands behind their products and wants you to enjoy them as much as they do. So, if for any reason, you aren’t happy with a portion of your order within 3 days of receiving it, you can contact them for a replacement or refund. Which option they choose is completely up to their discretion, however.

Classic Chicken Broth Dinner

Kettle & Fire Summary

Ultimately, if you are someone who has been considering dipping your toes into the bone broth pool, Kettle & Fire is a great way to start.

Yes, they are a bit more pricey than other bone broth options. But, their quality and flavors are unsurpassed, which makes them completely worth the extra money. Add in the exceedingly diverse versatility of their products and their product guarantee, and it’s hard to go wrong with giving Kettle & Fire a try.

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