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MeUndies Review: Best Quality For Your Money?

Meundies Hipster Panties

MeUndies Hipster Panties

MeUndies is blessing you with the gift of full-coverage. For those who want each of their buns cradled by our signature, soft-as-heck, MicroModal fabric, these will do the trick. Soft-leg elastic keeps your Undies in one spot, with a classic hipster fit for under-the-pants comfort all day long.

Featured Product: MeUndies Hipster Panties

Price: $18 each for non-members but only $14 for MeUndies members

The MeUndies Hipster Panties is a stylish, yet universally flattering underwear fit. These panties are made from ethically sourced MicroModal and Elastane fabrics.

They also feature a soft, flexible, no-roll elastic waistband to keep things in place all day long. This particular style of MeUndies comes in a ton of different colors and styles broken down into the classic, bold, or adventurous categories. This particular pair of panties are entitled “The Child Returns.”

Ratings Breakdown


The materials they use are soft, durable, long-lasting, ethically sourced and imported.


MeUndies are a bit pricier than even the more expensive mainstream luxury brands of panties. But, they’re made to last longer and fit better, so there is added value to that.

customer experience

MeUndies are extremely soft with colors and patterns that stay put wash after wash. Their no-roll waistband doesn’t hurt either.


This company really strives to hit the message of body positivity home, while also focusing on creating a better global impact with their products at the same time.

Who is MeUndies?

MeUndies was founded by Jonathan Shokrian in 2011 to change the underwear market for the better. His goal was to create the way people think, feel, and shop for underwear with a 4-pronged approach. MeUndies aims to:

  1. Simplify and elevate the underwear shopping experience
  2. Create a superior, more ethically sourced product
  3. Provide world-class customer service
  4. Fuel authentic self-expression

By implementing all of these facets into the business model, Jonathan changed the underwear game. Plus, they were the first company to offer a monthly subscription for underwear, which was unheard of prior to MeUndies. 

On top of creating a new underwear shopping and buying model, MeUndies is also really involved with different philanthropies to enhance their positive footprint in the community. The current list of philanthropies the company and/or the founder engage in are:

All of these philanthropies help to either increase the acceptance of body diversity and overall inclusiveness in society, or help train young professionals to think more globally. The combination of an innovative underwear shopping platform, quality underwear meant to last, and bountiful philanthropies makes this company sets them apart in this market.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • A ton of different designs to choose from
  • Colors don’t stain or bleed in the wash
  • Monthly membership to save money and get new, fun products each month
  • Free shipping


  • Can be too thick to wear for a workout
  • Underwear lines show through athleisure wear

MeUndies Fit & Style

I had heard a lot about MeUndies before, but had never actually given them a try before now. So I was excited to see if they lived up to the hype. The first thing I noticed about them was how fun and engaging the MeUndies website was. The fact that the company is working hard to create fun, comfortable designs while encouraging body positivity and acceptance was a huge bonus to me.meundies-hipster-panties-behind2

It took me a while to decide which two pairs of panties I wanted to try because they have so many different designs. I also wasn’t entirely sure which size to get initially either. They have a pretty intuitive sizing chart to help, but when all else fails they also have the CheekSquad for more in-depth guidance.Sizing Guide MeUndies

I normally wear a size 1-3 in pants, so I went with a Small in both the MeUndies Bikini Panties and the MeUndies Hipster Panties. Once I placed my order, they took about 3 business days to get to me. This was much faster than I anticipated, so I was pleasantly surprised.

The first pair I tried were the MeUndies Bikini Panties in the Red Hibiscus pattern. Neither one of the underwear options were tight or uncomfortable. They were both soft, but were a bit thicker than I normally like. meundies-hipster-panties-orange-ground-zoomed

I also noticed with both pairs of panties that the thicker outer stitching created panty lines in my normal everyday attire. I am not a big fan of those, so this was a con for me.

But, on the upside, after washing both pairs of panties multiple times, they still looked and felt the same as when I took them out of the original package. They didn’t bleed or run in the washing machine, which happens more often than not with dyed clothing.


After trying the bikini panties, I wanted to see if the hipster version was any different. I really enjoyed the fun pattern that I got with these. They did offer more coverage than the bikini panties, while still having the same thicker outer stitching.

The contrasting no-roll elastic waistband was fantastic though, in that it stayed in place no matter what I did. This is different from most other panties I’ve ever tried previously.



Between the two panty styles, I preferred the hipster panties. This was due to the fact that I just prefer how they look on my body compared to the bikini cut. Both of these styles of panties are a bit thicker than I’m used to though. So, they work better for me on days when I know I’ll be sweating less. Which makes them a great go-to panty option on lounging around days.

However, with both styles of panties, the Small size did run a bit big for me. I could have probably gone with an XS in both panty styles and been fine. But the slightly larger size was still really comfortable, so maybe they are made to run a bit large for extra comfort.meundies-hipster-panties-top-black

I thought it would be great if MeUndies would consider making a new line of panties that don’t have the thicker outer stitching to help alleviate the panty line problem. And it just happens that MeUndies has recently released the Breathe line of seamless panties for those of us who don’t panty lines.

