Tommy John Mens Underwear Review
Last Updated: November 2021

Tommy John Underwear Review: Top Tier For Your Rear

Featured Product: Second Skin Trunk 4”

Price: $34

The Tommy John Second Skin Trunk 4” may just be the most comfortable underwear in the world. They sport a Quick Draw® Fly which is a horizontal fly for quick access that already sets them apart from under boxer briefs. The stay-put waistband and contour pouch for easy nestling doesn’t hurt either. Add in the micromodal fabric that they’re made from and you have one sweet pair of skivvies.

Ratings Breakdown


The micromodal fabric and the stay-put waistband make Tommy John underwear feel high quality.


There is a fair amount of competition for high-quality men’s underwear these days. With comparable fabric blends, Tommy John is on the upper end of pricing.

customer experience

These underwear work really well and hold up to regular movement well, as claimed.


The Tommy John team have worked diligently to create a line that breathes well and moves with you all day. Plus, they have engaged in some philanthropic activities that sets them apart from other brands.


Second Skin Trunk

Silky soft, non-pilling micro modal fabric (no lint balls or fuzz). Designed for daily wear. Stay-Put waistband that won’t roll, bunch, or pinch. Sporting a contour pouch in a horizontal style meant for everyday wear.

Who Is Tommy John?

Tommy John was founded in 2008 by the husband and wife team of Tom Patterson and Erin Fujimoto. The idea for the company came out of daily frustration Tom had with his undershirts continually moving and riding up. Once he was let go from his medical device sales position during the Great Recession, he decided to do something to rectify this issue. And he went to work creating a better undershirt with his free time. Tommy-John-Founder

They first started selling the shirts out of their garage and then grew from there. This growth was due to his background in sales, which helped them initially take off, and continued to grow exponentially thanks to his wife’s marketing prowess.

The couple incorporated their company in 2012 and it’s been going like gangbusters ever since. Their line expanded from just undershirts to underwear, socks, and sportswear.

While the company doesn’t appear to have a regular philanthropy, they did step up during the pandemic to help. This company is still considered fairly small, but they knew they could do something to make a difference and make people’s lives easier. So far, Tommy John has donated more than $500,000 in apparel to front line workers to help them feel more comfortable on the front lines.


  • Comfortable
  • Horizontal fly access is novel and effective
  • Resists both sweat and smell
  • Fits true to size
  • Snug in all the right ways
  • Nice looking
  • Micromodal fabric is soft, lightweight, breathable, and stretchy
  • Waistband stays put


  • Pretty slow shipping times
  • Pricey compared to other similar options

Tommy John Underwear Performance

Tommy-John-UnderwearAs I entered my thirties, I have been testing out a higher luxury of underwear compared to the insanely cheap 12 packs I used to get when I was younger. I think I speak for most men when I say after experiencing quality over quantity, I can never go back. But these Tommy Johns are certainly the most expensive, luxurious pair I have tried yet.

Ultimately, it took 10 days to get my new Second Skin Trunk’s to me in the “I Love Dad” print, size Medium. I have to say that shipping time was pretty disappointing, but perhaps I’m just spoiled.

However, the fit was incredibly comfortable. I wore them multiple times over a testing period of 4 weeks. Every time I wore them, I forgot I had them on. Which was a success in my book.Tommy-John-Underwear-Side

In the interest of full transparency, I actually ordered this pattern by mistake. When going back in fourth through the options, I thought this was a pinstripe pattern. My wife audibly laughed at me when I opened the package to find the words, “I ♥ Dad” on the briefs.

It did take me a time or two to get used to the horizontal fly these underwear sport. After I got used to it, I found that it was a novel experience and quite enjoyed the difference.

The band didn’t roll or move throughout the day, nor did the trunks ride up or bunch. Tommy-John-Underwear-Sitting-Couch

I even wore them traveling just to see how they would handle the excess movement and different positions. No issues with them during that test either. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they passed the “my wife loves them” test. 

Overall, these were a huge success and I enjoyed my experience with them.

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Is Tommy John Good Quality?

The Tommy John underwear certainly feels like it’s high quality. The fact that they’re made primarily of micromodal fabric probably has something to do with this. Since this type of fabric is made from beech tree pulp, it’s light, breathable, and doesn’t pill like other fabrics do. The rest of the fabric used is spandex, but it only comprises 10% of the material.

