Last Updated: September 2021

Ridge Wallet Review: Minimal, Functional, & RFID Blocking

Featured Product: 18 Karat Gold Plated Ridge Wallet

Price: $225

The 18 Karat Gold Plated Ridge Wallet is a wallet for those who wish to stand out. It is still minimalist and brilliant like other wallets in The Ridge line. With RFID blocking tech and a lifetime warranty, the 18 Karat is a premium wallet worth its price, and then some. This wallet continues to redefine with style, class, and bold presentation.

18 Karat Gold Plated Ridge Wallet

For those willing to go the extra mile, and tired of conventional, unprotected wallets: The 18 Karat Gold Ridge. This money clip and card carrier comes with RFID blocking, a lifetime warranty, and a beautiful, tough design.


  • Minimalist design
  • Fast shipping
  • RFID blocking construction
  • Comes with additional screws and screwdriver
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Pricey for any wallet
  • Limited design choices
  • Credit card size only

Ratings Breakdown


These wallets are crafted out of Grade 5 Titanium to stand up to even the toughest abuse.


Aesthetically pleasing, well crafted products meant to last a lifetime. Initial price tag may seem higher than other wallets, but the lifetime guarantee offsets the cost.

customer experience

The Ridge Wallet performs just as well, if not better than other wallets due to the strong construction and RFID technology.


The Ridge wants to have a big, long-lasting impact on quality products with the lifespan of a lifetime. They are also one of the most user friendly sites to navigate, for total inclusiveness.

Who is The Ridge?

The Ridge was started back in 2013 by Daniel and Paul Kane. They are a father and son team who had an idea to carry less and live more. What this means to them is that more products need to be created to last longer. This increases their sustainability, while reducing the overall lifetime cost of the products.

Their company grew out of the goal of eliminating excess waste and building long lasting, performance products. All of their products are meant for everyday use for a lifetime. Since they began, they have continually added new product offerings. It will be interesting to see what new products they come out with this year.

And to make things a bit easier, their website is also one of the few I’ve found that offers accessibility adjustments. These adjustments can be altered or changed at any time by any user. Just click on the “accessibility” link at the bottom of any page and then change the appropriate toggles.


  • Seizure safe
  • Vision impaired
  • Cognitive disability
  • ADHD friendly
  • Blind users (screen-reader)
  • Keyboard navigation (motor)
  • Content adjustments (scaling, highlighting, and magnifying)
  • Color adjustments (contrast and saturation)
  • Orientation adjustments (sounds, images, and guides)

The Ridge Wallet Review

The Ridge has truly redefined the standard wallet, and the brand’s bestselling styles are no exception. Each one is brilliantly designed with a sleek finish, yet artful, considered minimalism.

Whether you choose the Cash Strap or the Money Clip (or both) to accompany your wallet, you’ll never be disappointed. Not everyone is going to buy both the Cash Strap and the Money Clip with a single wallet. However, both options are simple and easily interchangeable. You can even have both on the same wallet. But I don’t recommend that option. As it weighs down the wallet itself, and creates more clunkiness in the pocket.ridge-gold-money-clip-2-

The Torx screwdriver that comes with it was a breeze to use. But keep an eye on those screws! They’re so tiny that I spent ten minutes looking for one that dropped while I was swapping in the money clip. Thankfully, the wallets do come with extra screws, should you need them.

The Money Clip and Cash Strap are both great options for holding bills. But if I had to pick one over the other: It’s the Cash Strap, hands down. The elastic is more comfortable and holds more cash, efficiently, which is important in an everyday wallet.ridge-cash-strap

The Money Clip got caught more than once on as I removed it from my pocket for regular use. This was a snag that the strap avoids entirely. However, if you’re looking to dress up your Ridge Wallet with a less-casual style, the Ridge Wallet Money Clip is a solid option.

There are currently 20 different Ridge Wallet models. All of which are functionally the same, but have slightly different aesthetic appearances to appeal to a wider audience. The price range varies also, from $85 all the way up to $225. 

$85 Ridge Wallets

$95 Ridge Wallets

$105 Ridge Wallets

$125 Ridge Wallets

$175 Ridge Wallet

$225 Ridge Wallet 

How Well Does The Ridge Wallet Perform?

The Ridge Wallet performs fantastically well. It’s light and easy to use, once you figure out the slight nuances. The weight of these wallets range from 2 oz – 3.5 oz empty, which is pretty darn light. This wallet slides easily into your pants pocket or purse. The only issues we’ve run across with it is that if the money clip is used it can snag on pants pockets. So, if you plan to take the wallet out frequently, you may want to opt for the cash strap instead. 

