Last Updated: November 2021

Lord Jones CBD Review: Quality Wellness Options

Lord Jones-Gel-Capsules-Offer

Hemp-Derived CBD Gel Capsules

Lord Jones Hemp-Derived CBD Gel Capsules are for those seeking 25mg of hemp-derived CBD or take hemp daily as a supplement. Each gel capsule contains 25mg of CBD.

Featured Product: Hemp-Derived CBD Gel Capsules

Price: $95

The Lord Jones Gel Capsules offer full-spectrum CBD, derived from select US-grown hemp. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD (750mg of CBD per 30-capsule bottle). The broad spectrum extracts contain many of the hemp’s botanical phytocannabinoids and terpenes for additional benefits. The Gel Capsules are sugar/alcohol/dye-free and, like all of Lord Jones products, provide consistent lab-tested quality trackable by Lot Code.

Ratings Breakdown


All products are made with high-quality ingredients without additives, and feel/taste luxurious. The extensive testing and traceability offers additional peace of mind.


While the products are not cheap, the premium ingredients make the investment worthwhile, especially with all the discounts available. The skincare products will last a long time (with the CBD lip balm being the exception) which softens some initial sticker shock.

customer experience

Most but not all products deliver on their performance claims, making the majority a good value. Customers love the products and the brand, with almost universally positive reviews.


Their mission is worthwhile: to make personal wellness a ritual rather than a chore, to deliver the highest quality ingredients, and to bring a sense of calm to people’s lives. Lord Jones founders seek to de-stigmatize and normalize CBD use with transparency and consumer education. Socially conscious customers will appreciate their lack of animal testing.

Who Is Lord Jones?

Lord Jones was co-founded by married couple Cindy Capobianco and Robert Rosenheck. After moving their successful fashion and creative careers from New York City to LA, they found many sketchy marijuana dispensaries that had inconsistent quality and a lack of ingredient transparency. Lord Jones Brand Story

Their mission is now to de-stigmatize, normalize, and educate people around the world about the medicinal benefits of marijuana. This mission is informed by the years they spent operating a non-profit collective called Hollywood Hills Wellness, during which time they saw people with everything from chronic pain and autoimmune issues to AIDS, cancer, and more. Many of their clients were recovering from accidents or surgeries and often could not take opioids. 

Wanting to create a product line more oriented to health and wellness, they created the Lord Jones brand using CBD (later including limited THC offerings) that consumers could trust. Their products use a“whole-plant” CBD extract. According to Capobianco, this “full-spectrum blend” is more efficient and effective than other extracts in relieving pain and anxiety, enhancing calmness, and stabilizing moods.

Now a favorite of celebrities and medical patients alike, Lord Jones CBD products are available online and in dispensaries, with options to address sore muscles, skin conditions, headaches, menstrual cramps, anxiety, and much more.


  • Attractive and elegant packaging design
  • All Lord Jones products are additive-free and animal cruelty-free
  • “Whole Plant” hemp-derived CBD extract is used for broad-spectrum benefits
  • Finished products are third-party tested and traceable by their Lot Codes
  • Excellent informative section on their website addressing content-related FAQs
  • Teacher/Military/Medical Personnel Discounts available
  • Subscription Service available for regularly ordered products at a discount
  • Most products tested deliver on marketing claims
  • Free Standard Shipping on all orders


  • Meltable edibles may incur an extra “warm weather packaging fee”
  • Products are pricier than many in your local stores
  • CBD Tincture may make mouth itch
  • Lip Balm not as effective as other products
  • CBD Body Lotion has strong scent some may find aggressive/unpleasant

Lord Jones Testing Performance

Lord Jones offers a wide array of edible and topical CBD products.  I chose to look at a section of their best-sellers, including both edibles and topical.

I found all the edibles tested to be calming. The topicals mostly worked well too, to varying degrees.

The Old Fashioned Gumdrop Trio (83g, 2.93oz)


Unfortunately, the Lord Jones Old Fashioned Gumdrops were melted together into one big ball when they arrived. The supplied ice pack did not provide sufficient protection against Arizona summer heat.Lord-Jones-Melted-Gummies

They have a nice flavor (strawberry and lemon) and are calming. I ate one of the gumdrops every few days during the evening. They provided a nice way to wind down with their relaxing effects. Overall, I was happy with this product.

Gel Capsules (30 capsules)


I took one Lord Jones Gel Capsule every few days before bed. These provided the same calming and relaxed effect as the tincture, gumdrops and royal oil. This was my favorite of the four consumable products I tested.

Tincture (30ml, 1oz) 


I took half a dropper of the Lord Jones Hemp-Derived Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (Peppermint Flavor) once a week before bed. It also provided a sense of calm like the royal oil and I slept well. However, my mouth was itchy for about 30 minutes each time I used it. It has a more pleasant flavor than the royal oil. Product works well; just be aware of possible side effects.

Royal Oil (15ml, .5oz)


I took half a dropper of the Lord Jones Royal Oil every few days before bed. It helped me feel very relaxed and calm, and I slept well. It has a mild but neutral taste. I found this product to work well. 

Acid Mantle Repair Moisturizer (50ml, 1.69oz)


The Lord Jones Acid Mantle CBD Moisturizer  exceptional. It is so thick, creamy, and luxurious that you only need a small drop to cover your entire face. It made my skin look and feel hydrated, smooth, natural and healthy, without being greasy or shiny. The Acid Mantle Repair is the best face moisturizer I’ve ever used…by a long shot. Love this product!

