Last Updated: November 2021

Meridian Trimmer Review: A Most Welcome Functional And Luxurious Grooming Tool

Featured Product: The Trimmer

Meridian-Trimmer-WindowPrice: $69.99

The Trimmer by Meridian is one of the newer men’s grooming tools on the market today. This sleek and lightweight version comes with a replaceable ceramic blade and operates at 6,000 strokes per minute. The blade was created with the most sensitive areas in mind to reduce tugging, nicking, and pulling, while giving a closely clean shave. It’s fully waterproof and has 90 minutes of full run time to make sure you get everything you need. This trimmer comes with 2 adjustable guide combs, a cleaning brush, and a USB charger.

Ratings Breakdown


The Meridian trimmer is made of matte plastic and high quality ceramic blades for good durability and ease of use.


When compared to other trimmers of similar quality and performance, this trimmer is well worth the money and comes in at a cheaper price point than their competitors.

customer experience

This trimmer completes everything that it’s supposed to with ease and performs better than its competitors.


This brand is geared specifically towards men and getting them to discuss more sensitive topics, while creating product lines within those genres.

Who Is

Meridian was founded in 2019 by Darwish Gani and Richard Hong. However, the pair actually founded the parent company of Meridian, Pangaea Holdings, in 2018. The first company launched from the parent company was Lumin. Lumin carries skin care, hair care, and body products specifically for men. After they launched Lumin, they decided they wanted to tackle an even more sensitive topic, so they approached men’s grooming trimmers and products next with Meridian.Meridian-Trimmer-Logo

Their parent company, and all subsidiaries are geared solely towards men to create more dialogue about the more sensitive topics men typically avoid.

The goal of the pair is to continue to help this market evolve, so that products along these lines are more mainstream, and less taboo, by 2030. And they plan to achieve this by continuing to expand their lines of affordable, simple, and effective skin care and grooming products for men.


  • Extra wide blade for a better shave
  • No nicking or pulling
  • Exceptionally long battery life
  • Comes with a ton of useful tools
  • Good price point
  • Free shipping on orders over $30


  • Doesn’t have a light on it

Meridian Trimmer Performance And Testing

As someone who has just recently embarked upon the world of men’s grooming, I’m interested to see the different options that are on the market. I’ve previously tried the Manscaped trimmer and really enjoyed the experience. So when I heard about Meridian and their slightly more cost effective price point, my interest was peaked.Meridian-Trimmer-Cable-and-tool

I decided to give Meridian The Trimmer a try, especially since it comes in about $20 cheaper than the Manscaped version. The technology with this trimmer is extremely similar to the Manscaped trimmer, but with a couple of minor differences.

While both of these trimmers have ceramic blades (which work really well for a close, smooth shave), the Meridian trimmer has a much wider blade. The wider blade made my body hair trimming go much faster than I’ve ever experienced, so this was a nice perk. 

This blade is also much smoother than any of the other metal blades I’ve used before, which instilled even more confidence.Meridian-Trimmer-Ball

I used this trimmer over the course of a month for various body trimming needs. During that time, I never once experienced any nicks or snags while using it. I also used it in the shower quite often since it was supposed to be waterproof. And I can tell you that I never had one issue with it while being used in water.

This trimmer also came with two adjustable guide combs (3-6mm and 9-12mm) which helped me get the perfect length every time. And the battery life was excellent, so I never had to recharge it the whole time I was testing the trimmer out. The USB adapter and plug-in cable seem like they will make recharging this grooming tool extremely simple.Meridian-Trimmer-Size-Attachments

Unlike the manscaped trimmer it does not have a light on it. So this is something I miss a little bit. But in the grand scheme of things, that complaint is minor compared to all of the perks it has.Meridian-Trimmer-Attachment-Equipped2

As for the diversity of this trimmer, it can be used on the whole body. Even though the brand has geared it towards specializing in the more sensitive areas. Meridian does recommend that if you want to use it for different parts of the body though, that a separate set of blades would be ideal. This is due to the fact that you keep the blades from crotch trimming separate from face trimming.

Personally I prefer this trimmer for my face. And with an extra set of blades, this would be the only trimmer that I would need. Overall, I would rather have this trimmer than the Manscaped for the price point, because it performed the same or better on all of my tests.


The Trimmer

This waterproof trimmer handles coarse and curly hair without painful nicks and pulling. It the essential foundation of any men’s grooming routine.

Is The Meridian Trimmer Good Quality?

The Meridian brand is geared specifically towards men and creating higher quality products for their most sensitive areas. The parent company, Pangaea Holdings, is based out of California but appears to have most of their products manufactured in Korea. The company doesn’t disclose much more information than that regarding where they source their raw materials or the quality standards of the manufacturing plants. This is something I would like to see as a consumer, to help reaffirm my thoughts on their quality.Meridian-Trimmer-Shower

However, the company does offer a generous warranty against defects on their products. They also offer an extended protection program for the life of the products, with an additional fee, of course. Overall, while we don’t have much information from the brand to state without a doubt that their products are high-quality, they certainly feel high-quality.

