Purple Carrot Meal Delivery Review
Last Updated: July 2021

Purple Carrot Review — Plant-Based Meal Delivery


Spicy Mango Tempeh

Forget the shopping list. Enjoy everything you’ll need to craft a meal that anyone will find delicious —delivered. Purple Carrot’s Spicy Mango Tempeh comes with all natural ingredients included, such as lemon arugula and almond couscous.

Featured Product: Purple Carrot Spicy Mango Tempeh

Price: $11.99 per serving

The Spicy Mango Tempeh is a culinary delight to the palate. It combines a myriad of flavors and colors to create an all-encompassing dinnertime meal. Both sweet and pleasantly sharp, this dish appeals to most. It only takes about 30 minutes to prepare and comes with everything needed, including the almond couscous and lemon arugula.

Who is Purple Carrot?

Andy Levitt started Purple Carrot back in 2014, two years after getting diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. He found on his path to recovery, that incorporating a plant-based diet helped his body heal faster.

He felt so good with more plant-based incorporation, that he decided he wanted to pass his newfound health wealth onto the world. And that’s how Purple Carrot was born. He has also partnered with Tom Brady to a higher protein line of plant-based meals to increase performance.


  • Many delicious options
  • Everything is healthy and completely vegan
  • Recipes are easy to follow
  • Customizable menus
  • No extra ingredients needed
  • Can expand culinary palate and skills


  • A little pricier than other meal delivery options
  • Meals have to be cooked
  • Need an operational kitchen to prepare
  • Some cooking skills needed can be a bit more advanced

Ratings Breakdown


Their meals are simply delicious once prepared. High quality ingredients and versatile modifications.


Large quantities of food provided, but the overall cost can be a bit pricey. No options to have meals for each day of the week either.

customer experience

Purple Carrot has a wide variety of healthy, vegan options that can be customized weekly. With fast delivery and great customer support, they perform better than expected.


Purple Carrot is devoted to bringing plant-based healthier meal options to the world, as well as assisting with the reduction of carbon emissions.

Are Purple Carrot Meals Easy To Prepare?

When my family and I got to try Purple Carrot, we chose the Spicy Mango Tempeh and the Mushroom Fajita Bowls. The initial sign-up was quick and easy. When the Purple Carrot box arrived, everything came neatly wrapped in completely recyclable products. 

All of the ingredients and recipes for both meals were included and easy to unpack. We did need to have water, salt, a few kitchen utensils and a working kitchen. But, since these are things most of us have, it didn’t put us out to have these things. 

Cooking Purple Foods

In order to perform some of the required steps, we did need to know how to marinate and brown. Ultimately, the meals both took approximately 30 minutes or less to prepare and were absolutely delicious.

Purple Carrot’s products are fresh, healthy, and delicious. The meals all come in fully recyclable packaging and arrive in good condition. Their meals are fairly quick and easy to make. With the extra-large portion sizes, you definitely get a good amount of food for Purple Carrot’s value.


Spicy Mango Tempeh

Is Purple Carrot Good Quality?

Yes, Purple Carrot is good quality. All of their meals, extras, and snacks are healthy, nutritionally balanced, and vegan. They also make a point of getting as many ingredients as possible from local and organic sources.

By creating only plant-based meals, they are helping to decrease carbon emissions worldwide. And they also work to create nutrient dense, higher plant-based protein options to ensure a complete meal.

What Makes Purple Carrot Unique?

Purple Carrot is unique due to how the company started in the first place. This company was created out of a need that the founder realized during his own health journey. The company also wants to continue to support local agriculture and organic farmers. 

This can make their prices a bit higher than other meal delivery services. But, if these things are important to you, then Purple Carrot might just be the meal delivery service you’ve been looking for.

Purple Foods Worth It

Is Purple Carrot Worth It?

Overall, the quality, taste and prep time are fantastic with Purple Carrot. But, the price tag can be a bit of a deterrent to many consumers. So, Purple Carrot may be a good option for those that want to incorporate more plant-based meals into their lives. The offerings they have are very worth it to us. But, we would only have it delivered once or twice a month to help cut down on the costs.

Luckily, the portion sizes are pretty large compared to other meal delivery services. So, it is possible to stretch these meals even further by adding some of our own ingredients. Or we will probably use some of the leftovers to create entirely different meals throughout the week. Both of these options make Purple Carrot much more affordable to us.


Mushroom Fajita Bowl

Purple Carrot Coupons & Discounts

Purple Carrot offers a discount upon your initial subscription if you sign up for their mailing list. They also usually give a discount off of your first order, which can vary depending on when you place your first order. When I did it, I got $20 off my first week with Purple Carrot. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few different questions that seem to regularly come up with potential Purple Carrot customers. I want to address the most common questions in this section.

How does the subscription work?

Once you’ve completed your initial sign-up for Purple Carrot, you’ll begin receiving weekly meal delivery boxes. You have the ability to change, skip or cancel your order on a weekly basis. The subscription will be recurring unless you do one of the aforementioned.

Purple Carrot Ordering

Is there a deadline to edit, skip or cancel my order?

Yes, there is a deadline for any of these modifications. The Tuesday prior to the week your order is supposed to ship is the hard deadline. If you don’t cancel, edit or skip your order by that day, everything will come as usual.

Can Purple Carrot Accommodate Dietary Restrictions?

Yes, they most certainly can! Currently, they offer 4 different menu customizations for dietary restrictions and preferences. These include:

  • Chef’s Choice
  • Gluten Free
  • High Protein
  • Quick & Easy

Most of these are pretty self-explanatory. However, with Chef’s Choice you never know what you’re going to get. So, if you are in the market for a culinary surprise, and possibly a kitchen challenge, then I would suggest this option.

Purple Foods Taste

What extras does Purple Carrot offer?

They offer a few different options for extras. Their breakfast extras include 4 servings at $4.49 per serving. The current breakfast extras offerings are:

  • Lemon Poppy Overnight Oats
  • Loaded Avocado Toasts

Their lunch extras include 2 servings at $8.99 per serving. The current lunch extras offerings are:

  • Cashew Cheese & Apricot Melts
  • Mango Poke Bowls

Purple Carrot is also now offering snack options as additions to the weekly delivery. The snack options vary in pricing between #3.99 – $15.99, depending upon the product. The current snack offerings are:

  • Cookie Box
  • Dark Chocolate with Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Oaxacan Sampler
  • Chocolate Chunk Blondie 4 Pack

How can I change the meal offerings?

You will need to be logged into your account and then go to the “Upcoming Deliveries” page. Once you’re there, just click on the “Change Meals” button. You’ll then have the option to deselect all of the pre-selected meals and create your own menu.

Purple Carrot Summary

Ultimately, we really enjoyed Purple Carrot at our house and plan to incorporate them on a more regular basis. Their origin story, product sourcing and nutrient dense plant-based meals are a win for most people.

If you’re willing to give plant-based a try, then Purple Carrot is a great place to start. Even if the initial price tag may give you sticker shock, the products they deliver are well worth it.

Purple Carrot Exclusive Offers

Purple Carrot

2 Serving Plan

$11.99 per serving

Purple Carrot

4 Serving Plan

$9.99 per serving