According to the brand, they used to import all of their fabrics and manufacture everything here in the United States. But, they began to realize that they wanted to reduce their carbon footprint, and in order to do so, they needed to manufacture where the fabrics are sourced from. Therefore, they say that they have manufacturing plants in China, Egypt, Jordan, Peru, and Sri Lanka. Tommy-John-Underwear-Elastic-Band

The brand claims all of their manufacturing plants adhere to the highest fair labor standards. However, they don’t give us any further information than that. For a company that is working on building brand trust with their high quality products and trying to reduce their carbon footprint, I would expect to see a bit more transparency.

Until then, though, we can only hypothesize as to the true long-term quality of their products. But, based upon my initial testing with them, they seem to be high quality and I presume they will last longer than most of the other boxer briefs I’ve tried in the past.

Is Tommy John Underwear Worth It?

Tommy John underwear is worth giving a try If you are willing to pay more for underwear that doesn’t: 

  • Bunch
  • Pill
  • Move in ways you don’t like
  • Breathes well
  • Stays dry
  • Looks good

However, they are still pretty pricey at $34 a pair. So, it might be worth giving them a try on the first pair to see how well they hold up for you before you go crazy and buy multiple pairs. Tommy-John-Underwear-Couch2

Since the real quality of the underwear is still in question, it’s difficult to tell you to go crazy. Especially because their guarantee is only for your first garment in each category.

Tommy John Coupons & Discounts

Tommy John stands behind the quality and unique designs of their products, but knows they can be a bit pricey. So, they offer a 20% discount to military/first responders and teachers. They will also give you a 20% discount if you sign up for their email or text lists.


The brand states that it can take up to 48 hours to process your order once you place it. After that, if you have chosen ground shipping, it can take between 2-8 business days to get to you. For any orders under $75, ground shipping is $6.95. But, if you want your order faster, you can pay an extra $3 to get it within 3 business days of shipping instead.

Tommy John has a dual type of returns policy. Meaning that their regular returns policy for unworn items with the tags still on is within 30 days of delivery. They will cover the shipping required to send the product back. Once they receive your return, you can expect to see your refund within 10 business days back onto your original payment method.

But, they also have a Best Pair You’ll Ever Wear policy. This policy is implemented to ensure that all customers thoroughly enjoy their Tommy John experience. Under this second policy, you have the ability to return one worn item if you don’t like it for any reason. This only applies to the first item per category that you’ve tried, and it can only be done once per customer per category.

Yes, Tommy John does happen to offer financing. Which might be helpful to many consumers since their products can be a bit on the pricier side. They have partnered with Afterpay and Klarna on all orders over $35 in order to offer these options.

Both of these options are similar in that they don’t charge interest, and will be set up for 4 equal installments of your total. However, the only way to qualify for either option is by choosing products that are at least $35 individually. So, in all honesty, I’m not sure how useful it would be for the underwear since it’s $34 and says it doesn’t qualify.

Underwear wasn’t even the first product that Tommy John started with, so they definitely sell other items. They are constantly expanding their offerings, but currently, they have a multitude of choices in the following categories:

Men’s Undershirts – Starting at $24
Men’s Lounge and Sleep – Starting at $48
Men’s Clothing – Starting at $12
Men’s Packs – Starting at $86
Women’s Underwear – Starting at $18
Women’s Lounge and Sleep – Starting at $48
Women’s Bras – Starting at $48
Women’s Clothing – Starting at $16
Women’s Sets – Starting at $116
Women’s Up to 50% Off – Starting at $6.50


Tommy John Summary

Overall, Tommy John has done a great job of bringing undergarments that move with your life. The fact that they feel like you aren’t wearing anything and look great while doing it doesn’t hurt either. Even though the quality of their products are still in question due to lack of transparency, all of their products appear to be high quality.Tommy-John-Underwear-Kitchen

I like that they offer a guarantee on your first item in each product type to give you time to try it and see if you really like it. It would be great if more companies did something like this to instill confidence in the brand. Ultimately, while their undergarments are certainly on the pricier end, I think it’s still worth giving them a shot. Because they are incredibly comfortable.