I wish I had been able to try those as well as the two I tried originally. However, both panties would be great for relaxing at home when I don’t have to worry about that since they were so darn comfortable.

Are MeUndies Good Quality?

A big part of MeUndies goal as a company appears to be to create comfortable underwear while also positively impacting the world. And this includes what their products are made with and where they are manufactured.meundies-hipster-panties-lying-behind

According to the brand, their products are all made from fabrics that are ethically sourced, and some of them are even organic. The materials they use mostly are:

MeUndies claims these fabrics are all super soft, super stretchy, breathable, and ethically sourced. However, they don’t state any certifications or accrediting bodies for any of the fabrics used, nor do they elaborate any further as to where the fabrics come from.

Therefore, until there is more transparency from the company on these issues, these are just brand claims, in my opinion, as opposed to fact.

MeUndies also has similar brand claims about the factories they choose to use. The brand states they use factories in: 

  • China – sock production
  • Guatemala – loungewear production
  • Los Angeles – loungewear and T-shirt production
  • Sri Lanka – development, cut and sew
  • Turkey – development, cut and sew

MeUndies chooses to use factories from around the world because it helps to increase their global impact, while also creating the highest quality products. MeUndies claims that they audit every vendor regularly to ensure accountability and honest communication.

However, they don’t state how they track and report this, nor do they state whether any of the factories have quality certifications. So, in the same vein as the fabric claims, until there is more transparency regarding this, they should be taken with a grain of salt.meundies-hipster-panties-orange-leaning

But, even with that being said, the fact that they are claiming to make an effort to increase their global footprint while ethically sourcing materials is more than a lot of companies can say. So, it’s a start.

Plus, MeUndies stands behind their product if you try the first pair and don’t like them. They’ll let you send the others back at no charge and will pay you back for the underwear you didn’t like. The first time only though. After that, they presume you’ll have figured out what you like and how their underwear fits your body.

Are MeUndies Women’s Panties Worth It?

MeUndies has a great mission and some super comfortable products to choose from. The fact that they make their products to last, extremely stretchy, washable without running, and have a no-roll waistband are huge bonuses. All of these options can be extremely difficult to find in the land of women’s panties.

So, if you’re willing to spend a bit more than the usual 7 for $27 you do at other stores, then they are probably worth a shot. Plus, if you decide to sign up for their membership option, then you’ll be able to save even more money. And you can cancel your membership any time. So, really, what is there to lose?

MeUndies Coupons & Discounts

MeUndies will offer you a discount almost as soon as you hit their website if you agree to sign up for their email list. This is usually 15% off your first order, plus they offer free shipping. 

They also have a MeUndies Membership Program to help you save even more money on their underwear products. This membership gives you a discount on all items that are purchased through the recurring monthly program. You can pick and choose your colors and styles to diversify your underwear drawer.

While it may seem like a lot of underwear to some consumers, they allow you to skip a month or cancel your membership at any time to make things even easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a new brand of underwear that has everything a consumer wants can be easier said than done. So, there’s usually a lot of research involved before a final decision is made. Hopefully, some of these questions and answers will help determine if MeUndies is the new underwear for you.

What is their return policy?

Their return process is about as simple as they come. If you don’t like your order for any reason, you can submit a request to return the products. They will then either issue a refund or a store credit. However, you cannot return underwear or swimsuits that have been tried on, worn, or washed for sanitary reasons.

The only exception is the first time you purchase something from them and you don’t like it, they will refund you the money you spent on it but won’t take it back. They want their customers to be happy and be repeat customers, so getting good-fitting underwear is key here.

Are MeUndies breathable?

Yes, all of the MeUndies underwear are breathable. However, they have just released their most breathable line yet, Breathe. This line is made of more breathable fabrics, such as:

  • 69% Textured Nylon
  • 22% Spandex
  • 9% Recycled Nylon

How does the MeUndies membership work?

When a consumer signs up for the membership program with MeUndies, they can choose between underwear, socks, or a bralette each month. They can pick their size and color ahead of time and will be some of the first to know about new releases.

The membership gives consumers a discounted rate on the product they choose each month. And, if you decide you need to skip a month, it can be done directly through your online account. The same goes for swapping styles, pausing the membership, or canceling. 

Currently, not all of their products are available within the membership program. But, if you’re already signed up, then you can get membership pricing on the other items that aren’t currently offered. So, that’s pretty cool!

How long does MeUndies take to ship?

Like a lot of other online companies, the brand states that your order won’t be shipped until 1-2 business days after the order has been placed.

This is the processing period and once that is over then they will ship. From that point on, it can take anywhere from 2-7 business days to get to you. My order only took 3 business days total, so I must have either gotten lucky or live close to where my panties were shipped from.

For orders being delivered to Canada, you should expect a 1-3 week shipping time. For international orders, the shipping time usually arrives within 10-12 business days after the order has been processed.

MeUndies Women’s Panties Summary

Ultimately, MeUndies is a highly inclusive company that aims to change the way consumers think and feel about underwear. The fact that they have so many different styles, colors, and designs doesn’t hurt either. 

Therefore, if you’re someone who wants to promote inclusivity, acceptance, and ethically sourced products all while sporting some fun and comfortable undies, then they may be worth checking out.

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