The exterior of these wallets, while exceedingly resilient to long term damage, may scratch. These wallets come with a soft microfiber cleaning cloth to keep the exterior clean. However, if you put this wallet in your pocket with any other hard metal objects, such as keys, they are prone to getting scratched. So, I would suggest keeping this wallet in a solitary pocket of its own, or in a dedicated compartment of your purse.ridge-pocket-2-

Long term, though, this wallet is meant to last for life, according to the brand. And they back this up by offering their lifetime warranty. However, they do not cover normal wear and tear. Which, according to them, includes damage/dents from dropping or scratches on the face. But, they do cover all of the parts, if any of them get lost or no longer operate properly.

Is The Ridge Wallet a Quality Product?

The Ridge Wallets are made from Grade 5 Titanium that’s been hand torched and hardened. This wallet’s design highlights the material’s natural coloration while still holding true to the brand’s minimalist aesthetic.ridge-breakdownEach Ridge Wallet also includes two inner aluminum plates that block Radio-Frequency Identification: RFID’s are radio waves used to scan and poach your personal information off your credit cards and passports. The extra level of consideration and security makes this brand — and its products — a sure standout.

Is The Ridge Wallet Worth It?

If you are someone who has the discretionary income to purchase a wallet within this price point, then it may just be a good buy. Having construction that is top of the line, according to the brand, and a lifetime guarantee helps to offset the initial cost.ridge-wallet-cashPlus, they have a wide price range to appeal to different markets. So, if the $225 price tag of the 18 Karat Gold Plated wallet is a bit much for you to swallow, there are other more manageable options. Either way, this wallet is supposed to be built to last. So, it should be the last wallet you’ll ever need to buy. Which makes it worth it in my book.

The Ridge Coupons & Discounts

The Ridge offers an initial 10% off of your first order just for signing up for their mailing list. They also offer free shipping on all orders above $34.

As a bonus, The Ridge has a friend referral program too. This program gives you the opportunity to invite people to purchase their first Ridge Wallet. If they do this through a link you send them, they can save 10% off and you get $15 for every person you refer, up to $75 total.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who might be considering a wallet in this price range probably has more questions. Therefore, these are some of the most common questions asked by consumers prior to purchasing The Ridge Wallet.ridge-wallet-cards

How do I use The Ridge Wallet?

According to The Ridge brand, using their wallets is easy and straightforward once you get the hang of it. Here are the step-by-step instructions provided by the brand on loading and preparing your Ridge Wallet for regular use:

  • Gently slide the card into the top groove. If you push on the half circle indentation slightly exposing the cards already in the wallet it may be easier to insert the additional card into the top tapered groove.
  • To access a card: Press on the half-circle indentation so the cards are sticking slightly out of the top
  • To remove one of the middle cards:
    • Press on the half-circle indentation so the cards are sticking slightly out of the top
    • Pull all of the cards from the top so they are about half way out
    • Pinch the bottom of the wallet so the cards separate and fan out
    • Select the card you want

How many cards can The Ridge Wallet hold at a time?

The Ridge Wallet has an internal elastic band that can expand and contract to securely hold 1-12 cards.

How much cash can The Ridge Wallet hold?

This will all depend on whether you choose to use the cash strap or the money clip. If you choose the cash strap, it can hold up to 15 bills. The money clip can only hold up to 12 bills, however.

What is the difference between the cash strap and the money clip?

These are both functionally the same, so it really comes down to your style preference. Both are ideal for carrying: 

  • Cash
  • ID’s
  • RFID-enabled cards

The Cash Strap is a thin and versatile elastic. It also includes a metal strap plate to keep your cash safe and secure. Whereas, the Money Clip is a traditionally styled clip made from spring steel.

Can I have both the money clip and the cash strap on the same wallet?

Yes, you certainly can have both. The Ridge doesn’t sell most of their wallets this way, however. If you decide to purchase a Cash Strap wallet and the replacement Money Clip (or vice versa), then it’s as simple as adding the Money Clip to the front side of the wallet.

Does The Ridge carry any other products besides wallets?

Yes, they do. The Ridge carries a full line of complementary, high quality offerings to their wallet line. Currently, the other product offerings they have are:

The Ridge Wallet Summary

Overall, The Ridge Wallet is a great addition to almost anyone’s life. These wallets are strong, built to last, functional and aesthetically pleasing. While the initial sticker shock may be a deterrent for some potential customers, the lifespan of the product should be kept in mind. With RFID blocking tech and a lifetime warranty, The Ridge continues to redefine with style, class, and bold presentation.

Should you buy it? Yes! It’s the right investment. However, it is a luxury item, so make sure to keep your microfiber cloth close by, and treat it with care!

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