Last Updated: September 2021

Pepper Bra Review: Support for Small Breasts

Pepper was founded by two women who are part of the IBTC–the affectionate nickname for women with smaller breasts.  With the goal of producing quality bras that fit small breasts of all shapes and sizes, they launched Pepper, which has been featured in several publications such as The Huffington Post, Glamour, and Bustle. Do they live up to the hype? Let’s find out. 

Featured Product: The Classic All You Bra

pepper-classic-all-you-closeupPrice: $55.00 each

Bundle and Save: FREE shipping for orders over $90.00, and FREE returns and exchanges 

The Classic All You Bra is a stylish, comfortable bra with mesh detailing, giving it a flirty yet delicate feel. It is made with lightweight materials including 82% Polyamide, 18% Elastane, and non-toxic OEKOTEX certified fabrics. These OEKOTEX fabrics are certified, tested to be free of harmful chemicals, and are gentle against your skin.pepperbra-classic-all-you-alone

This bra comes in three colors including black, white smoke, and lavender grape shake. The sizes come in a wide range, from 30AA to 40B, ensuring a proper fit for nearly any body type. 


The Classic All You Bra

Women of the IBTC – here at last is a bra that remains comfortable and unobtrusive, regardless of cup size. The Classic All You Bra is perfect for women who need just a bit of padding.


  • Sleek, beautiful design that can easily be worn underneath a sheer top as part of the outfit or with an open blouse or blazer
  • A lightweight yet padded band that provides support without rubbing against your skin
  • Comfortable fabric that does not feel stiff when worn
  • Machine washable when used with a laundry bag
  • Free returns


  • With a $55 price tag, the Classic All You Bra is the most expensive of all of Pepper’s bras
  • May be best to wash in Pepper’s laundry bag specifically made for washing bras to help it last longer
  • Although beautiful, the mesh detailing may snag and not last as long as the rest of the bra

Ratings Breakdown


Although comfortable and beautiful, the Classic All You Bra sat well while I wore it, but the material is not as buttery soft as other brands. It still holds up well and is made of high-quality materials, but it’s hard to imagine that this bra will last more than a year or so with consistent use. It is machine washable, but it would likely last longer if hand washed due to the mesh detailing. Pepper has their own laundry wash bag available on their website, which is a great option for washing the bra.


The Classic All You Bra is the most expensive of Pepper’s bras, which range from $38-$55. A small range, only two of the seven Pepper bras are lined with underwire: the Mesh All You Bra and the Classic All You Bra. The remaining bras, the Limitless Wirefree Scoop Bra, Laidback Lace Bra, the Cherry Bomb Bra, Everyday Lace Bralette, and the limited edition Ultraviolet Wirefree Bra are unlined or have extra layers of lace. It’s a surprisingly small collection, given the fact that the Cherry Bomb and Ultraviolet bras are limited edition colors of the Limitless Wirefree Scoop Bra.

customer experience

The bra was not only comfortable, but it stayed put all day without the cups digging into my skin. As someone with small breasts and a wide ribcage, it’s difficult to find an underwire bra that doesn’t feel like it’s riding up because it is oftentimes painful. The bra is also beautiful, and comes in two additional colors.


Pepper is devoted to creating a community for women with small breasts, “who have been overlooked,” and shamed for their body type. Bras for smaller breasts tend to leave gaps, or look like training bras, or generally have an unflattering fit. Pepper has designed beautiful bras that actually fit, and are created to boost the confidence of the women wearing them. In addition to creating bras for women with small breasts and being eco-concious, they are partnered with Free the Girls, an organization that helps women who have been rescued from sex trafficking reintegrate into their communities. If you donate a gently used bra to the organization, Pepper will send you a discount code.