Heavy Duty Chill Balm (40g, 1.4oz)


I used the Lord Jones High CBD Formula Heavy Duty Chill Balm on my feet every other day. Its moisturizing effects almost completely healed the dry skin on my big toes that I’ve had for years. It is quite shiny-looking and goes on somewhat oily-feeling, so be sure of where you want to use it. I would suggest using it on severely dry areas that you won’t mind looking shiny until it absorbs. I am very impressed with the Chill Balm as a topical, although it did not provide a “calm sense of well-being” as advertised.

CBD Body Lotion (50ml, 1.69oz)


I used the Lord Jones CBD Body Lotion in the Signature Fragrance every day on my hands, arms, elbows, and shoulders. It works as well as any decent lotion, but the scent is overwhelming and unpleasant for me. Compared to the Acid Mantle Repair and the Chill Balm, I found this product to work reasonably well but am not overly enthusiastic about it.

Lip Balm (4.5g, .15oz)

CBD-lip-balmI expected good things from the Lord Jones Whole Plant Formula CBD Lip Balm, but was underwhelmed. It does feel soothing on the lips and lasts quite a while before needing to reapply. However, after using it several times a day for two weeks, I saw no improvement to my chapped lips. At least for me, it did not deliver the promised “smooth lips.” The product is also so soft that it runs out very quickly and most likely only lasts a month or less.


Is Lord Jones Good Quality

The question of quality is particularly important for CBD products, given how often they are used to treat health conditions and to enhance well-being. Lord Jones effectively provides an elegant and effective option to so many other CBD/THC products that can often provide less-than-stellar consistency, let alone transparency.Lord-Jones-CBD-gum-drop-test

Capobianco and Rosenheck set out to create a brand particularly focused on providing a consistent and high-quality experience. By using the best ingredients and a closely-regulated and tracked production process, as well as integrating all the founders’ experience in working with medical patients and health conditions, the Lord Jones brand consistently delivers on their mission to provide consistent and high quality. 

The Lord Jones founders spent years researching both the cannabis industry and the plant itself. The result is an elegant and elevated brand with beautiful packaging, high quality formulations using the best cannabis and non-cannabis ingredients, and full manufacturing transparency (including the ability to track each product by lot code).

Is Lord Jones Worth It?

Some may find the prices a bit off-putting. Lord Jones definitely comes with a higher price point than many other CBD product lines. 

On the other hand, the transparent production process, high-end cannabis and non-cannabis ingredients, and broad product line all work together to create consistency and offer options that many will find worth the higher price point. People who use CBD not just for mood enhancement but also for chronic pain, severe health conditions, or deep anxiety will particularly appreciate the carefully developed quality of these products.Lord-Jones-Spoon2

Most Lord Jones products will last a long time, thereby increasing their value. Some like the Lip Balm seemed to need more application and get used up more quickly which may decrease the value for some. 

But that was our experience.  As with any product line, everyone will have their own opinions and experiences. This holds true even more when dealing with products that physically impact mood, pain receptors, and well-being in general. Know that each person’s body and metabolism may process and respond to CBD ingredients differently, so you are encouraged to try each product for yourself to determine its value to you specifically.

Lord Jones Coupons & Discounts

Lord Jones offers extensive discounts, including a 20% Teacher/Military/Medical Personnel Discounts. 

Those who qualify include:

  • Verified pre-K, K-12, and university level educators
  • US active duty military personnel, reservists, and veterans
  • Doctors, nurses, physician assistants, hospital staff, and mental health professionals

Lord Jones also offers a Subscription Service discount (although this can’t be combined with other discounts). The recurring charge for any selected product(s) will be charged to your credit card when products ship.

These subscriptions can be for any product and for any length of time, and can be changed or cancelled whenever you like.



CBD is one of many active compounds sourced from the cannabis plant. It interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate the body’s sleep, stress responses, physical sensations, metabolism operations, appetite, memory, energy levels, and skin functions. CBD will not get you high the way THC can.

A “whole plant formula” includes broad spectrum hemp extract from the buds, leaves, and flowers (not the seeds). By using this full (or broad) spectrum hemp extract, Lord Jones products include not just the CBD but also other plant compounds such as plant oils, terpenes, and phytocannabinoids. The resulting full spectrum formula is non-intoxicating, containing less than 0.3% THC.

Every product goes through third-party testing during the manufacturing process, and is tested for contaminants, pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals. Finished products can then be traced on their website using the lab batch codes.

Lord Jones products contain NO:

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Synthetic Dyes
  • Formaldehyde
  • Sulfates
  • Mineral Oil
  • Propylene Glycol

No. Lord Jones products are cruelty-free, meaning they do not use any animal testing.

All Lord Jones products qualify for Free Standard Shipping using USPS, UPS, and/or FedEx. Some products require a $5 shipping fee if they are temperature sensitive.

Express shipping options via FedEx (2-business day or overnight) are calculated based on location. Most orders with Free Standard Shipping are processed within 48 – 72 hours (Monday through Friday) and will take between 1 – 10 business days to arrive.

Lord Jones packing peanuts don’t just protect your items; they are also 100% biodegradable! They are made from organic starch, decompose in water with no toxic residue, and are FDA compliant.


The Lord Jones Product Line Summary

Overall, the Lord Jones brand provides consistent quality and peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that you will be using high-end ingredients in elegant, luxurious products. These are definitely not your old-school pot brownies or additive-filled drugstore knock-offs. Lord-Jones-acid-mantle-repair-container

Geared toward Whole-Food customers and health-conscious consumers interested in well-being, Lord Jones products mostly deliver on their marketing claims. The high-end manufacturing processes result in higher prices points, but Lord Jones tries to soften that impact with various discounts.

Co-founder Capobianco says, “We set out to create a great brand and wound up becoming caregivers. To this day, it’s the most rewarding part of our job. It’s a blessing to go to work each day with a great sense of purpose.”