Last Updated: November 2021

STATE Backpack Review: The Give Back Pack

Featured Product: Kane Double Pocket Large

Kane Backpack ReviewThe STATE Bags Kane Double Pocket Large backpack is made of 45% recycled materials and is water resistant. It features a laptop sleeve that will fit a up to a 15” deep device, as well as a handy water bottle holder on each side. The backpack has another large pocket in front of the laptop sleeve pocket to hold anything else you need. And it also features a decent sized zipper pocket in the front for your keys and cell phone. This bag has well padded straps and even comes with a luggage slip sleeve in the back.

Ratings Breakdown


The quality of these products appears to be high quality in that everything felt solid, secure, and stable in every test we ran them through.


The STATE Bags products seem to be really well built and function better than other high end brands, so they are well worth the money for what you get.

customer experience

The design, usability, quality, and overall performance of these bags certainly exceed expectations.


This brand was founded on the promise of helping underserved kids in the United States and continues that work through this company. On top of creating some top notch products in their niche they are philanthropic based, which immensely sets them above other competitors.


Kane Double Pocket Large

Simple, cool and packed with everything you need and nothing you don’t.
– 5 Options for color and style


STATE Bags was founded in 2013 by Scot and Jacq Tatelman. The couple was running their non-profit summer camp, Camp Power, for underserved New York City kids and saw most of them showing up with ripped plastic bags full of their stuff. After a few years of seeing this, they realized there was a huge disconnect and wanted to do something about it. state-bags-kane-mini-travel-logo

They created STATE Bags and made it a Benefit Corporation. Corporations with this type of listing are traditional companies that have modified obligations to a higher purpose with regard to accountability, transparency, and purpose of their business. 

They came up with the idea of backpacks stuffed with the things kids need to help alleviate the issue. Originally, they had a buy one give one program, which definitely helped kids in America. But, after doing that for a while they realized that they could do more as a company to help the charitable organizations they were working with. So now they give back in a lot of different, more specific ways, depending upon what the partner charities need the most from them. 

Some of the current programs they’re engaging in include:



  • Great sized backpacks
  • Well made
  • Extremely functional
  • Really strong philanthropic mission
  • Well priced products


  • Limited color options in the adult backpacks
  • Route Package Protection is an extra fee

STATE Bags Performance And Testing

A backpack may seem like a fairly innocuous purchase, but if done right, they can make life easier while also looking stylish for years to come. And when it comes to finding a good backpack that will comfortably hold my laptop, while also not being too bulky to carry around regularly, it can be a challenge. When I first heard about STATE Bags and their fantastic initiatives, I was hopeful that they would have a backpack to fit my needs.

Kane Double Pocket Large Backpack

I was excited to try out the Kane Double Pocket backpack when it finally arrived. While it did take 2 weeks to get to me, this sort of shipping time seems more standard with a lot of companies these days. state-bags-kane-double-pocket2

Upon my initial first glance, I noticed that the external design is really sleek and stylish. This might be due to the Nylon version we chose giving it a smooth and sleek finish. The thought was that this fabric would be really easy to keep clean, and that has certainly been the case. Dirt and debris seem to just slide right off of it and all I have to do is spot clean if I get it dirty.

The backpack has 2 large pockets to maximize the usability, since it’s actually a bit smaller than all of the other laptop backpacks I’ve tried in the past. The fact that it’s a bit smaller was actually a huge bonus for me. Since the backpack felt a bit more restrained, it was easier for me to choose the items I really needed to put in there and made it more functional for me.

In the back pocket, it can hold a laptop up to 15” thick. There is a sufficient volume of padding around the laptop that I would feel safe to put my computer in the pocket. state-bags-kane-double-pocket-interior

The other large pocket is more of a general storage area. This is a great place to store things such as papers, pens, shoes, clothes, and just about everything else you might need.

