Our Place Knives Review
Last Updated: October 2021

Our Place Knife Trio Review: The Perfect Set?

Quality Knife Set

Our Place Knife Trio Set

Cover all your slicing needs with just three knives. This trio includes the Everyday Chef’s Knife for sturdy chopping and all-the-time use, the Serrated Slicing Knife for anything soft and squishy or hard and crusty, and the Precise Paring Knife for those tinier (but very important) tasks. You’re all set to prep!

Featured Product: Knife Trio Set

Price: $145

The Our Place Knife Trio Set makes chopping and slicing natural and easy. They use a proprietary handle to create a better, more natural feel of the knife in your hand. Plus, they use German steel to create a full tang for added strength and stability. This set comes with an 8” chef’s knife, a 9” serrated knife, and a 4” paring knife. All available for individual purchase.

Our place knife trio delivery

Ratings Breakdown


The Our Place Knife Trio Set sports a full tang German made steel blade.


These are fantastic knives, but hardly inexpensive. However, the quality of what you get for the price is good.

customer experience

These knives are easy to handle, easy to clean, well-balanced, sharp, and easy to slice through more difficult products.


This company has substantial ethical labor and sustainable practices. They also engage in company philanthropy.

Who is Our Place?

Our Place was founded in 2018 by Shiza Shahid and Amir Tehrani. The couple decided to marry their two passions together, cookware and educational initiatives, to create the company. The two believe that education and inclusiveness can begin in the kitchen. Therefore, the creation of this company is to help bring more unity, and tastier food, to the world.About Our Place Company

While they initially began their line with factories in only China and Thailand, they began to expand to other emerging markets.

The reasoning behind this is due to the fact that these emerging markets have been creating some of these products for thousands of years and they are at the top of their game. So, the couple wants to meet the artisanal makers where they are. 

This level of inclusivity is one good reason to take a look at Our Place products. This company donated over 200,000 meals to the underserved markets by partnering with Feeding America during the pandemic in 2020.

They are also currently seeking partners who would be willing to reuse or recycle their lightly used cookware returns. All of these positive steps help to set this company apart from other cookware manufacturers.


  • Comfortable in the hand
  • Made of quality German steel
  • Full tang
  • Well-balanced
  • Supremely smooth cuts
  • Free shipping
  • Good returns policy


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Protective sheath could be a bit more substantial for the price

Our Place Trio Knife Sets Performance & Feel

As someone who spends an exorbitant amount of time in the kitchen, having good knives is important to me. But, I’ve always shied away from spending a lot of money on my knives thus far. This has left me a little lacking in the good, quality knife department. Therefore, I decided to give the Our Place Knife Trio Set a try. 

While this set is a bit more expensive than I would usually be interested in, it wasn’t nearly as expensive as many other knives I’ve run across. I placed my order on a Friday and was pleasantly surprised to see my order show up the following Tuesday.

Full Tang knife

The only slightly odd thing to me was that each knife was sent in a separate box instead of being shipped all together. This made for a lot more packaging and recycle waste, which I wasn’t a huge fan of. However, that being said, the boxes were really well-packed so I didn’t have to worry about any potential shipping damage.

Each knife included a natural sponge for cleaning, in addition to a protective knife guard for storing. The knife guard is nice, but nothing overly impressive. For the price, I would have expected a knife guard with a little more substance. Nevertheless, the knife guards didn’t affect the quality of the knives, so it’s really not too much to complain about.

knife cleaning sponge

All 3 knives looked and felt well-made with gorgeous, exceedingly sharp German stainless steel. The full tang was visible down the shaft of the handle, which was not something I expected to see. With the price point of knives I’ve previously purchased, this was rarely an option. So, I was excited to try these because of that fact.

Each knife had a good, balanced feel in hand, not being too light or heavy. One of the first things I noticed upon using the knives was how smooth the cuts were. It seemed no matter what we were cutting the knives sliced through without any opposition. This may have been due to the slightly larger cutting edges on these blades.our place knife feel

I performed some quality tests just to see how well these knives would work under pressure. The two foods I was really interested in trying these out on were tomatoes and cheese. 

While cheese can absolutely be cut with standard knives, the process usually isn’t as clean or easy. The problem with cutting cheese is that typically there is extra resistance along the non-cutting portion of the blade as it slices through the cheese. knife cutting cheese test

This was not an issue here at all. I also didn’t feel any significant dragging of the knife while cutting cheese. My guess as to why it was so effective was due to the slightly larger cutting edge on the blade.

When it comes to tomatoes, the typical issue is that the skin creates too much resistance. Due to this fact, it’s hard to cut through a tomato without bursting through the cut. This basically mashes the tomato instead of neatly slicing it. knife cutting tomatoes test

But, since the knife was so sharp it easily handled breaking the skin of the tomatoes. This made it really easy to lightly push the knife to get through the rest of the tomato after that.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease to which the Our Place knives handled these more notoriously difficult cuts.

Are Our Place Knife Trio Sets Good Quality?