The performance is out of this world, so it stands to reason that there must be something to this with regards to the overall quality of their products.

Is The Meridian Trimmer Worth It?

Ultimately, my experience with Meridian has been fairly stupendous in the land of men’s grooming. This company offers more than just men’s grooming trimmers too, which only increases my interest in them. I loved my experience with the Meridian trimmer so much that I am now interested to try some of the other products they have to compare and see if it enhances my overall experience.Meridian-Trimmer-Unboxed

Therefore, in my opinion, the Meridian The Trimmer is definitely worth giving a go. The price point is lower than direct competitors of similar quality and design. So it’s difficult to say where you could go wrong with giving them a try. Plus, if you aren’t completely satisfied right out of the gate, they have a good returns policy within 30 days.

Meridian Trimmer Coupons & Discounts

Meridian offers a military and first responder discount that has to be verified through GOVX ID. Other than that, they don’t offer coupons or discounts that often. This is due to their already fairly competitive price points to begin with. But, if you sign up for their email list, the brand claims they will send you product tips and offers. So this is certainly a good way to get some potential good deals on their products.



Yes, it certainly is waterproof. The brand just recommends that it be kept away from water any time it is being charged. For hopefully obvious reasons.

Yes, you can use the Meridian trimmer on all body parts. However, the brand recommends that you use a different set of blades if you are going to use it on your face and groin region. This is to prevent the spread of bacteria from one part of the body to another.

Once you place your order with Meridian, it can take anywhere from 4-8 business days for them to process your order. After your order has finally been processed (yes, this is one of the longest processing times out there right now), it can take another 5-15 business days to get to you. And this is if you live in the United States. If you are in other countries, it can take up to 40 business days to get to you!
So with a delivery time of anywhere between 9-23 business days, within the United States, it’s best to place your order sooner rather than later.

Meridian does have a fairly decent return policy, especially for a company that is geared towards men’s grooming tools. The brand will give you up to 30 days from the date of receipt to return your product for a full refund. Once they receive your product back, you can expect to see your full refund within 5-9 business days on your original payment method.

Meridian does also offer a decent warranty on specialized products, such as these. The brand offers a complimentary 1 year warranty from all manufacturer defects. If you want to be exceptionally safe, you can always purchase their Meridian Extended Protection plan when you check out for an additional fee. This plan covers repair or replacement of your trimmer for the lifetime of the product for any reason.

Meridian does offer financing options through their partnership with Afterpay. This financing option will let you make 4 equal payments every 2 weeks until the total balance is paid off. You’ll have to make your first installment payment upon checkout and the remaining 3 will occur every 2 weeks after that. However, any taxes and shipping fees will be due upon checkout and not be included in the amount financed.


Other Meridian Products

Yes, Meridian does sell other products besides their The Trimmer to help round out your trimming experience. The current complementary offerings they have are:

Of course, they also offer some custom bundles of the products they think you’ll like most to help you save even more money. The current bundle offerings include:

  • The Maintenance Package – includes the trimmer, spray, and 2 replacement blades ($99.99)
  • The Complete Package – includes the trimmer and the spray ($74.99)
  • The Classic Maintenance Package – includes the trimmer, spray, 2 replacement blades, Lumin Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizing Rub, Lumin No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser, and Lumin Reload Exfoliating Rub ($139.99)
  • The Classic Go-To Package – includes the trimmer, spray, 2 replacement blades, the go-to bag, and the brief ($129.99)
  • The Deluxe To-Go Package – includes the trimmer, spray, 2 replacement blades, the to-go bag, the brief, and the nail kit ($144.99)
  • The Comfort Package – includes the trimmer, spray, 1 replacement blade, and the brief ($104.99)
  • The Works Package – includes the trimmer, the up-here trimmer, spray, foot spray, 2 replacement blades, 2 up-here replacement blades, the to-go bag, the brief, and the nail kit ($219.99)

Meridian Trimmer Summary

Ultimately, the Meridian grooming trimmer is one of my new favorite grooming tools. It’s sleek, quiet, and exceptionally diverse. The trimmer does what it’s supposed to do without any chafing or pulling. And with an extremely long battery life, it means that I can use it quite frequently without ever having to recharge it.Meridian-Trimmer-head

The fact that this trimmer is at a lower price point than it’s most comparable competition, and seems to operate just as well, if not better, it’s a no brainer. 

The Meridian trimmer is well worth the money for what you get. And I love that they have so many complementary product offerings to go with it in order to complete the men’s grooming experience.