The stitching on both the inside and outside was tight with no loose threads. state-bags-kane-double-pocket-interior3

All of the zippers looked, felt, and operated in a high-quality fashion. I really loved the STATE logo on the inside of the bag along with the interior material. Overall, everything about this bag screams high-quality and it appears to be extremely well made. 

This backpack can hold everything I need comfortably, and still doesn’t feel like a burden for me to carry around. Due to these things alone, this has now become my go-to laptop backpack anytime I need to go out. And even though it comes in at a slightly higher price point than other high-end laptop backpacks I’ve purchased in the past, I think the value is certainly there.

Mini Kane Travel Backpack – Dragons

In addition to the adult backpack we tested, we also tested the STATE  Mini Kane Travel backpack. My son is 3 and a half and just started preschool, so it seemed like the perfect time to put this mini backpack to the test.state-bags-kane-mini-travel2

As far as size goes, it’s perfect for our little guy. It’s just the right size so that it looks and feels like a regular backpack for him (as opposed to a full-size bag that he may have trouble with). He was able to carry it all by himself and it looks well proportioned to his size.

Although, even being a smaller size, the backpack is still able to store a surprising amount of stuff. We haven’t had any issues at all with not having enough room. 

The interior design on the Kane Mini Travel is definitely more simplistic, due to being designed for kids specifically. Even so, there’s a nice level of storage and great usability from top to bottom.state-bags-kane-mini-travel-interior

The first day of school was as close to being full as we’ve been able to achieve yet. He needed 2 changes of clothes (to store in his classroom), a water bottle, and a number of other large 1st day of school items. All of these fit within the backpack, but just barely. However, it was definitely too heavy for him to carry, so mom helped out. 

Other than that one day, his backpack holds all of his snacks and papers easily. Plus, it’s easy to manage by himself.

All of the material, build quality, and usability elements that were relevant for my backpack were also present here.state-bags-kane-mini-travel6

My only complaint is I wish it had the same type of nylon exterior that my backpack has. The canvas exterior looks great now, but I suspect over time it could be hard to keep clean. And for any of us who have kids, we know just how quickly they can get things dirty! But with a price tag of $70, I think it’s hard to go wrong with one of these backpacks.

It’s really difficult to find anything that I don’t like about this backpack, other than the limited color options. The only other place I think the brand could make me love them more would be to get rid of their $2.95 extra for “Route Package Protection”. This feels like something that should be included in the price. Other than those 2 minor things, I am in love with this bag and the company.

Are STATE Bags Good Quality

When it comes to creating a good quality backpack, STATE Bags is well on their way to being at the top of their game. Currently, they are incorporating recycled fabrics in as many of their products as possible. A lot of their products are made out of 45% recycled material, which is awesome. state-bags-kane-double-pocket-water-bottle

While they are not fully sustainable yet, they do have a mission to become fully sustainable by 2025. The brand states that all of their products are made of non-toxic materials and are fully compliant with all quality regulations. However, all of their products are made in China, which I’m not a huge fan of. They do state that all of their bags are made under fair and ethical working conditions. Based on their company mission, I would presume this is the case, but I’d love to see some certifications to back this up.

Either way, their products all appear to be super high-quality and I feel that they will last a lot longer than other bags I’ve used in the past. Their year long warranty doesn’t hurt either.


Mini Kane Travel

Made from 45% recycled materials, the Mini Kane has everything to love about their larger backpacks, only miniature.

Are STATE Bags Backpacks Worth It?

In my experience with STATE Bags so far, I definitely think they are worth it. The price point may be a bit higher than a lot of other backpacks, but you are paying for quality here. Their bags are aesthetically pleasing, exceptionally functional, easy to care for, and much easier to tote around than other bags.state-bags-kane-double-pocket-zipper

Adding in their massive functionality with a great philanthropic mission to impact the world positively with every purchase doesn’t hurt either.

It’s difficult for me to find any reason not to give them a try. Plus, if you aren’t as happy with your purchase as I have been, they have a pretty good returns policy and warranty to boot.