Our Place is one of the few mainstream knife companies I’ve run across that uses German stainless steel. Plus, they make their knives with a full tang, which is harder to come across than one might think. 

By creating a knife line with a full tang, as opposed to a ¼ or ½ tang, the company is creating a stronger and more balanced product. I’ve used plenty of knives in my life, and the only ones that don’t eventually break are the knives with a full tang.Pairing Knife Tang


If you’re newer to the knife game and aren’t sure what that means, take a look at the stainless steel running the entire length of the knife handle. That is the tang portion of the knife. When the blade is forged, it means they created it to go the entire length of the handle instead of a shorter version. While this costs more money to produce, it’s a sign of a higher-quality product.

And all of their knives are being produced by one factory in China. This factory is touted to be in the knife-making region of China. The brand states that this factory has over 80 expert knife smiths, most of which have 15 years of experience or more. Our Place claims that this factory is also one of the few in the world that treats their blades with the traditional cryogenic method. our-place-knife-cutting-edg2

They also do their best to ensure this factory is treating their employees fairly with compensation and good benefits. The brand says that they engage in multiple factory site visits to ensure quality and employee treatment is being upheld.

In addition to that, Our Place also validates this by:

While all of these are fantastic steps towards continual quality control, the brand doesn’t give any clearer indication as to which of these are performed at this particular plant. It’s nice to see a company that is working diligently to offer transparency, but they could use a little more with regard to clarity.

However, these knives speak for themselves with regard to quality due to the way they are made.

Is The Our Place Knife Trio Set Worth It?

Finding a good quality knife that actually cuts like it’s supposed to can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. But, due to the way One Place has their knives crafted, this company may just be a great contender. While their knives are a bit more expensive than what most consumers would consider paying, the quality is well worth it.everyday knives

While the Knife Trio Set comes in at $145 at the time of this review, this is really not that expensive for 3 good knives. If you purchase their knives separately, you’ll spend exponentially more money. Here’s the breakdown of how much each knife in the set would cost if you purchased them individually:

At these prices, you’re saving $25 right out of the gate just by purchasing the set. And the fact that these knives cut through pretty much anything as easily as butter, you should be good in the knife department for quite some time.

Our Place Coupons & Discounts

If you want to learn about new collections and special deals, then signing up for the Our Place email list is the way to go. Usually, they’ll send you a discount code off of your first order once you sign up also.

knife cutting spinache

Frequently Asked Questions

Anytime a consumer is on the hunt for new knives, there can be a plethora of questions circling around prior to purchase. Here is where we answer some of the most common questions about Our Place to help you make the most educated decision.

How long does Our Place take to ship?

Typically, you will receive your order within 2-8 business days after you order. The first 1-2 days of this is for processing. Once your order has been processed and shipped, it can take another 1-6 business days to get to you.our place knife set shipping

This will all be dependent upon whether or not the item you want is in stock and where you live in the United States. However, if you want your items faster, you can pay for expedited shipping instead of the free ground shipping.

What is the Our Place returns or exchange policy?

Our Place offers free returns and exchanges up to 30 days after your item has shipped. If you decide you don’t want the product after all, or you want to exchange it, you’ll just need to reach out to them to start a return. They don’t require that you have the original packaging. 

Which is nice for consumers like myself, since I always recycle the packaging immediately. They just ask that you return the items in a sturdy box instead.

Once your item has been received by them, then you can expect to see your refund or your exchange sent out. You will have 28 days to mail back your items once you’ve started the returns process.

How do I clean my Our Place Knife Trio Set?

As with any higher quality knives, they should never be put in the dishwasher. Therefore, you should hand wash your knives with warm soapy water. Each knife in the set comes with a cleaning sponge, so it’s advised to use this whenever possible. Take care when cleaning the blades so as to not cut yourself. our-place-knife-cleaning2

Once the knife has been thoroughly washed, hand dry and replace the protective sheath for storage.

Does Our Place offer financing?

Yes, Our Place does offer a financing option. They have partnered with Affirm to bring this option to their consumers.  If you choose the financing option upon checkout, you’ll be subject to an eligibility check prior to approval. 

But, this is not supposed to affect your credit score, which makes it a good option if you can’t pay for the knives all at one time. This option comes with 4 zero interest payments every 2 weeks. The initial payment will be made upon checkout and then every 2 weeks after that for the next 3 installments.

Our Place Knife Trio Set Summary

Ultimately, this knife set has been one of my more favorite finds for the kitchen recently. I have been on the hunt for a good set of knives that wasn’t going to kill my budget completely and have been pretty happily surprised by this find.our place knife trio

The fact that the company works to create good, quality products that are simplistic and multifunctional is right up my alley. After all, I, like most consumers, need fewer things in the kitchen that get in my way. So the more things I have that are multifunctional the better. 

While I would love to see a slightly stronger blade guard offered with each knife, if that’s the worst of my concerns, then these are pretty darn good knives. As a bonus, they look nice and sleek when they are out on my counter with all of my dinnerware and cookware too.