Last Updated: October 2021

Sunday Citizen Review: Snuggliest Blankets on Earth?

Weighted Blanket Crystals Review

Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket (10 lb)

Weighted blankets put gentle pressure on your body to make you feel safe, comforted and relaxed.

While they typically get their density from glass pearls, Sunday Citizen’s weighted blankets are also filled with thousands of pieces of Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst that harness natural healing energy and make you feel amazing.

Featured Product: Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket (10 lb)

Price: $269

The Sunday Citizen Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket is filled with different crystals to help alleviate anxiety. This blanket is filled with glass pearls, amethyst, crystal quartz, and rose quartz to boost its natural healing powers. On top of helping to alleviate anxiety, this blanket can also help boost sleep and increase natural healing processes in the body.

It comes with a 10 lb, 15 lb, or 20 lb option as a throw. Or if you really want to get the most bang for your buck, you could choose the 35 lb quilt option instead.

Sunday Citizen Bedding

Ratings Breakdown


The quality of the Sunday Citizen products appears to be high-end. But, since there is no transparency regarding what their exact materials are, the sourcing, or where they are made, your guess is as good as ours regarding the actual quality.


If you compare their products to similar ones of their quality, it’s hard not to suspect that the pricing is a bit inflated for what you get.

customer experience

The products we tested performed well and were extra cozy, but didn’t really set themselves apart from other similar companies.


The brand doesn’t engage in any sort of philanthropy or mission other than to create soft bedding and clothing. They also are lacking in the transparency department.

Who is Sunday Citizen?

Sunday Citizen was founded in 2018 by Mike and Michelle Abadi. As former luxury hotel owners, they were constantly on the hunt for softer and snugglier blankets and comforters for their guests. When they had no luck finding what they wanted, they decided to create their own line. Sunday Citizen Brand

The Sunday Citizen line originated with the most comfortable and snuggly blanket on the planet. After that took off, the pair decided to branch out and started offering more bedding options, towels, and now a clothing line as well. In order to create their products, they worked with textile manufacturer’s to create their own unique fabric blends.

The brand says they realize they could do better with regard to becoming more sustainable, so they plan to try and begin implementing some more eco-friendly practices. They also claim to be working on a One-for-One program to give one to the homeless population every time a product is purchased. Both of these things have been stated for quite some time now, but I see no evidence of either coming to fruition as of yet.


  • Extremely soft
  • Well made
  • Good weight
  • Free shipping and returns


  • Extraordinarily pricey
  • Can be too heavy in warmer climates
  • Lack of transparency

Sunday Citizen Performance & Look

Since I spend a good portion of my life sleeping, I like to be as comfortable as possible in that arena. Therefore, when I heard about a company creating the softest bedding line on earth, my interest was piqued. I decided to try two different products that I thought would be of the most use to me.

Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket

I had never tried a weighted blanket before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I got the Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket in, I first noticed the heft. I liked the glass bead construction and the general size of this 10 lb weighted throw blanket. The fact that it has a removable cover that can be washed was a huge bonus.weighted blanket crystals review

I first tried it on my bed to sleep at night. I can tell you that I didn’t really enjoy sleeping with it in bed overnight. Even though this is one of its functionalities for those with anxiety or sleep issues, it didn’t really do anything for me. But, since I don’t suffer from either of those issues, that could have something to do with it.

However, it was a great size for snuggling on the couch. I used it quite a few times over a 2 week period of time to nap and watch movies with my loved ones. It is a perfect go to item from this respect and now has a permanent place on my couch. But, at $269, it does fall into the pretty pricey category for a blanket. So, it’s probably not something I would purchase again, due solely to the price tag.

Snug Comforter

The Snug Comforter was definitely of interest to me to try. I do wish I had gotten it when it was a bit colder in the winter time, however. When it first arrived, I noticed how soft and plush it felt. But, I also noticed that it didn’t have a removable cover, which could make washing it a bit more difficult. I might consider putting a duvet cover over it in the future to make my life a bit easier.

Either way, I decided to test this comforter for a 2 week span to see how I felt about it. And after the 2 week test, I have mixed feelings about it in general. I think a big part of this was just that it was much too warm for the time of year it is where I live currently. Quality Comforter Test

Despite being too warm, though, I can recognize that this comforter is very nice and plush. It is super soft, extremely cozy, and my dog loves cuddling with me too. And the king size fit my mattress perfectly, which I was happy to see.

The bottom line is that I would probably use this comforter in the winter because of how it feels. But, I can’t say with confidence that I would purchase another one at the steep $315 price tag.

Is Sunday Citizen Good Quality?