About Pepper & Pepper Bras

There are several brands that have bras for smaller breasts, but Pepper decided to hyper-focus their target audience and focus exclusively on women with small breasts–of all shapes and sizes.pepper-classic-all-you-strapsPepper was founded in 2017 as a Kickstarter campaign that surpassed its goal within 10 hours of launching. With beauty standards constantly pushing the idea that women should have bigger breasts or wear padded bras, Pepper took a stand and said enough was enough. Women are not defined by the size of their breasts and should be empowered in the size they have.

Pepper’s bras are manufactured in Colombia, in a factory dedicated not only to producing high-quality bras, but crafting them in a socially responsible factory, where the workers are primarily women and all workers are paid fair market wages. Additionally, Pepper’s supply chain system minimizes their carbon footprint by manufacturing the products near their material suppliers.

Pepper Bra Classic All You Shoulder

By reducing their carbon footprint, Pepper’s fabric mill recycles 80% of fabric waste into other goods and overall uses less water to dye their products. Even their packaging is conscious about the environment: the cardboard box your bra arrives in is made from carbon neutral SFI (Sustainable Forestry Industry) forests, where more trees are planted each year than cropped for goods. 

Along with their eco-conscious theme, Pepper pays their consumers for recycling their old bras. You can send a picture of yourself recycling gently used bras to Pepper, and you’ll receive a discount for your next purchase from their website. 

Pepper Classic All You Bra Review

The Classic All You Bra is a beautiful bra designed with the needs in mind of women who have small breasts, which pose different challenges compared to women with large breasts. Pepper’s bras are pretty and functional–key features in choosing a bra. 

Personally, I love the wide band and the wide hooks. The wide band is made of a slightly thicker, soft material that didn’t rub against my skin or chaffe all day. The wide hooks make it easier to put on and take the bra off at the end of the day, even without looking.pepperbra-all-you-bookPepper bras are designed with women with small breasts in mind. Beauty standards have continuously made women feel that their breast size determines their worth or level of attraction, and heavily padded bras have been marketed for decades (we’re looking at you, Victoria’s Secret). Pepper aims to empower women with what they are born with, all while being an eco-conscious brand. 

The Classic All You Bra fits snugly underneath the bust, and the adjustable straps make it easy to tighten or loosen depending on your preference. It’s stylish, and can easily be worn as a top with high-waisted jeans (like a bustier!), or exposed underneath an open blazer or button up shirt. Because it’s comfortable, flattering, and easy on the eyes, it only makes it easier to make it into a statement piece.pepper-classoc-all-you-clasp

After viewing all their products on their website, I’d love to purchase the Classic All You Bra in the additional colors. There are several factors that led to my positive experience with this bra, including:

  • The classic, comfortable style
  • Straps that were thin enough to be supportive and not dig into my skin
  • A band that also didn’t dig into my skin, even though it’s thick
  • Cups that are thin yet supportive and don’t leave gaps

How Does The Classic All You Bra Fit?

A proper fitting bra and the correct size are essential for buying a bra. Thankfully, Pepper has designed a perfect fit styling quiz to help you determine which size you need. The quiz is simple and only takes two minutes of your time, and guides you through a proper fitting. You’ll be asked specific questions such as the fit of your current bra and how it feels.pepper-classic-all-you-quizAccording to Pepper’s research, 85% of women who wear an AA, A, or B cup bra experience cup gaps. This is a disproportionate number of women with an incorrectly fitting bra, which further shows how much this target audience needs a bra that fits their needs. 

By hyper-focusing on their target audience, Pepper has designed bras to fill in the gaps with quality products. They don’t sell push up bras or anything with too many thick layers, because Pepper wants you to feel comfortable and confident in your skin, no matter your cup size. The bra stayed put all day, without riding up and causing that uncomfortable tug over the breasts that leaves the underwire sitting awkwardly on top of the thin skin. 

Are They Good Quality?

While a well-made bra, the Pepper Classic All You bra is not at the top of the list in terms of quality, simply because there are bras out in the market that are softer, fit about the same, and are about the same cost.