STATE Bags Coupons & Discounts

If you want to get an initial 15% discount off your first order, just sign up for the STATE Bags email list and you’re good to go. After your initial discount, it’s fairly likely that you’ll get more deals sent to your inbox from them. This is especially true of being on the forefront of when they offer their deep discounts on final sale or up to 70% off.

cool boys backpack

How To Care For My STATE Bags?

Some of the STATE Bag products can be machine washed. However, all of them can be spot cleaned if they cannot be thrown in the washing machine. Depending on which product you choose, you can find out the care instructions directly on the product page. 

For example, my Kane Double Pocket Large backpack tells me to spot clean it only.state-bags-kane-double-pocket-laptop-pocket

My son’s Mini Kane Travel backpack gives us the same instructions, which makes for easy clean up.

If you still can’t find the care information on their website, then the brand suggests checking inside the main compartment for instructions, as they should all be listed there. And if all else fails, they say that you can certainly dry clean your bag.


If you’ve placed an order prior to 12pm EST, then you can expect your order to ship the next business day. As long as it’s not a weekend or holiday, of course. Once it’s been shipped, how long it takes to get to you can vary based on the shipping speed you’ve chosen. If you have an order of $100 or more and have chosen the free shipping option, then it will probably take the standard 3-5 business days to get to you. This shipping speed can be faster the closer you are to their New Jersey warehouse. If you’ve chosen to customize any of your products though, you can expect another 1-3 business days in the warehouse before they ship in order to complete the order.

State Bags offers free returns and exchanges for all orders within 14 days of the product being delivered. In order to qualify for a full refund, your product will need to:

Have the original vendor tags
Be unused
Be uncompromised

If it meets all of these criteria, you’ll need to begin the returns process using the original email entered for the order. Once you enter all of the information required, you’ll be able to download the instant credit voucher and FedEx return shipping label. Please note that all original shipping fees and any route insurance will not be refunded. Nor can you return or exchange any items that have been customized or were considered a final sale product.

Yes, State Bags does offer a warranty on their products for up to 1 year after the date of purchase. If you find a material or manufacturing defect, the company will repair or replace the item at no cost to you. However, in order to qualify for the warranty, you’ll have to provide pictures of the issue as well as proof of purchase. Once you submit a request, most warranty claims are completed within 5 business days.

Yes, State Bags does offer financing through their partnership with Afterpay. If the price point of their bags are just a bit much for you all in one fail swoop, then you may want to give financing a try. Just click on the Afterpay option upon checkout and then you’ll be directed to either sign into your existing Afterpay account or apply for one. They’ll run a soft credit check, and upon approval you’ll be able to finance your purchase.

If you choose this option, your total product cost will be split up into 4 equal payments over a 6 week period of time. The first installment, plus any applicable taxes and/or shipping will be due upon checkout. The remaining 3 installments will be paid every 2 weeks after that until it’s paid off. Oh, and they don’t charge any interest for this service either. Nice, huh?

While I don’t see price matching from companies that are higher end that often, State Bags just happens to be one of them. Their price matching guarantee is only valid for 14 days after you receive your product. If their prices drop within that time frame, and the same product is still in stock for purchase, then you can request a price adjustment. All you have to do is email them and they’ll refund the difference to your original payment method.


Kane Double Pocket Large

Simple, cool and packed with everything you need and nothing you don’t.
– 5 Options for color and style

Other Products That STATE Offers

My family and I simply loved the two backpacks we tried from STATE Bags. But, it’s also nice to know that they have a few other offerings besides just backpacks. Currently, they are also selling:

STATE Backpack Review Summary

STATE Bags has created a great line of travel storage solutions for both adults and children. Their brand makes it easier to tote around everything you need in style. All of their products have been designed for the utmost functionality, which I am certainly grateful for.state-bags-kane-double-pocket-back

This brand seems to be working hard to solve an ongoing issue for a lot of children across the United States, and I’m more than happy to help them with it. After all, I love being able to support local causes through my purchasing power. Plus, my son looks pretty darn cute with his mini backpack on when he goes to school.