Sunday Citizen has built its brand on the level of softness and comfortability they can provide. And in this area, they do succeed fairly well. Their products appear to be made of quality materials. The current custom crafted fabric line they offer includes:

  • Snug – soft as a cloud
  • Double Snug – twice as much of the Snug material for extra softness
  • Premium Bamboo – used in their sheets for hypoallergenic, thermoregulating, and antibacterial properties
  • Cosset – stretchy, wrinkle-free, soft fabric for their clothing line
  • Nube – looks like a combination of their Snug and Cosset materials for their clothing line
  • Siesta Modal – softer Modal fabric
  • Washable Silk – breathable, silky soft, and antimicrobial for their sleepwear collection

While all of these custom fabrics sound divine, they don’t really tell me exactly what they are made from. The bamboo is stated to be sustainable, yet the brand also states that they used a reduced amount of pesticides and water in its production. This means they can’t be organic, which is a concern to me since I prefer to have all my products pesticide-free.

Since they aren’t transparent about what exactly is in their custom fabric blends, we also have no idea where these raw materials are sourced from. Plus, there is a lack of any information regarding fair trade, ethical work practices, and/or any certifications held to those points. The brand also doesn’t disclose where their products are manufactured and any quality control methods in place to ensure the standards.Sunday Citizen Materials

While the company itself is based out of Florida, my guess is that the manufacturing plant (or plants) are halfway across the world.

On a side note, their towels do state that they have an Oeko-Tex certification. So, at least these are certified to be free of harmful chemicals, even if we aren’t sure about the other products.

Therefore, while I really love their mission to bring the softest bedding and clothing to the world, there is a lot of work that still needs to be done on their end to instill consumer confidence. Until that information is readily available to all consumers, it’s difficult to pinpoint the actual quality of their product line. Although, I can tell you that they are pretty darn soft and snuggly!

Is Sunday Citizen Worth It?

Whether Sunday Citizen products are worth it to you can depend on a few different factors. If you’ve been dying for softer, fluffier, warmer bedding, then they are certainly worth a try. Their weighted blanket and wellness products are a fantastic addition to their original blanket line.

These have some wonderful therapeutic effects that regular blankets just can’t beat. Plus, any and all of their products qualify for their generous returns policy if you don’t like them for any reason.Weighted Blanket Worth it

The biggest issue you might run across, besides the inflated pricing, is the lack of transparency surrounding their products. If having a high level of transparency prior to purchasing products is important to you, then you may want to move on for now. Hopefully this brand will become much more transparent in the future, but for now, they’re just not there.

Sunday Citizen Coupons & Discounts

If you want to get an initial 15% discount off your first order, just sign up for the Sunday Citizen email list and you’re good to go. After your initial discount, it seems highly likely that you’ll get more deals sent to your inbox from them too.


According to the brand, all orders are fulfilled within 1-3 business days after you place your order. From that point, you’ll receive an email with tracking information telling you approximately when to expect your Sunday Citizen order. Since their ground shipping is free, you can expect it to generally take between 3-5 business days once it’s shipped.

Sunday Citizen does have a fairly generous returns policy if you aren’t happy with your order for any reason. They will give you a full 90 days from the date of delivery to postmark your return. You can return your unwanted products in the original packaging or alternative packaging, as long as the old labels are covered up. Once they receive your return back, they will refund your money back to the original payment method.

Yes, Sunday Citizen does offer financing through their partnership with Klarna. If you decide you want to give financing a try, just click on the Klarna option upon checkout. At that point, you’ll be directed to either sign into your existing Klarna account or apply for one. The company will run a soft credit check, and upon approval you’ll be able to finance your purchase.

If you choose this option, your total product cost will be split up into 4 equal payments over a 6 week period of time. The first installment, plus any applicable taxes and/or shipping will be due upon checkout. The remaining 3 installments will be paid every 2 weeks after that until it’s paid off. Oh, and they don’t charge any interest for this service either. Pretty sweet!

Sunday Citizen created all of their products to be machine washable, just to make life a bit easier for all of us. While they generally recommend washing everything in cold water and on a gentle cycle, there are some variations of this recommendation.

For comforters and duvet covers, they say to use a low spin cycle followed by a medium spin cycle. They state this helps to get more water out of the products during the wash cycle which will then require less drying time.

All blankets and bedding can be put in the dryer on low to tumble dry. However, the weighted blanket itself should only be spot hand washed and hung to dry.

When you are washing the towels, you should turn the water heat up to warm and decrease the detergent by half. These two things will help the fibers remain softer and more absorbent.

Lastly, if you have any of their loungewear, you should not put it in the dryer but lay flat to dry instead.

We were pretty happy with the two products we tried from Sunday Citizen. But, they have expanded their product line to include quite a few more options also. Currently, these include:


Sunday Citizen Summary

Ultimately, Sunday Citizen does sell some of the softest and snuggliest bedding on the market today. The different custom fabrics do really feel divine to the touch and perform the way the brand says they should. All of the products have a more modern look to fit most households and the colorways aren’t too ostentatious either.Sunday Citizen Final Thoughts

However, their pricing is pretty darn high compared to other similar brands. And this is even including brands that do carry certifications, sell organic products, and engage in many giving back philanthropic programs. These things detract from the product line for me and make me seriously hesitate from a consumer perspective.

Until the company can give me a lot more reasons why their products should be priced so high, it’s hard for me to jump onboard with both feet. However, the 90 day returns window does help ease my mind a little bit in this regard.