Pepper Bra Classic All You

That’s not to say you should skip out on the Pepper bra completely, it is a great bra and a great brand. Perhaps if they had a t-shirt bra in their line instead of two bras with mesh detailing then it would rank higher. A simpler bra is easier to care for and generally lasts longer. Overall though, it fits well, is made of good materials, and will last the typical lifespan of a year. 

Is The Pepper Bra Worth It?

The lifeline of a Pepper bra partially depends on how often you wash it and how you care for it. Pepper bras aren’t cheap, but they certainly aren’t on the luxurious end of the price scale, either. 

The Classic All You Bra is the most expensive bra at $55, which isn’t a terrible price compared to big name brands. There are cheaper options that include a lace bra and wirefree bras, ranging from $38 to $54.pepper-classic-all-you-strap-meshIf you prefer a well-made, cute bra that you can wear everyday, then Pepper has good options for you. Wirefree bras are generally more comfortable and can be worn with leggings and other athleisure wear. The lacier fits can also be dressed up or down, and who doesn’t love a good fashion piece that doubles as everyday wear? With Pepper bras, you’ll likely wear a different one everyday, which increases their value. 

Pepper Bra Designs

Pepper’s current line of bras is small and simple, yet still versatile. The company was founded just four years ago, so it may be that they prefer to focus on their current products before launching more bras. 

Personally, when I’m shopping for a bra I want it to look and feel nice but I also take into consideration how often I can wear it, and if it can be seen through my shirt. Pepper seems to have taken this into consideration in designing bras that are not only pretty, but aren’t so frivolous they can’t be worn underneath a basic shirt.pepper-classic-all-you-cupTheir bras range in size from XXS to XL for their wirefree bras, and 30AA to 40B for their underwire bras. A size chart is included in case you need further assistance as well. According to their website, their line is as follows:

How Do You Care For a Pepper Bra?

Caring for a Pepper bra is similar to caring for any bra in your closet. With regular wear and washing, it should last about a year, and most women have a few bras they recycle in their wardrobe. It’s generally recommended to hand-wash bras and let them air dry, but since most of us don’t have the time for that, Pepper has laid out a how-to guide in caring for your bras, with another link to their handy laundry bag. pepper-classic-all-you-frame-1

In the guide you will find quick tips on how to care for your bra and ensure it lives a good life. We have all thrown our bras in the dryer at one point, which is an easy way to wear the garment down even more. Air drying is the best method to increase the lifespan of the bra, and if you have others on rotation then not having that specific bra for the day shouldn’t be a problem.

Pepper Coupons & Discounts

Pepper is offering a summer discount for 20% off a second bra when you buy the first one at full price. But you’lll have to hurry–this offer ends on Memorial Day. 

pepper-save-the-girls-2-Additionally, you’ll receive 10% off your next purchase if you send a photo of you recycling an old bra to Free the Girls, an organization that assists women who have been rescued from the sex trade adjust into their new lives. This is a great brand with a great cause, all while creating beautiful and quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is their return/exchange policy?

Pepper offers free returns and exchanges for bras bought within 30 days and are undamaged, unworn, and have all the original tags attached to them. Exchanging for a different size? No problem, you can easily enter the order number and begin the process.

If a size doesn’t appear or you’d prefer a different color, you can request a refund or store credit and wait for that item or size to return. If you’re still unsure of your size, they have a great chart with instructions and sister sizes

If all else fails, you can send them a message or email them directly. 

Does Pepper only sell bras?

No! Pepper has a small selection of other items, including the aforementioned laundry bag, a scrunchie set, a mask, socks, a keychain, and a gift card. They are all affordable, ranging from $5 to $8 per item. 

Pepper Bra Summary

Bra shopping is already difficult enough, regardless of breast size. Luckily Pepper has taken most of the guesswork out of the process for women with small breasts by consciously creating bras that are comfortable, beautiful, and gap-free. 

pepper-classic-all-you-sinkThe prices are about the same as other bras without the high-end prices, so if you are looking for a quality bra that will be put to good use, Pepper might just have the bra selection for you. 

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